Manning Interview: Jami-lee Ross

Live News

It is no secret that Jami-lee Ross is a mate of mine. But Selwyn Manning interviewed him Monday and the video has now been published. They explore local body politics and the relationship between Wellington and Auckland.


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  • Gazzaw

    I shall look forward to next weeks interview with Lenny.

    Very impressive WO. Jami-lee Ross will make his mark in very short order.

    Lenny will find it hard to cope with the ‘fiscal responsibility’ clause. Where does that position his rail loop?

  • johnbronkhorst

    He comes across, more knowledgable, pleasant, intellegent and an all round better leadership candidate than ANY labour MP including shearer.

  • Liberty

    There is a real
    difference between National and Labour.

    National has some real depth in its caucus.

    While labour is infested with recycled has-beans.

    They were given the bums rush in 2008 and they are still

    • Petal

      re-fried has-beans?


      • Dave

        Petal. Refried, cooled down and without refrigeration, thankfully all overdue for the compost bin

    • le sphincter

      Did they ask JLR about his working life before politics ?

      First full time job was a City Councillor at 18. Hasnt worked for a wage since .

      • Gazzaw

        Are you saying that he would have been better suited to the labour party then l’areshole?

        • Alloytoo

          This is the hippocrisy of the left, only they can make a lifetime of public service. (or is that lifestyle)

        • le sphincter

          No …just that bullshit about no one with real life experience in LP.
          then again
          he got a Scholarship to Dilworth … Cullen got a scholarship to Christs College.
          C’est la vie

          • Gazzaw

            A Dilworth boy? Funny, so was Mike Moore.

            Love the empathy you show for the genuinely underprivileged boys who get to go to Dilworth l’arsehole. You really are an ignorant fucker.

  • Jman

    Good bloke and happy to have him as my representative in parliament. Comparing his clear, articulate responses to Shearers mumblings its astounding to think which one is the major party leader and which one is the young backbencher.