More on Kaitaia’s kiddy fiddler

It is no surprise that the blame game has started in the Far North.  Are we really going to blame the system this time?  Or were there an awful lot of people who could have spoken up for those poor kids?

The former chairman of Pamapuria Primary School’s board of trustees, Ian Bamber, told RNZ that he knew nothing about the warning but plenty of people did.

He said he learnt of the letter this year, and has since discovered many others already knew about it.

“ERO knew about the letter, police knew about the letter. CYFS knew about the letter, and the board at the time knew about the letter.”

Mr Bamber said it appears the one person who was not warned by police was Parker.

I see that the kiddie fiddler was the staff representative on the Board of Trustees at the time of charges being laid.  How long was he on the Board?  was it for the duration of the offending?  Did he ensure that things like letters went missing or other ‘clues’ to what was going on were shut down?

No doubt we’ll have another review on its way.

Kiddie fiddler James Parker had this to say in court:

 “Those of you who know me well will know that I am not the monster that many will portray me to be. I am, however, the unwilling host of a most terrible disorder.

“It is my great hope that all who have suffered because of me will now be able to get the help they need. It is also my desperate wish that I too will be able to receive help for this sickness within me.”

Right!  And you couldn’t have sought help for your “most terrible disorder” and “sickness” during the eight year period?  Spare me the tears.  You are a cold, calculating, selfish monster.


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  • Gazzaw

    Leighton Smith is just interviewing Mike Sabin, MP for Northland. As an ex-cop who has worked in Kaitaia he has hinted very strongly that there is a lot more to come out in this case.

    • Random66

      I almost don’t want to know because it will just make me angrier that they didn’t do their job right in the first place three years ago. If they had how many children would have been saved from the nightmare in that time. When children speak out their words should be given greater weight that they are telling the truth, no matter how unbelievable they may seem. Proper investigation and follow up should have been done by all parties who were made aware of the allegations.

  • Mark

    One thing I cannot understand is why the parents allowed him to have their children stay overnight at his place? I would NEVER permit any child of mine to stay at their teacher’s house whether or not there were other children there or even if there were other adults there. Totally inappropriate. I think Parker must have groomed the parents as much as the children.

    • Lion_ess

      Too right Mark, your kids have no reason to have a sleep over at teachers house. EOS.

    • greybeard

      I agree. So many questions to be asked: why did it go on for so long? were any other teachers or parents involved ? did any of the kids complain and if so what was the outcome ? why did the school board / principal not act when advised by the police ? why did the police not follow this up ? the whole thing is bloody unbelievable.

      • Lion_ess

        Well greybeard, I think we (not me) are being trained not to judge people on based on looks or gut feel. This is because one cannot judge on color, race, physical appearance or a combination of factors that might lead someone to have an instinctive feel about anything. In fact, don’t think at all. Clearly, Parker had a significant persona that led people not to question his integrity. He’s a teacher, he’s an upstanding member of the community, how dare anyone question his ethics. Except in hindsight. For christs sake, some people still think that because someone wears a shirt & tie, they must be alright. Parents too asleep or too embarrassed to challenge, the school too comfortable to challenge – thank god for the brave kids who had the will to believe they would be believed.

  • Phar Lap

    Seems and sounds to me ,the only people of so called influence in the Kaitaia district,who “didnt” know about the letter and “didnt” want to know, must have been too frightened to speak up.Perhaps because of the ethnicity of the teacher.

  • excuse me

    Who had the greatest input into Parker’s little speech to the Court? His doctor (perhaps treating him for his “sickness”?), or his lawyer (able to craft words designed to deflect “blame”)?

  • IHStewart

    ” You are a cold, calculating, selfish monster.”

    • Troy

      Maybe they will lock him away with the Beast of Blenheim.

  • kowtow

    If he had been a Catholic cleric the title would be “Catholic Kiddy Fiddler”,
    For equality’s sake (and this site claims to be into equality) perhaps “Secular,state school kiddy fiddler”
    should be used rather than the geographic Kaitaia?

    • Whale does not yet realise that Catholic clergy are not the only authority figures that sometimes breach the trust people place in them.

      • Ronnie Chow

        Of course he does you idiot . That’s why he’s posting about the Kaitaia Kiddie Fiddler . Why does a post on Catholic child abusers have to encompass a greater sphere ? To make you feel better ?
        By your logic , every post on Mallard .would …..Wait . What is your logic . What is your POINT ?

        • Ronnie have you looked in the mirror lately you fucking idiot!

    • nasska

      You’re a hard man to please kowtow. When we give the Catholics a bit of advertising you accuse us of picking on them. Then in this instance when there’s not a priest in sight you still don’t like the headlines.

      Perhaps “Vatican Snubbed….Boys Buggered by Atheist” would have been more inclusive.

  • Pokerface

    I’m struggling with something here… I may get a rev-up from some of you, but I don’t understand why “homosexuality” is NOT personal choice and ok, and yet “paedophilia” IS personal choice and evil.
    I have no skin in the game, and no personal experience in either scenario. I’m not trying to moralise, just understand the difference.

