Machines don’t strike

The Australian

Unions the world over just simply don’t get it, none more so than wharfie scum:

Paddy Crumlin, the national secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia, said he would seek the support of the International Transport Workers Federation to co-ordinate a campaign against Patrick, including action at overseas ports against vessels destined for its Port Botany facilities in Sydney. Mr Crumlin, who is also the federation’s president, said the union would use “every legal, political, industrial and commercial step” necessary to fight the company’s announcement last month that it would cut 270 of its 511-strong workforce at Port Botany by 2014, and replace the workers with automated straddle carrier technology.

Sooo..Patrick wants to replace strike indolent, militant workers with machines and the union response is to prove the point….hmmm…I wonder how that will turn out for the union.


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  • Macca

    Its just a pity they can’t replace the whole bloody lot of the moaning, lazy, thieving bludgers!

  • 2ndAmendment

    There’s only one way to deal with unions & strikers.

    Sid Holland knew how to deal with strikers.  So did William Massey.  
    So did Derek Powell.

  • Dave

    Another angle The reduction in staff means over 50% of the unions fees will go west This is self interest at its best, the union biases having the trough cut will mean their own jobs and the unions survival is on the line, so once again they will defend their position by fweding innocent workers a line and FORCING them to strike

    Go for it Patrick, I hear computer controlled trucks in the mines cut costs and increase productivity. Hopefully their is a child born today who starting work will ask – what were Unions anyway

    • Polish_pride

      Hopefully there have been many children born into this age of technology who will understand how much of the workforce in all industries that can be replaced by machines. 
      Hopefully they will ask, Why do we perisist with a system where ‘Man’ has to find a job to survive when we could change the system to have have machines do the work and ‘Man’ could have more time to focus on important things. Friends, Family, persuing things he is passionate about?
      Hopefully (if it hasn’t already happened) they will realise the stupidity of what we do now and change the system.