Nasty or Stupid?

I have long described Labour as the Nasty Party. Perhaps though they are also stupid.

A reader emails:

You keep saying that Labour are the nasty party.  I think they are also the stupid party.

Last Saturday they had an asset sales petition outside Countdown in Mt Wellington.  I did not want to sign the petition, so on the way into Countdown I walked at the far edge of the footpath away from them and didn’t make eye contact.  When I came out of Countdown they were not occupied with other people, so when I tried to avoid them by walking around them the man stepped in front of me and held a clipboard in
front of my chest so that I could not walk past.  When I said I disagreed with the petition and didn’t want to sign it the man shouted at me rudely, and the woman laughed in a condescending and belittling manner.

Since the were both wearing Labour Party rosettes, their rudeness leaves me with a negative impression of the Labour Party.

I just regret that at the time I didn’t think to tell them that I will most likely remember their rudeness when I next come to vote.

Another reader emails:

Hi Whaleoil

I was walking back home from Dick Smith on manners street in Wellington up Cuba street when I got hassled by some lefties. Mana and Ohariu people Power had set up an anti asset sales protest in the middle of Cuba mall, badgering people for signatures while they were going about their business. I was wearing a suit jacket for a friends twenty first later this evening, so when I walked past, two particularly ugly, nasty looking marxists began following me up the street.

They started shouting “capitalist pig” at me, then “oi capitalist cunt” then finally threatened to “fucking smack you piggy”, all the while following me up the street. Just because I was wearing a suit jacket. Just shows you what kind of civilized debate the left are willing to have.


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  • Travis Poulson

    Colonic Arsewiper will be creaming in his pants if he reads this, right up his alley. (pardon the pun)

  • pukakidon

    Yes I have seen these desperate Labour sycophants threatening people in a pub not long ago because they would not sign the petition. Two so called women (they use and hide behind women all the time) called a group of guys in suits rich scum. The staff quickly removed them after the patrons advised that if these women were allowed on the premises any longer they would leave and not be back. This was followed by clapping and cheers.

    This is the army of Colon wiper and his Labour nasties, they are less than 30% and getting smaller.

  • Dave

    Whale, i think you left out another option, Both Stupid and Nasty. Seems to fit very well.

    Maybe its time to have a few PRO Asset sales meetings. Middle NZ actually knows just how screwed Liebour left the country and exactly WHY the sales are needed. I suggest the name.

    Asset sales, a Picnic in the park. Come & support the future of your country. No unions or lefties permitted, although they would all turn up to disrupt a peaceful day out.

    • ZOLTAN

      YES. Have been so tempted to get a few carloads of the rational-thinking majority of NZ students, name ourselves ‘NO YOU ARE NOT THE UNIVERSITY’ and go create mischief at the rent-a-bludger demonstrations those losers hold in Auckland.

  • Troy

    Bludgers will always complain and protest when they feel that their own money (that comes from the taxpayer) is going elsewhere – their culture of dependancy forces them into action, without state support they don’t get to sleep in the morning nor spend their days on the side of a road protesting. I relish scoffing at their stupidity.

  • owl

    This behaviour needs to be sent to the authority in charge of receiving the petition. if it was deemed intimation were used to get one single vote then the petition can not be received. Statutory fact! Suggest the author writes to the speaker of the house to get the correct ministry to toward your complaint.

    • owl

      Sorry not intimation……just try demand by menace

  • Grizz30

    This is one of the reasons why Labour is failing to connect with “Waitakere Man”, The middle class or the population at large. When you disagree with them or show evidence of excellence through self sacrifice and achievement they hate you and get nasty.

  • Whafe

    Am not surprised at all. What makes them even more STUPID & NASTY is that they are not even realising that they are going backwards at an alarming rate…. This my friends makes them dumber than STUPID…

    I too have been looked down on for not wishing to sign their pathetic petition. It is amazing that they don’t have the respect to accept that I don’t share their opinion and don’t wish to sign their petition…. Fucks me right off… Maybe I should speak to them the way in which they look down on me?

  • Will

    If only the govt could sell the Labour party as well. You wouldn’t’ get much for them though.

  • Scanner

    I recently attended a EPMU union meeting (because I had to), which turned out be yet another half an hour of some fat wanker blowing smoke up our collective arses.
    The interesting thing was the notice placed by the union on the notice board the day before stating that if union members didn’t sign on at the meeting members wouldn’t be paid for attending, I joined the line to sign and when my turn arrived I was presented with the petition opposing asset sales, I duly told the presenter to fuck off, that this was a con and selling the assets was the best thing that could happen, I left as did most of the others behind me.
    It’s a small thing but this seems to be the sort of lying bullshit the union movement seems comfortable with.

  • Cadwallader

    Stupidly nasty or nastily stupid? Who cares? Labour is rooted for years to come. The truth is these losers wouldn’t know an asset from a liability anyway!

    • Dave

      Cadwallader – well said, they are all liabilities, most of their members are net beneficiaries, and the leaders are net receivers of Government and others funds. Either way, both Liebour’s members and leaders are liabilities.