Never bring a steel pipe to a…

Nothing calms down a bit of road rage like a gun…


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  • Rodger T

    Awesome ,
    Here is a bit of humour from the Norwegian Army on how not to deploy a flashbang,

  • motorizer


  • baw

    And this guy had a video camera in his car. I would like to know if the guy with the pipe complained to the cops. One look at this video and he would be in hot water.

  • MrV

    All very well, but the logical reaction from Mr Steel Bar weilding idiot is “I need to buy a gun”.
    Are the laws good enough to prevent such an idiot from obtaining one?

  • Muzza

    Took the spring right out of his step didn’t it!

  • Get a grip

    Armed robbery eh? Stole the guys pipe……

  • Greg


  • Rodger T