McCarten on Labour

Herald on Sunday

Matt McCarten opines about the travesty that is Labour at the moment. He isn’t holding back either:

Spin over last week’s political polling is that David Shearer must lift his game if Labour is to be competitive. That’s true, but he is pitched against the most popular prime minister in living history.

It will take Shearer at least until election year before voters pay him much attention. His current 13-14 per cent preferred prime minister support is twice as much as Phil Goff managed and it took Helen Clark almost a decade before she smote her opponent.

It was always going to take a lot to knock off a Key-led National Party. Does it look like Shearer could despatch Key yet? Of course not.

Finally Matt McCarten acknowledges that which the electorate has known for quite some time…that John Key is popular…and everyone else, not so much. The problems though for Labour lie in those below Shearer.

But no single person can win government without a front bench of competent potential cabinet ministers. So here’s the real question: do Labour front benchers look like they are ready to govern? Have they earned the confidence of the public?

Labour’s problem is not its leader, it’s the caucus. The Green Party in Parliament is less than half Labour’s size yet day after day they prove how lacklustre our main opposition party is.

McCarten then goes on to excoriate the red team and explain just how lacklustre they are:

David Parker – “What sense do you have of their finance spokesman? It’s David Parker, if you’ve forgotten.

David Cunliffe – “Cunliffe must have a secret plan he’s not sharing with us because he hasn’t initiated one attack on Joyce for more than a month. He’s awol.

Jacinda Ardern – “…can’t seem to lay a hand on Paula Bennett as she goes about kicking the poor. The most attention Ardern got was when Maggie Barry made a nasty remark over her not having a child.

Maryan Street – “…Tony Ryall must find it hard to believe he hasn’t had one sleepless night from being marked by Maryan Street. I respect Street but she’s made no impact on him.

Nanaia Mahuta – “Does anyone outside the Wellington beltway even know she is Labour’s education spokesperson?

You’d think with all the fallout from National Standards and charter schools she’d be a household name. Yet in over a month, according to her own website, she’s put out a total of three press releases.

Parekura Horomia – “…has put out just two press releases in nearly six months. One was condolences to a family and the other acknowledged the Maori New Year. Good grief!

Things are pretty dire when your own fanbois have now’t to say.


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  • fergus

    Your problem matt…is that you and labour treat, becoming the govt and being the govt , as a game instead of a job to do!!

  • fergus

    david parker……nice enough guy….but ignorant of anything financial.
    david cunliffe….just a mallard in waiting…ascorbic and stupid to the extreme.
    jacinta ardern…just another socialist extremeist that hasn’t figured out that marx was wrong.
    maryanne street…idiot…but the absolute example of labour not undersdtanding, that it is doing the job that counts not talking about it…something Tony has done to perfection.
    nanaia mahuta….who???…before undertaking the education would be advisable to at least appear like you actually went to school to do more than eat the other guy’s lunches.
    parakura horomia…another good example of a labour politician that beleives, just showing up is actually doing the job!!!

    • Pete George

      Note that McCarten didn’t even mention Mallard as a non-performer. Maybe because Mallard has been performing quite a bit, just in self destructive way.

      • MrV

        Only natural to leave Mallard out, the Herald can only afford so much paper to list the incompetency.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    However, the Labourers and uncle Matt will spin that the tide has turned and Labour is on the rise based on the rouge Morgan poll which came out on Friday…..I have noticed Rogue Morgan Poll shows National up when TV1/TV3 poll show them down and vice versa. Any how, I have no doubts in my mind Sheep Shearer will simply sleep walk to victory in 2014 due to the nature of MMP and Winston crossing 5% for sure on election night and throw his support behind Sheep Shearer in exchange for Minister of Foreign affairs.

  • cows4me

    Matt’s only half right, yes Liarbores MP’s are like drongos on steroids but the other half of their problem is their policies. They really don’t have any and the ones they have a total shit

  • Whafe

    Even Matt McCarten saying this will not filter into the brain cells of the very Labour MP’s he is speaking to… His words in plain English are saying that Labour as an opposition is an absolute joke….. This we all know already, well everyone knows except the Labour party…

    Most NZ’ers are sick to death of the toxic diatribe that flows from most of these oppositions mouths!

  • MrV

    “Parekura Horomia – ”…has put out just two press releases in nearly
    six months. One was condolences to a family and the other acknowledged
    the Maori New Year. Good grief!””

    I thought Matt would be a bit more understanding, maybe poor old Parekura just didn’t get around to putting out more releases, kinda in the same way Matt never gets around to paying his taxes.