Marriage Equality costing Tory support

As the debate over marriage equality gets going here, there are some poll results int he UK that suggests that bigots exist in all parties but mostly in the Conservatives where support has bled away as a result of David Cameron’s stance on marriage equality:

Almost six out of 10 people who attend services regularly say they are less likely to vote Conservative at the next election because of the plans to redefine marriage.

More than a third of those polled said it had no effect on whether they would support the Conservatives but most of them would never vote for the party anyway.

Support among churchgoers for Labour and the Liberal Democrats was also damaged by their stance on the marriage question but the biggest impact by far was on the Conservatives.

It suggests that the issue has caused a major breach between the party and religious voters, who have traditionally been viewed as part of its heartland.

Churches are supposed to believe in commitment and sacrifice, and yet they wish to raise barriers, or rather keep barriers in place to prevent others having the same commitment and sacrifice.

So far in New Zealand it is only the labour that is professing a split in support with the introduction of Louisa Wall’s bill. Colin Craig meanwhile continues to dog whistle the bigots.


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  • Redbaiter

    People who defend the institution of marriage are not bigots and if you think you will win me to your POV, or weaken my stance on the issue by calling me that, then you have another think coming.

    I am utterly sick of you self appointed thought police and your attempts to stigmatize and attack anyone who disagrees with you on this issue.

    You and your queer friends would have us
    believe that the issue of marriage is about the “rights” and “equality”
    of homosexuals. This is a propaganda lie.

    The reality is that the push to redefine marriage is about
    demanding public approval and celebration of homosexuality. To accept homosexual behaviour as “normal”

    Unfortunately for you and your queer friends Whale, I remember the “Hero” parades. If that is what you call normal then you can keep it.

    • Gayguy

      People who defend marriage from a sexuality point of view are bigots and homophobes. Just as those who tried to prevent inter racial marriages were bigots and racists

      You and your sick disgusting kind Redbaiter, Lucia et al have lost. Equality is here to stay and you and your hater messages are in their death throws. .

  • Apolonia

    People are confusing the debate over “gay marriage” as one between church goers and homosexuals. This is not the case as some church goers support the bill and some oppose it. The same is true in the gay community, some support the bill and some oppose it.
    The real debate is between those who want to redefine marriage and those who don’t, be they gay, heterosexual, church affiliated or not.
    Political partys are the vehicle through which the public’s views are represented in parliament. It’s only natural that voters should abandon partys who don’t represent their views and support partys who do.

  • Just goes to show that National should be very careful in supporting the bill.

  • MacDoctor

    It would be nice if you brought forward some sort of rational argument as to why you think marriage should be redefined, Whale, rather than simply cast silly aspertions on everyone who disagrees with you.

    The sole argument I have seen so far is that homosexual unions should be treated equally before the law. This is specious because civil unions already achieve that apart from the matter of adoption. Is there some other reason why you think the state can redefine what almost every religion defines as the union of a man and a woman?

  • Dr Wang

    It seems that “bigots” are the new “deniers”….

    • phronesis

      The difference is there is some scientific evidence for climate change, there is no evidence that homosexuality is anything but a choice.

      • Dr Wang

        They are both labels used to shut down discussion.

      • Gayguy

        Except all the scientific studies that prove people do not chose their sexuality.

        Pull your head out of the ground and learn a thing or 2.

        • Dr Wang

          I hate to intrude if you are determined to have an argument with yourself about this, but I’ve never claimed that gays “choose their sexuality” – and all power to you if you feel better for having attacked that particular straw man.

        • phronesis

          Prove it. A single citation in a reputable biology journal will suffice.