    • Random66

      We can all choose how we act, the defining line is what we know to be right and wrong. We can then decide to cross it. I can choose to shop lift, I can choose to lie, I can choose to bitch slap someone who annoys me, I can choose to murder and I can choose to rape children. All I am doing is acting on my own selfish impulse with little thought to how it will affect others – that does not make it right. Where homosexuality was once considered to cross over the line it no longer is. Public perception has changed that. We now live in a society where the lines appear to no longer be absolute, our conscience has become confused and we rely on public opinion as to what is now right and wrong. Heaven help us when the line becomes blurred that having sex with a child becomes ok.

      • Pokerface

        How does “consent” get to be the main point of difference?
        As people with agendas continue to push the boundaries, how long before children over ten can consent to sex with adults? Didn’t the Labour Party voice this as a posibility not that long ago?

        • Random66

          They tried to lower the age to 12 for legal consent. You have to wonder whose appetite they were trying to satisfy because it certainly wasn’t the 12 year old childs. My line between right and wrong doesn’t hinge on ‘consent’. Just because someone agrees to your madness whether by stupidity or innocence doesn’t excuse the behaviour of the person whose actions knowingly and deliberately cause harm to others. This predator may have groomed these children so at least one would have given ‘consent’, however it is still wrong on so many levels.

          • alex

            No that was not true. There were proposals mooted about lowering the age of consent where BOTH parties were below the age of 16. That’s to say, the lowered age of consent wouldn’t allow an adult to have sex with someone below 16. Currently two children below 16 having sex is technically an illegal act. Whether the proposed change is desirable is a different debate of course.

          • Random66

            Yes I do recall it was promoted as being less reprehensible because they would both be children so where was the harm..?? Pretty sneaky really because I believe it was ultimately about softening societies opinion to believe an adult having sex with a 12 yr old child is not so bad. After all how big a leap is it from a 15 yr old having sex with a 12 yr old, to an 18 yr old having sex with the same 12 yr old (or so it would be argued) and there you have it the line just got moved and the age would just get older. This law change was initiated by adults for their own reasons.

    • Ronnie Chow

      If you prefer to wake up next to a man , then you are gay . If you want to fuck anything that moves for your own pleasure , starting from the easiest humans to manipulate , then you are a pedophile / Sociopath .
      Parker’s histrionics are a calculated game to lessen his sentencing . He has been ready for this . No less than preventative detention will be served , unless the mofo lawyer prevails .

      • Guest

        you are not necessarily gay if you choose to wake up next to a man, you may be bi-sexual or you may be straight but mad its a choice.

    • alex

      Whether homosexuality is a choice or not, is neither here nor there from a moral perspective. Two consenting adults don’t have to justify themselves to anyone else.

      As for paedophilia, again whether it is choice or not is neither here nor there from a moral perspective either, since it involves exploitation of someone who cannot consent.

      Of course, the origins of paedophilia are nevertheless relevant, because they should affect the state’s response to it in any particular case, ie, whether treatment and rehabilitation is possible.

      • Callum

        Choice or not is relevant, a big part of the campaign for same six marrriage for example is it is not a choice and therefore you should not discriminate against someone who has no choice in their sexuality. If it is a choice then those in same sex relationships are choosing to not to fit the current requirements for marriage.

        • alex

          I’m aware of that, but I think the “born this way” or “it’s a choice” is a stupid dichotomy born from simplistic understanding of science. As a gay male, I’m sick of both sides since they don’t recognise that human experience is varied. But in any event, this thread and the post I was replying about is NOT about gay marriage.

          • phronesis

            You are right about the dichotomy. It is quite likely that homosexual orientation is partially genetically predisposed just like any other trait. Not to be negative but this is the case for alcoholism and violence as well. Society chooses to discriminate against violence and alcoholism on the grounds that they are of harm to society. This is where the debate about homosexual marriage should be, and I suspect the homo’s would win on the basis it is hard to quantify any such harm. As a conservative the failure of homosexuals to take responsibility for their actions really pisses me off. They simply don’t need to hide behind the “no choice” line like they do. They should grow a pair and say “this is how I choose to live my life”.

  • Bruce

    If some believe homosexuality is a sexual orientation one is born with then why do the same people not believe one can be born with a tendency for paedophilia.

    • Lion_ess

      Because homosexuality is between 2 consenting adults AND pedophilia is between 1 adult and a kid who thinks they have to conform to what the adult requests!

      • Lion_ess

        For christ’s sake, someone gave me a “down” on this comment? Love to hear from you to understand what you don’t like about “homosexuality being between two consenting adults, and pedophilia being between 1 adult and a child.” Pray tell, bring it on.

        • alex

          Know how it feels: I got the same treatment making pretty much the same comment contemporaneously with you. This thumbs down thing is infantile.

          • Lion_ess

            True Alex? Could you point me to the comment – I don’t readily do thumbs down.

