Manning interviews Lyin’ Len

Selwyn Manning interviewed Len Brown this week. There is plenty to pick apart from the sad little lying Mayor. Sorry to inflict this at breakfast but better to just lose breakfast rather than lunch as well:

The interview examines the first term vision of establishing an economic case for a modern rail network, establishing a 30 year plan for Auckland, and will notes how in August 2012 it was announced Auckland City is ranked number 10 in the Economist Index. At the time, the mayor tweeted: “there is still lots of work to be done to be the most liveable city” and listed these points:

A world class integrated transport system,
A quality compact city,
An economic powerhouse providing jobs for all our people,
Protection for our built and natural environment.

The interview examines what can be achieved, at what cost, and for what gain.


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  • Sheppy

    75% of Aucklanders support the rail loop and the CBD isn’t a giant vacuum cleaner sucking up all the cash – YEAH RIGHT!

    • Euan.Rt

      I picked up on the 70-75% support too. Have there been valid polls with this result?

      • sheppy

        Last time the feedback forums were reported on in the North Shore times it was below 50% in favour, and that was before the inflated rates bills arrived!

        • DJ

          And I can bet they don’t ask anybody on the shore in those polls.

          • Gazzaw

            Anyone else here get invited to join an online ‘panel’ by Auckland City to proffer their views on all sorts of local issues? Not surprisingly it has turned out to be a regular questionnaire geared to secure the answers that Len needs to kid himself and the media that he is doing a great job. It’s great fun to skew the required answers but it makes me weep to see another ratepayer funded rort inflicted on us under the guise of an independent panel.

      • just me

        From recollection yes, I think 112 people were polled (True)

    • Engineer

      75% of Aucklanders support the rail loop. Sounds like a fluff sruvery where they don’t actually ask how much people are prepared to pay fot it.
      A better question is “do you want to pay $1750 for the rail loop, per person in your household, over and above your existing rates”?

      ($2,100,000,000 / 1,200,000people =1750, my estimate)

      • Goosoid

        I believe those numbers came from an NZ Herald poll, much to their own chagrin I imagine.

  • Whafe

    One term Lyin Len Brown is gone burger next round of elections……
    Has sold the vast majority of Aucklanders a rather large crock pot of steamy shit…..

    • DJ

      The question is: How do we guarantee that the left don’t get back into running Auckland? Who is going to put up their hand to replace him? It needs to be a coordinated effort to ensure the right person gets in.

      • Whafe

        Totally agree, was thinking the same thing when I typed the above… No one will put their hand up and say they voted for “Len it’s brown, flush it down”

        Is there any signs of somewhat of a co-ordinated plan on bringing a non lefty through? Don’t know of any, but dam there needs to be one..

      • Gazzaw

        DJ, I am positive that an excellent right wing candidate will stand. Brown did not win the last election, the right lost it through complacency. It won’t happen again because the Auckland establishment won’t let it happen. They have been fucked over twice in recent years by disastrous lefty one term wonders and the rates bills that have hit Orakei, Remmers & St Heliers over the last few days will serve as a massive incentive to put up not only a top mayoral candidate but also suitable council candidates which if anything is even more important. The fact that next years rates assessments will hit them right at the start of the election campaign will just serve as a good reminder to get out and vote. It’s important now that we put in as much damage control as possible until we can get rid of him & his council.

        • Anrky_al

          ‘excellent right wing candidate’ that’s an oxymoron and sorry but its the patrician I’ll suck your dick if you suck mine “Auckland establishment” that stuffed up public transport over and over again in Auckland and is intent on doing it again.

          • Goosoid

            Absolutely 100% right. Why not John Banks? He can combine his “let’s build roads until noone can breathe and all the young people have pissed off to Australia” policy with his “teach the kids the Earth was created in 6 days” policy. Both have about as much foundation in reality so a pretty solid platform.

  • Not Happy

    If it’s Brown flush it down

    • Goosoid

      I hope this user will be told that this kind of comment is unacceptable considering how much comments like this on other blogs that share different political views to this blog are criticised (and quite rightly) on this blog. Death threats next?

  • localbodyelectionsnow!

    Len brown is a fucking cunt.

  • Goosoid

    What do people see as the alternative to the CRL? Easy to criticize but I havent seen any viable options. More roads? Buses? How do you suggest handling another 1 million people in Auckland in the next 20 years?
    I am coming from the viewpoint of having only just returned to my native NZ from Europe. I find it amazing, after having lived in Melbourne, London, Rouen, Prague and Bucharest, that anyone is still arguing that railed public transport is not the way to go.
    Maybe this has been explained ad nauseum on this blog (which I have only just started following) but can someone opposed to the CRL please explain what it is so unique about Auckland that justifies it being the only city over 1 million people in the developed world that doesnt have an integrated rail based PT network? We have the worst PT use in the developed world (and most of the developing world).
    If you say density, I suggest you look up Auckland’s density versus the density of Perth or Brisbane (or Prague). Both cities have in place rail systems far superior to Auckland. We are using trains in Auckland that we bought off Perth in 1993.
    I dont consider myself particularly left wing and I agree with the majority of opinions expressed. However, I get the feeling that in NZ anyone who considers themselves right wing has a natural knee jerk reaction against public transport.
    Do you all just love your cars so much that you want to deny the CHOICE (what right wingers always consider themselves the champions of) to me to not drive my car?

  • Goosoid

    Pretty united opinion that the CRL is a waste of time on this site.
    Can anyone please explain what makes Auckland so unique that it should be the only city in the developed world with more than 1 million people without an integrated rail based public transport system.
    Please say density:

  • Goosoid

    If you dont agree with Len on PT, can someone please tell me what makes Auckland so unique that it should be the only city with over 1 million people in the developed world not to have an integrated rail based public transport system?
    I suggest watching this series of videos for an answer:

  • Goosoid

    If you dont agree with Len on PT, can someone please tell me what makes Auckland so unique that it should be the only city with over 1 million people in the developed world not to have an integrated rail based public transport system? I suggest watching this series of videos for an answer:

    • logical

      If you want it you pay for it .Not me or anyone else who does not want it.
      End of story!

      • Goosoid

        Does that also apply to roads, bridges, schools and hospitals?
        Why are these things different from public transport? They are all public facilities/infrastructure that could be supplied by private interests. Using your logic no infrastructure would ever be built.
        Why should people have to pay for the Holiday Highway or any of the other 1970’s style roading projects being proposed, if we dont want them? Most people I know think it is a no brainer to develop PT in Auckland. Though most of those are people who have lived outside of NZ in cities with great PT.
        You still havent answered my question by the way. Our PT system is the WORST in the developed world. Not bad but the worst.

    • white rose

      Wrong try Leeds west yorkshire

  • just me

    I’d like to knock this little prick off his chair

  • Mr_Blobby

    Want to make Auckland more “Livable” start with no more rates increases.