Labour won’t do well in this poll

Stuff is running a poll on their Politics page. Even Stuff thinks Labour and it’s leader are invisible.

Somehow I don’t think Labour is going to do so well in this

UPDATE: They have now updated it.


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  • Doug

    Invisible Party and Leader, Fairfax must be having a laugh.

  • Whafe

    “I’m the invisible man. oh and invisible party”

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Hahaha, that is so funny.  Casper. 

  • Phar Lap

    Seems Fairfax Lie-bours mouthpiece ,have take a leaf out of Channel 9 TV in Australia ,when they kept NZ medal wins out of their top ten list.They went to 9 then leapt to 19 for Australia.Tracy Watkins works for Fairfax. Last week she dreamt up a clap trap poll,and last nights poll vindicated her lemon sucking.What better way to do a poll.Would be even better if that lot were missing on electoral voting forms on election days.

  • Macca

    I’m sorry but what drugs are the left on that they could possibly think the latest poll would have been different than what it was!

    They have NO policy and the only thing they have done all year is bitch about anything National has done and try to make mountains out of mole hills over trivia that the MSM also tries to blow out of all proportion!

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the MSM actually reported the facts for once and that is that the only reason for the PARTIAL asset sales (not asset sales as the left and MSM keep alluding to), is to pay for the vote buying promises from the left ie. Kiwi Rail, Working for Families and the Student Loan con to name but a few!

    National achieves – the left procrastinates and whines – and never the twain shall meet!

    • Polish_pride

      But of course the tax cuts that brought National back had nothing to with what partial asset sales are having to pay for. But then when have either Left or Right ever let  selective memory and the truth get in the way of a good one sided story.    

      • In Vino Veritas

        Polish, you are being simplistic (or simple) to postulate that tax cuts alone bought National to power. Assets should be sold since the Government should not be in the business of owning assets, full stop.

      • Sarrs

        I’m going to have to pull you up there PP because you are dead wrong and this is a comment I make to everyone who mentions ‘tax cuts’. The only tax cuts that have been actioned in the last couple of years is a reduction in the corporate tax rate – now 28%. That might seem like a boon but when you understand how the system works, for anyone to get profit out of a company (dividend) the tax rate is still 33% so the company has to stump with with 5c in the dollar of DWT that must be paid to the IRD on the 20th of the month following the payment of the dividend. I’m not even going to go into the intricacies of overdrawn current accounts (not allowed) and significant, unregistered loans to shareholders (also not allowed) and the effect that has on the tax position of both the company and the shareholder. 

        Also, read this: – especially the bit that mentions how 40-50% of our net income tax receipts are paid by the top 10% of earners. 

        But please, feel free to refute what I have said here. Obviously you’ll have to back it up with some research. Just for the record, I am a Chartered Accountant working in business and tax services. I know a thing or two about this. 

      • Polish_pride

        IVV & Sarrs – My point is that decisions of both the L and the R on policy have affected the current state of the country in the world recession. To stand up and say that it is all a result of the vote buying promises of the Left is simply either naive or deliberately misleading. 
        Sarrs When National first got back into power the top tax rate for an individual dropped from 37% (or was it 39%???) down to the current of 33%. It can easily be argued that this is now being funded via continued borrowing. That however would also be misleading and brings us back to the point that it is a a result of decisions from both the Left and the Right which see us where we are today.

        Sarrs given that you are a chartered accountant if a Business man came to you and said I want to know the best way forward for me to invest in my business going forward.   I have two options
        1. Borrow at 2-3% and cover that with income from an asset that is generating revenue at 6-7%
        2. Sell the revenue generating Asset paying down some of the debt?

        You see Sarrs I am not a Chartered Accountant. I am a business owner and in owning a business I have come to learn there are Chartered Accountants that take the time to understand my business, what I am trying to achieve and advise me accordingly. Then there are Chartered accountants that prepare the financials. In short not all Chartered Accountants are created equal.      

      • Polish_pride

        IVV – I accept your point that Govys should not own assets, but I would have no problem with them doing so if it was run as efficiently as the private sector, had minimal risk, returned a profit and as a result enabled the lowering of the tax rate for everyone.

      • Sarrs

        PP – that decision would depend entirely on your debt loading and your gearing ratio – if you have to borrow money to maintain assets and continue to operate them effectively and there is no end to this situation is sight,  despite what the return is, you are probably better off selling down and reducing debt. No business, or country for that matter, can be sustained on borrowing alone. Equity is a far cheaper financing option that debt is – particularly if your debt is in international currency and subject to fluctuations of international economies. Right now the ratio of debt cost vs investment income show debt to be the cheaper option, how long will this be the situation though? In the long run, if you take 50 years to repay that debt, it will eventually end up costing you more than the returns you would make off an asset that requires significant infrastructure investment to maintain viability. The country may be making net revenue returns on its investment in these assets but what is the required capital contribution? At the moment, any capital contribution will either come directly out of the net returns (reinvestment) or will be financed through debt. Bear in mind that debt cost isn’t accurately reported by SOEs because, as they are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Government, the debt costs are consolidated into the annual budget for the entire country and not apportioned across the assets that debt is being used to fund. You also have to consider the opportunity cost of this exercise, while the government may be sacrificing a 6% return, they are also reducing borrowing costs by 3.5% – a net result of only a 2.5% cost to the government. Consider this situation if the cost of borrowing increased or the return decreased…this is the government reducing its exposure to what is a highly volatile global economy. 

