Madonna v Russian Bigots

Russian anti-gays are suing Madonna.

A group of Russian anti-gay activists sued American pop star Madonna for US$10 million (NZ$12.3 million) on Friday, saying she had insulted their feelings when she spoke out for gay rights at a concert in St Petersburg last week.

There are many grounds for suing Madonna but this one is pathetic.

“Maybe someone does not see the link but after Madonna’s concert maybe some boy becomes gay, some girl becomes lesbian, fewer children are born as a result and this big country cannot defend its borders – for me it causes moral suffering,” said Alexei Kolotkov, another of the activists who filed the suit.

Although if you can sue people for hurting feelings perhaps the GLBT community in New Zealand could get together and sue Colin Craig.


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  • davewin

    In Russia maybe

  • Ratchet

    Madonna’s just struggling for relevancy. She’s a 54 year-old still acting like a 24 year old, and instead of allowing her image and music to mature alongside of her, she’s desperately clinging to any kind of youth she can. Stirring up anti- and pro- gay sentiment at a Russian concert is designed solely to get headlines. Humbug.

  • AnonWgtn

    Did not think Russia allowed Queers !

  • coNZervative

    That’s right NZ gays are so “hurt” because people disagree with them. Can’t have that. Disagreeing with anything gay should be banned and Colin Craig gagged because we believe in freedom of speech.

  • Andrei

    Let’s see, there is something wrong with objecting to scrawny old slags coming to your country and promoting deviancy among your youth?

    What they should have done is arrested her, smacked her scrawny little arse in Palace Square then sent her packing

    • Alsh

      Or it could be worse some old fart representing outdated weird religion can come into your country and lecture on morality. Ay Andei?

  • While I agree with Madonna’s stance, I struggle to give her any credit, especially after the random boob flashing stuff in Turkey. Like Ratchet has said, she is struggling for relevancy. Any message she has – regardless of how valid, gets swallowed up by her desperation (or so it seems) to try & recapture her youth and the popularity that went with it. It’s a shame as she is undermining what she has already accomplished.