  • Lion_ess

    Gay or hetero, kids are not targets and that is where pedophile steps in. This guy Parker, is no different to Wilson, grooming kids and their families, that he is really a nice guy. Not. Parker is a creepy pedophile, won’t be rehabilitated and should keep Wilson and others like Wilson company in a dirty old man’s home. Locked in. Stop wasting public money on creeps like him and divert it to his victims to help them not become like him. For some reason, many pedophophiles have been victims of a pedophile. Political correctness steps in to help creeps like Parker/Wilson because society is being trained not to challenge anyone, in case it ‘s non PC. In my case, I had no particular perception about this guy Parker, then I saw him on tv with his little head and big ears, and I gained something from those pictures. A pathetic little creep with a giants ears, crying that he wasn’t really a monster. He is.

    • pukakidon

      Big ears eh! You might have something there, I remember Noddy used to sleep in the same bed as Big Ears, Do you think he was grooming Noddy fr some in appropriate pedo stuff? I thought they were just gay.

      • Lion_ess

        Absolutely he was .. lol. I guess my point is that I was not surprised by Parker’s appearance. Not suggesting big ears or small head equals pedo, just saying there was something rather pathetic about his look.

  • Bruce

    Lion_ess You did not address my point. I was not discussing the morality of the situation but rather what makes a person physically attracted to others of the same sex/children. While we correctly abhore paedophilia that does’t mean these people aren’t born with such desires in the same way many believe homosexuals are.

    • Lion_ess

      I think there is a difference between being attracted to same sex people of equal consenting rights, as opposed to being fascinated with children in a sexual way as an an adult. I don’t know whether pedophiles are born or created but clearly there is an abuse of trust going on. Children are bought up to do as their elders tell them, whether they are family, teachers, priests, et al. I do have first hand experience, and been victim to the modus operandi of a pedophile so can share only based on this. However, the cases I have read about and followed, have a very similar pattern.

    • Pokerface

      @Bruce – I guess, until a paedophile replies to this thread we will never know. The world is full of people with little or no control over their sexual urges. Adultery, one-night-stands, etc. How different is it for those considered “deviant”? Is a paedophile born or developed?

      • Lion_ess

        I guess there would be few who would admit to it, even to themselves. Like Wilson, claims he’s done nothing wrong. We don’t know what made Parker admit to the charges against him, but according to today’s reports, he has been engaged in suspect activities with boys for 16 years.

  • trisha

    “cold calculating selfish monster” + manipulating sex fiend, 2 faced arshole
    We nani’s are not fooled by the the “Oh I’m so sorry, I’m so bad ” wah wah he’s just sorry he got caught, He could have asked for help for his ‘sickness’ 3 years ago but he didn’t. LIAR
    our poor children from pampuria broadwood kia kaha,
    We tell our grandchildren NO one is to touch you except your doctor and your husband/wife and if any one tries it say NO and if it continues come tell the nearest adult. We must give our children the confidence to speak up about these creeps, I tell my boys if a girl says NO she means back away. all my 11 grandchildren are not shy about their person space and who can come into it. It’s not taboo to talk with honestly in our house about these issues, sometimes I read them a post from whaleoil , we don’t dwell on the bad stuff, just inform . The rest of the time its all love, respect and honest communication. my grand children are aged between 2 – 19 years if any one came near them I would be doing serious jail time .

    There are damaged people in the world who are going hurt children and will be happy to do it, that is a reality in these times and they come in allsorts of colours and sizes
    Teach our children how to protect themselves
    adults if you sense something not quite right
    it isn’t! don’t be shy , ask the questions.

    • Lion_ess

      Good post Trisha, don’t be shy – don’t be frightened to ask, offense is only likely to be shown if you are on to a trail

    • Lion_ess

      I had a guy living next door – 25 years of age, who was befriending my son who was 14. I invited him in, and he arrived (because he would) and asked him straight out if he was a pedophile or a drug dealer and why was he interested in 14 year old boys?

      • A-random-reader

        Perhaps your son is gay and you’re that only one that doesn’t know…

        • Lion_ess

          No, son is not gay. Kids are easily impressed by someone older, who has such things as disposable income, flash car, home gym, no obvious female on the scene, etc. One wonders, other than for an occasional catch-up, why a 25 year old male would be interested in 14-year old boys.

          • Random66

            True, maybe they are both gamers? What was the 25yr olds answer when you put it to him straight?

          • Lion_ess

            His face froze and then he advised he was not a pedophile. My objective was to let him know that the thought was across my mind. Interestingly, this guy “unfriended” these boys about 8 months later, saying something to them about people thinking he was a pedo.

          • Mark

            The fact that he did that is probably an indication that he wasn’t a pedo. Shame that a bloke who is genuinely friendly can be mistaken for a sicko. Tis a same but the way of the World unfortunately.

  • julz

    what a siik mut dogg

    • GregM

      Yo yeea he be uh sicko perv who wants yo’ sisters you know das right!