Mallard’s Strategy Failure shown in Polls

Trevor Mallard has had two weeks straight of headlines and shenanigans in the house. He has also nicely fed his tame house journalists and it has all been for nought….in fact it has damaged Labour dramatically.

He has over-shadowed his own leader and it shows with David Shearer’s preferred PM rating on Tv3 shedding nearly 4 points from 12 to 8.9. Clearly these polls are reflecting the unpopularity of Trevor Mallard and his strategy for Labour.

This also shows David Shearer’s inability to control his Angry Bird.

These poll results will now focus the minds of Labour about whether of not the “Invisible Man” is working at all. They are running out of time though because they only have until their conference when the new constitution will be ratified, making it almost impossible to roll any leader unless they first have the union’s backing. Currently the EPMU are a lock for Shearer…that may change after tonight.

TV3 Poll:

National up 4.8 to 50.6
Labour down 2.4 to 30.8
Greens down 3.3 to 11.2
Maori 1.6
Act 0.1
NZ First 3

John Key 43.2
David Shearer 8.9 down from 12

TVNZ Poll:

National 48
Labour 32
Greens 12
Maori 2
Act 1
NZ First 3

John Key 45
David Shearer 13


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  • Phar Lap

    Lets hear from the MSM and their sycophants.Thought TVNZ Poll results was up lifting.TV3 Poll results are over the moon.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I think this would have broken the hearts of all the communists, socialist nutters and puff pastry Garner. I am so thrilled with the results. When the last poll came out sand National was done, puff pastry conducted a chat session on TV3. Today where he would be? May be eating more pizzas I guess… Sheep Shearer was talking some non sense on TV saying everything is fine and going according to plan. If this is his plan, Bring it on communists….

    • Gazzaw

      Garner would have choked on his  pizzas tonight if he had to say that if the TV3 results were translated into votes that the Nats could govern on their own.

      What a bonus that the greens have dropped as well andd that NZ First is well below the 5% threshold.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

         Gazzaw – Garner must be ordering more pizzas after reading the Stuff newsline which says “Minor gains for National”. Those who saw Sheep Shearer’s stumbling on response to the poll numbers will run away from him for good

  • Dave

    I don’t think the the Liebour Wank and vile members have it in them to make a change prior to the conference, and the red unions will be pushing for Status Quo until after conference to arrange and stack the leadership cores in their preference

    That will leave NO room whatsoever for socialist Cindy or any other young labour leader, as the unions will hold the strings. And, let’s face it they know how to stack things having mastered it over decades. Perhaps Angry Bird has seen it coming and Shearer is following like a sheep to his imminent slaughter post conference.

    Kiwis seem to be able to see through the labour party and the unions pathetic attempt to hijack the Asset sales and so on.

    So Me Key, the polls are showing support, please march on with asset sales and get this country back on track your young Lieutenants seem to have your back covered

    • Troy

      Seems as tho the frontal lobotomy that Labour thought it was going to have has gone seriously wrong.  Not only do they have a Caspar in charge, the Angry Bird has become the most vile toxic MP our country has experienced for quite some time.  If Labour can cut all ties with the Unions, they have more chance of capturing my vote, sadly, their revamp just can’t see their way to do this – actually they are afraid to I feel.  In the meantime that fucking cocksucking wankbrain Mallard can just go fuck himself – tired of his stupidity at the expense of us taxpayers.

  • Alex

    Loved how NZHorrid went into spin mode with the Leftists’ beloved line — it’s not his fault:

    Hated Clark but at least she had the ruthless drive; this guy is just limp.

    • Phar Lap

       Yes their comment was so patronising it sounded like a kindergarten approach.WTF to think people buy their lying dribble, at two dollars a time, three on Sunday.

  • Mediaan

    There has also been a more responsible and balanced coverage from what I have seen of the Fairfax Empire, this past month or so. The Press in Christchurch has become distinctly more readable and interesting. Maybe nice they got rid of Andrew Holden as editor, not sure.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    It’s not their leader they need to roll, it’s Mallard.

    • Agent BallSack

      And Fenton

    • Guest

      Mallard is the only one capable of doing anything.  That is he is their leading light presently.  or is it that he is hogging the spotlight?

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    I didn’t think of it before but Labour is much like the Aussie Olympic team and its inability to win gold medals.  They keep getting silvers instead, so now they’re known as ‘nearly gold’ medals.

    Well, Labour has turned losing into ‘nearly winning.’

    And the greasy Herald has the gall to call these polls a ‘popularity’ competition? 

    • Gazzaw

      One gold, twelve silvers. Is there any truth in the rumour that the Aussie Olympic team all had to read Greg Norman’s ‘Top One Hundred Ways to Successful Choking’ as part of their training?  

      • Travis Poulson

        Oooh that was harsh! 

  • Justin

    Hey Cam WTF.
    You left off Colin Craig’s Conservative Party in the TV3 poll numbers.  1.7% up 0.6%. 

