No Right Turn on Labour’s pains

No Right Turn

Malcolm Harbrow has turned his back on labour. He blogs “Who cares about Labour?

Seriously. Its been clear for quite some time that Labour has given up, and that it is not interested in offering a real alternative policy direction from the government. They’ve taken the perfect opportunity presented by the financial crisis, and squandered it. Now all they are offering is a different management team, pursuing the same old policies as National: cuts, shrinking the state, and beneficiary-bashing. It is simply sickening. And as we’ve seen in the UK, it’s also a losing strategy. People won’t turn out to vote for a “choice” between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. They’ll simply give up on politics instead, rather than grant legitimacy to people who do not represent them.

Why would anyone support such a party? Why would anyone get up in the morning to volunteer to knock on doors or leaflet for them? Quite apart from being utterly uninspiring, there’s also the blunt fact that any good work you do will be undermined within a week by the clowns in caucus sniping at one another. Party activism is a two-way street – and the Labour caucus is not keeping up its end of the bargain.

Basically, Labour is so far gone, and so uninterested in reforming itself, that I have stopped caring. There are a lot of good people in the party, but institutionally it is a waste of political space. Fortunately, we have MMP, and so we have alternatives (and, if the Electoral Commission recommends lowering the undemocratic threshold, we will hopefully have more). But its still a tragedy for the overall left in NZ that its major party has sunk to such a state.


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  • le sphincter

    Well welll…someone who couldnt get elected to class monitor is now an expert on getting into government.

    Funny he doesnt seem to notice the Maori Party dumped Harawira and the Greens shouldered aside both Keith Locke and Sue Bradford.

  • Andrewo

    What he has yet to realise is that Socialism is dead. It is a failed 20th century concept which is unaffordable in today’s economic battleground.

    He doesn’t like Labour today because it is not truly Socialist anymore. And Labour is struggling in the polls because it knows Socialism doesn’t work but doesn’t know what else to offer the public. It’s union backing is gone (over half of union members are teachers and most of the rest ae PSA members)

    The True Left – resides in the Greens, God help us!

  • 2ndAmendment

    There are a lot of good people in the party

    no. there aren’t. There are communists and socialists and social democratics and trotskyites and Bolsheviks and Mensheviks.

    But none of them are “good”.   Frankly most of the don’t even count as “people”.

  • Mediaan

    After nine years of being told it was very naughty not to vote Labour, people woke up one day and realised they were empty heads. Then they saw blue signs on fences that kindly explained they were, for one glorious day, ALLOWED not to vote for Labour.

    Wow! Liberty.

    It seemed almost wicked to think of it at first. But the signs were still there the next week, and the next.

    Slowly, slowly, people lifted their noses and sniffed the glorious fresh air of a new spring day…