Lost her Mojo or her marbles?


“It’s time to put the wellbeing of animals at the centre of animal welfare – Mojo Mathers

Ah yes, Mojo, I think that’s what’s called animal welfare.


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  • Tony

    Maybe if she read it out loud she would see that…………… oops – maybe not

  • Mully

    $140,000 + a year this costs us.

  • cows4me

    They say you get the politicians you vote for, who the fuck voted for this?

    • Gazzaw

      Only the green caucus got to vote for her.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      No voter. She’s a scum list MP.


    Simpson’s Quote:

    Man “Mojo, what did they do to you?”
    Mojo ” Pray for Mojo”

  • grumpy

    How did that get past her taxpayer funded reader/writer???

  • Sarrs

    It kind of begs the question…what did she think was at the centre of animal welfare?
    And I still maintain, as sign language is the official language of the hearing impaired in NZ – not lip reading – all she should have got was a sign interpreter standing at the front of the house. NOT an electronic note taking system. NOT a personal assistant. That would also benefit the hearing impaired of NZ who want to suffer through watching parliamentary tv.

  • Phar Lap

    Of course what would we expect from the Red/Greens other than illiterate comments.To think the taxpayer had to fork out $80,000 for a little udder cup like Jo Jo Mo JO.Seems the MMP system is so sick,people like Mojo can get on the “List”

  • Callum

    If taken in context her point is right, at the moment a lot of the animal welfare laws and regulations are not even enforcable and much is focused around industry needs/wants rather than what is best for the animals. I disagree with her but it isn’t an unreasonable position from a green MP.

  • GregM

    Hmm. Clearly out of her depth. I nominate this expert in animal relations as Green party spokesman:

  • Jane

    Actually, putting animals first is NOT at the centre of animal welfare. The animal welfare act is put together by the Ministry for Primary Industries, whose core responsibility is to maximise profits for the Agriculture Industry. This is in direct conflict to putting the well-being of the animals first.
    Further, there is no independent regulatory body to enforce the appallingly lax legislation that we have in the Animal Welfare Act. We have approximately 11 (changes depending on who’s on call) MAF officers country-wide to make sure these rules are followed – that’s 11 people to watch over approximately 150 million animals. There are no regular inspections; the only time a farm or individual gets inspected is if they are reported to the relevant authorities.
    On top of this, the main focus of the Ministry for Primary Industries is to allow farmers to keep farming. This means that they avoid enforcing and instead “encourage” (read: helplessly plead) farmers to conform to the laws.
    The Ministry for Primary Industries is the only government department that is allowed to get away with not having an independent, regulatory body monitoring it to ensure that it follows the law. Mojo Mathers is quite right in saying that we need to make animal welfare about putting animals first. Currently, it is about putting profits first and allowing loopholes in the law that allow farmers to get away with practises that are directly in breach of the Animal Welfare act, such as battery cages, sow crates, furrowing crates, fattening pens etc.