Obsession with wind power costs big time

Daily Mail

Pretty much anything the Greens tout costs you money…big money. Take wind farms, they are becoming a millstone around Britain’s neck:

Britain’s ‘obsession’ with wind farms will push up family electricity bills by more than £300 a year, a report claimed today.

The Government’s green energy plans for the next eight years are a £124billion ‘blunder’ that will hit every UK household, a senior British economist has also said.

In a stark warning Professor Gordon Hughes, who has produced a study on how wind energy will hit energy costs, said that British consumers simply cannot afford to subsidise wind power.

Prof Hughes is one of the UK’s leading energy economists and works at the prestigious University of Edinburgh. He was also a senior adviser on energy and environmental policy at the World Bank.

By 2020 average electricity bills will be around 58 per cent higher – a £320 increase – just because of the flood of wind turbines planned for Britains’s coastlines, fields and seas, he said.

Completing the gloomy picture, Professor Hughes believes for all the huge investment in wind farms Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions may not even fall.


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  • Caleb

    So why the fuck are we still building them here..

    • Karl

      Umm .. coz they have never been subsidised here like they have been in Europe

  • Cows4me

    Hardly news. The western world has been hijacked by the lunatic left and  good old fashion common sense is no longer relevant. The poms get what they deserve, even the common riff raff on the street realises that wind power is a crock of shit. Seems spineless politicians will make the wrong choices when faced by the vocal bullshitters of the Green minorities. Of course we are no different. Wind power is an expensive folly with many in power to gutless to say so, it’s another, the emperor has no cloths, moment. 

  • tarkwin

    If you drive around the north coast of Wales you damn near trip over them – they’re everywhere, which seems a bit pointless when there’s a nuclear power station just down the road at Anglesea.

  • Anonymous

    But wind power in the UK is not directly comparable to wind power in NZ.  

    Most places in the UK are marginal for wind power, but the Government offers lucrative feed in tariffs to wind generators.  Basically the Government guarantees the wind farm owner big revenues.  So yes, not surprisingly there’s a flood of turbines being installed.  And it’s going to cost the UK taxpayer a poultice.

    Most places in NZ are excellent for wind (it’s called the Roaring 40’s for a reason).  And the Government pays no subsidy at all to the wind operators.  And they’re economic here without needing a Government subsidy.

    So this story from the Daily Mail is very true … for the UK.  And absolutely irrelevant for NZ.  

  • Rockyr

    As i understand it,power produced from a non renewable source has an effective tariff to pay by having to purchase Carbon Credits for each ton of carbon emitted placing those producers at a disadvantage to those producing power from hydro and wind. The wind power could be more expensive to produce than that from coal /gas/etc but not having to purchase carbon credits makes them economic