Len Brown’s achievements

the tipline

Len Brown is explaining all his achievements since becoming Mayor for ALL of Auckland. I bet that poor committee secretary just wanted to be home with her family rather than listening to some pious creep delivering more smoke and mirrors.


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  • Gazzaw

    Core supporters in the front row I see. Did Len pay for their bus fares or send his limo? Was there anyone else there?

    • Euan Rt

      yeah there was one more – he took the photo.

  • Morgy

    Hell of a crowd!!

  • Bunswalla

    I see he has managed to list all of his achievements on the first PowerPoint slide.

    • Euan Rt

      No he has left one off. He has managed to increase council income by a staggerring 10% per year. Just got my rates demands for my rentals in Mangere and today a letter goes out to the tenants that rents will be increasing. They are all for the max 10% this year and more to follow next year. The letter will be accompanied with the rider that these rent rises are directly due to our Auckland Councils desire for more cash.

  • Liberty

    Len and Casper could hold a competition on who can get the
    smallest number of people to a meeting.

  • Dave

    Let’s see The main points of the presentation.

    1) Record rate increases for ratepayers

    2) poorly run Rugby world cup, government forced to take over

    3) Poured millions into local community groups for no good reasons

    4) Looked after my voters in south Auckland

    5) Fuck all else, thanks for coming everyone.

    • Zerg123123123123

      [X] Junkets overseas. Check.
      [X] Junkets to Queenstown check. Check.
      [X] Having a council paid car + driver follow Len as he ‘takes’ public transport to work. Check.
      [X] Give mates positions on various boards. Check.
      [X] Build an ultra expensive rail loop where there is already heavy bus routes (B line). Check.
      [X] Look at new ways to destroy the CBD with possible taxes on roads and congestion charges. Check.

      [X] Promise lower rates increases then slap them with a 10% increase. Check.
      [X] Sponsor public events that should be privately funded.
      [X] Implement a program to supplement the councils income by poorly labelled bus lanes. Check.
      [X] Implement bus lanes in locations in locations to maximise traffic congestion instead of implementing T2 lanes. Check.
      [X] Spend countless amounts of money switching council buildings. Check.
      [X] Have no regard to council project expenses – ie. Auckland transports ticketing solution, internal IT projects.

      Auckland council needs to reigned in before they reduce this city to ruins.

  • iiq374

    Others beat me to the punch on his achievement of 10% rate rises per year for the next 4 years, plus whatever rises are actually announced over those years.

    Thing that gets me is I’m actually in the old Auckland City Council area – IE our rates were already calculated the new way. So as for this [email protected] that the big rises are due to the change in methodology…

  • DJ

    The screen looks blank to me ……. just about sums it up doesn’t it?

  • logical

    Rodney Hyde stuffed up big time with his Auckland  Councils restructuring. It was said to be to save money but instead we are being ripped off by an idiot.

     I suppose Rodney Hyde does not care.He has his big fat life time Parliamentary Pension to continue troughing on ! And the ordinary person keeps on paying and paying for parisites in all directions.

  • Sheppy

    I wonder if he’s considered who will use his beloved train set once all the ratepayers have moved to somewhere they can still afford?

    • le sphincter

      Banks is in favour of ‘train set’ as well. And   if he won would have done exactly the same.

  • James McGehan

    I hate to be the one to remind you all but as we sit Len has no one looking to stand against him.

    • Lion_ess

      Correct James, just as there is no valid opposition to the National Party. The new rating scam (I mean scheme) now rates people on Land Value plus Improvements.  How did that slide in?  Oh, we were too busy playing around with Gay marriage, and other irrelevant issues while we are being taxed and rated into financial oblivion.  ETS anyone?

  • out2lunch

     Len the brown loving clown only oils up to his voting base in south auckland. I doubt many of his supporters actually own houses, which leads me to believe that they rent. The middle/upper class who own rental properties will quite simply raise the weekly rent, in response to his dramatic rate increases. Len is shooting his supporters in the foot.