More blood and guts

Is this election going to be as good as 1988?

The ugliest presidential campaign I ever hope to see was the one George H.W. Bush waged against Michael Dukakis in 1988. Poppy Bush governed like a (relative) moderate, but in 1988 he campaigned like a hard-right bigot, relentlessly attacking Dukakis over an assault-rape committed by the convicted murderer Willie Horton, a very scary-looking African American, during a prison furlough (under a program created by Dukakis’s Republican predecessor as Massachusetts governor). Say what you will about 41’s son and eventual successor, George W. Bush—as a campaigner, Dubya never stooped anywhere near so low, on this or any other issue.

For all the liberal hand wringing Willie Horton was a seriously bad bastard who needed to be locked up, not given a weekend pass to commit horrible crimes.

One of the best, if not the best, campaign ads ever.

We could see a re-visit…look who is working on Romney’s campaign. Bear in mind that the article is written by a liberal panty-waist.

The main media consultant for the “independent” pro-Romney super PAC Restore Out Future, Edsall notes, is Larry McCarthy, who crafted the most vile Willie Horton ad of 1988.

Edsall sees the Romney campaign using race in two ways. Most overtly, the Romney campaign is accusing President Obama by of gutting welfare reform by dropping the work requirement—agross distortion of an unexceptional waiver Obama granted several states allowing them to experiment with alternative ways to meet the work requirement. Two of the five governors requesting the waivers were Republicans, and among those who have denounced the workfare accusation as flat-out untrue is the Republican former congressman and current talk-show host Joe Scarborough. The second way Edsall sees the Romney campaign using race is more subtle. According to Edsall, Romney is conveying a racially-charged message in accusing Obama of taking money away from (mainly white recipients of) Medicare to fund (majority non-white recipients of) Obamacare.

It is certainly looking like a blood and guts election. With Romney’s confirmation this morning we should see his campaign start spending.


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  • Mitch82

    After all the shady shit that’s just happened at the RNC, Romney doesn’t stand a chance of being elected. Enjoy another 4 years, Obama – just send a thank you card to the RNC for the freebie.