    You really shat on him in the last few posts – makes you look petty to skip off his results (usual trick is to chuck them into the “other” category).  But here showing Act at 0.1% shows you up. 

    Hell Colin hasn’t had any MSM time recently more of the Louisa Wall social engineering will have more of Colin pointing out MP being out to lunch.  More that Conservatives will be a home for social conservatives. 

    • So CC’s party is down 0.50% since the election then? He’s not exactly getting the traction that he thought he would get from middle NZ is he?

  • Justin

    Good to see the left dropping off though, and to see Greens rise look over. 

  • Fergus

    Where is sphinky??? Wasn’t he saying national were toast?

    • Gazzaw

      Spink has been AWOL all weekend. Great eh? Is he a liabour MP or inner clique party member who would have advance notice of poll results?

      • Travis Poulson

        I think he mentioned something about a party at Annettes house this weekend………..

      • gazzaw

        Hope he took his Swiss ball.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        He/she/it (diversity alert) is a paid Labour party troll and doesn’t work weekends.

  • Agent BallSack

    According to this TVNZ poll if Maori, NZ First, Labour and Greens formed a coalition, Conservatives would have the Kingmakers vote

    • Gazzaw

      NZ First wouldnt be there as below 5% and no electorate MPs. Mr Trotman would have to win an electorate seat.

      • Agent BallSack

        Unless this killer flu takes hold I don’t foresee a wiping out of Winstons ‘grey’ vote  just yet. Dementia has its upside it seems.

    • Bunswalla

      Conservatives would also need an electorate seat – not sure where they’re going to get that from.

  • MrAuz1989

    “Hello, Shit Creek Lost Property department, how can I help you? No, Mr Shearer, no one has handed in your paddle”.

  • Kiwikea

    Heh – Stuff spin is – National makes minor gains.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

       Yes a 5 point gain is minor for stuff. Just stuff that :-)

    • Guest

      If Labour went up that much it of course would be “Labour gallops up the polls”

  • link hawk

    I want a tvnz,tv3 poll to ask the question that really matters the most,”should NZ abolish the Treaty to the history books forever , and should the goverment Stop any and all payments current or future to maori over treaty grievences?.

    • Phronesis

      Would rather have a binding referendum. Even better would be to promise to raise welfare payments by 10% if it passes…

  • Cyrusintlltd

    The poll the schmoll … Great , but… Who the hell was the beardy guy… in the black t-shirt …with the leather wristlets… about 20 something (too many … ?) … On TV1 news … Tellling Colonel Mustard aka Mr U seless N ations, when said Col. ‘Stard shoves the ‘wpuld ya sell ya granny’ petition in his face . says, “umm, no thanks , i want ’em to sell ’em ” (Not enuff full stops ?) Just brilliant ! I have fantasised, nay , have had wet dreams , delirious with anticipation of what i might say , alas, i would not have found the language. Find out who this guy is, Get him a gig on the Speights ads , keys to the city… and i suppose, find out which part time , production assistant TV1
    Hasn’t yet poisoned with the leftist media mantra.

    • GregM

      Yep I saw that too. Absolute gold, Shearer was speechless!

      • BW_Lord

        Better answer to that question would’ve been “who are you?”.
        See what the invisible man could do with that if a simple denial floors him.

    • davcav

       Damn, I’m sure that’s interesting but bugger if I can understand it.

      • GregM

         Davcav, the short synopsis is this:
        Shearer approaches dude on the street, ” will you sign the stop asset sales petition”, Dude on street says ” nah, I want them to sell it”
        Silence from Shearer, it was priceless.

  • Intrigued

    Mallard is an interesting combination of dickhead, buffoon and hetrosexual – an unusual array of qualities in a Labour MP

  • CJA

    I find these polls hilarious. I was watching TV3’s Firstline this morning and Rachel Smalley’s line was along the lines of “Despite a horrible year National still ahead in the polls”. Man talk about spin from MSM. I didn’t see Garner at all since I had already left for work but no doubt it would have been a long the lines of “It’s astonishing that National are still this far ahead”. Perhaps TV3 might try a bit of balanced journalism as clearly the crap they are trying to feed people is not working.

  • Owl

    I think the polls reflect the opinions of common people who do not want unionist running the country. As they say don’t underestimate the voters…they can see through the new labour voting structure for leadership. Add on the union inability to follow simple laws of the land…the voters and polls have spoken.

  • AnonWgtn

    Don’t panic Helen is back in NZ.

    “I have come from Head Office to help you David” Yea

  • Antony Cotton

    Labour Needs a New Leader However Shearer can remain on the Frontbench Cunliffe Must be Leader Robertson as Deputy Street Social Development Shearer Foreign Affairs Parker Finance Mahuta Education Ardern Health and O Connor Agriculture that Far Stronger Opposition that my frontbench Chauvel Justice 9 10 Cosgrove Trade and SoE 11 Twyford Local Government 12 Mackey Environment 13 Little Labour 14 Lees Galloway Defence Attorney General 15 Moroney State Services 16 Hipkins Whip Yes this would be huge Challenge for Key Government.