        Re your example about the reduction in the top tax rate – no one was paying it. Labour left so many loopholes and shonkily written legislation that everyone piled their money into family trust and LAQCs to save tax. National have closed all of those loopholes and has rewritten essential legislation so that the IRD can take a more proactive approach in prosecuting those with deemed unacceptable tax positions. Just look at Penny and Hooper – a tax practice popularised while Labour were in government and now the loophole has been slammed shut by a National government. That was litigated almost since the beginning of National’s first term. 

      • Macca

        Jeez Polish, I reckon you’d do fantastically well in a three ring circus – you and two other arseholes!

        You guys on the left just do get it do you?  Let me try and quickly enlighten you;

        Left – Increase taxes. Diss-incentive business owners (mainly the right), to work harder,  grow their business, employ more people.  In the short term before all the business owners up and scarper,  feed the greed of the poor and the masses by giving them more money/handouts – lock in their votes ie. France right now!

        Right – Pay 80+ % of tax already.  After being hammered for 9 years with tax increases under Liebour, reduce their taxes to where they were originally.  Result – businesses expand, employ more people and sadly as far as the left can see with their tunnel vision, the reward for tjhe business owner is to make a bit more money – and bloody good on him!

        The other fact you seem to keep neglecting to remember is that we have just been through a world recession – the biggest sinse the great depression.  To top that off,  National has had first Pike River to deal with and then the Christchurch rebuild!  How healthy would our economy be had that not happen?  Last stats I heard was we were the second strongest economy in the world behind Singapore _ I think it was them.

        Had Liebour been in power, they’d still be buggering about trying to rebuild the Cathedral – yet all they can do is critisize and agitate – once more with no solutions!

        So don’t give me that selective memory drivel!  

        By the way, maybe you can take some of your precious time out to explain to me what happened to the 13 Billion surplus Cullen was crowing we had in the February before they were voted out of power.  Remember, when we were told by Liebour through the MSM that the country was in its best shape ever when we were actually in recession!  When National came in to power to find all the money gone,  5 Billion in the hole and then having to bail out ACC!!!!!!! 

      • Polish_pride

        Macca – See my post further below – don’t really want to have to go into not being R or L again.. I know thats hard for you to deal with but its a fact of life. Both sides are about the redistribution of wealth. The sooner you fellas realize this the sooner we can do something about it.

  • Mully

    Oh, they’re going to “spit” about that. A clealy Gummint plot to undermine them

  • Neil

    I laugh when I read this – it can’t be true when you guys accuse our MSM of being Left Wing diehards – if that were the case Shearer would be hunted everywhere and never be out of the news – but it is Key the MSM is in love with – go figure Eh?

    • Polish_pride

      Hit the nail on the head Neil – couldn’t have put it better myself!

    • Macca

      Neil – you couldn’t be further from the mark!   The reason they leave ‘The Invisible One’ alone is because he just makes such a twat of himself everytime he opens his trap (along with the bulk of his front and back bench),  that the public would actually get to see how bereft of talent your beloved party is!

      The reason they stalk Key with a vengeance is in the hope that they can try and catch him out on the most trivial of slip ups.  Prime example,  when he stated the truth about Parliament NOT having to instigate the Tribunals findings.  The media have been making news of it on a daily basis ever sinse – and he stated that 3-4 weeks ago!  

      Either give some solid examples of your accusations or crawl back under your rose coloured rock!

      • Polish_pride

        Sounds like a nice little conspiracy theory you’ve got going there Macca..

      • Neil

        You’re misled – They’re snivelling round the Key team at present to get some of the money to be dolled out to advertise and promote the Asset Sales….

      • Gazzaw

        Oh FFS Neil & PP. I actually had you down as being reasonably intelligent but there’s you PP going on about Macca being a conspiracy theorist and Neil actually being one with his ludicrous theory that parliamentary reporters are chasing advertising money.

    • Cows4me

      It’s not like anyone gives a fat rats arse about this poll Neil, we all know Liarbore are a dogs dinner and don’t need a poll to tell us so. I guess they have to fill the page with something, mos well be something to amuse the masses.

    • DJ

       Hey Neil and Polish, just need Le Areshole to join in and you got yourselves a nice little leftie fuckfest orgy going on.

      Play nicely now.

      This current Labour crowd are as about as popular as a french kiss at a family reunion. Get over it and move on.

      • Neil

        You continue to be misled by my comments DJ – I’m in no way shape or form either “left” or “right”…

      • Polish_pride

        DJ – Not left or right, after all there’s not really any difference its all about wealth redistribution on both sides. I just call it as I see it. 
        I just don’t look at the world through tinted lenses anymore.
        Neil, well from reading many of his posts I think he does pretty much the same as I do, calls it as he sees it.
        After all you guys need a cold hard cup of ‘reality’ to break you out of the blue tinted fantasyland you live in so you can actually see things as they really are.

        No left or right from either of us just reality…….

  • johnbronkhorst

    Queen were right about the whole party???
    “I am the invisible man,
    I am the invisible man,
    Incredible how you can,

  • starboard

    fuck I love watching liarbor flutter around all of a twitter after a shitty poll. No matter what they do , what they say they just cant get any traction on anything. Namby pampys…all they can do is continue to rearrange the deckchairs…

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Time to make the Socialist Cindy leader of Labour party to snatch votes from John Key

  • Neil

    Leave her alone – she’s mine to play with…..

  • Guest

    so if you were liar-bore’s strategist – would you prefer invisible shearer, or prominent mallard?


    • Gazzaw

      Give Cunners a go. We haven’t had a decent laugh since his truck-stop election speech.

      • Neil

         Hey Gazzaw – re your response above – I was referring to MSM (mainly TV) not the parliamentary press gallery…..

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    May be Labour can merge with the toxic Greens?