More Hypocrisy over Fiji

Phil Goff has burst forth over Fiji with an ill-informed judgement about Fiji.

He must have his head well buried deep down in the clay. Obviously the only people briefing him on Fiji are the seat warmers and leakers of MFaT.

The Labour Party’s Phil Goff says the question that will be asked next week is if the 2014 elections will be free and fair.

“I think we have to engage with Fiji. We have to promote and encourage it to do the right thing by its people. Respect their human rights, respect the right to free speech, to have an independent judiciary and a free media. So engagement is important, but we need to be very careful that all the movement is not simply from the side of the Forum, and there is no reciprocation from within Fiji itself.”

Phil Goff says Fiji needs to be aware that if its promises aren’t delivered on, there are consequences.

All other countries have moved on from what he is saying here – including New Zealand. Where has he been these past few months?

Note Phil Goff’s demands for respect for human rights, free speech, an independent judiciary and a free media. Where were his calls for all those things when he signed a free trade agreement with China?

And what are these consequences that he speaks of? More of the same, a freeze out that hurls Fiji into the arms of China? Phil Goff is a fool.

I think I’ll go and do something that Phil Goff has so far failed to do, go to Fiji and engage with them.



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  • le sphincter

    China has never had elections or a free judiciary.

    Fiji once had those ….. so all we want is they get them back.

    After all that is one of the aims we are fighting for in Afghanistan …isnt it ?
    or are we there for other reasons ?

    Just like we are leaving on a certain date because the runway will be closed for rebuilding, not some other high minded reasons

    • island time

      Get what back???? The racist constitution that has now been thrown out? Their constitution had similarities to the South African one that was despised back in the 70’s and 80’s. Go and read it before you say you want something back…

      • le sphincter

        Racist ? . So the Indian PM , who lost office in one of the many coups , was elected under a system of special seats for races ?

        Gee I wonder where they got that idea from ? At the monmemt there is NO constitution, no rule of law, You get that with a military dictatorship.

        Isnt one of the reasons we have Kiwi soldiers dying in ‘Ghan is to have elections ( first time ever) and human rights.

        For some baffling reason a very near neighbour doenst have the same criteria, while to be honest for ‘Ghan or even China , the response should be – Find someone who gives a shit.

      • Magor

        Hey buddy, it pays to get some facts right in and around history either past or current.
        I notice the world does not take to much notice (recently) of atrocities (read racism eradication) in the world (Zimbabwe, Syria, Rwanda, Sudan and a couple of other places)? While not defending racism in anyway – why the reference now and we need to ask the question today why no interest in racism that is rampant today – perhaps things were not quiet as they seemed when the Western world politics was ambushed by a socialist bunch of near do-gooders (who were happy to see the result of their efforts covered in blood, rape and murder), liberally supported by socialism/communism because it suited their ‘Cold War of the time!!
        Just saying…

  • pukakidon

    @le sphincter
    The arsehole of Labour,
    More racist hatred of the Chinese eh!

    “Hell hath no fury as a Liarbour member scorned”

  • niggly

    Jeepers, Goff even makes Winston Peters look like the better (previous) Labour administration foreign minister of the two. (And at least Winnie mended NZ-US relations unlike flip-flop Goff).
    Goff seems to be having some sort of (foreign affairs) mid-life crisis, what is wrong with the man??

    • Gazzaw

      He can’t let go the glory days Niggly, that’s his problem. The trough is a lot shallower these days for Goof. No more first class foreign tripping with the entourage, limos & brass bands. An irrelevant opposition backbencher counts for diddly-squat.

  • AnonWgtn

    Is Phi Goff still around – waiting for a “job for the boys” one day, when the Green/Labour coalition take over I expect, but he will have to queue with all the other ex MP deadbeats..

  • Guest

    Just avoid Suva its a bit of a toilet