Oh dear Lord

The shame of this…is that she is a Kiwi:

Wing Han Tsang (Chinese: 曾咏韓; pinyin: Zēng Yǒnghán; b. 1960), popularly known simply as Wing, is a New Zealand singer of Hong Kong origin. She is known for her unique, offbeat, out of tune, singing style.

Having taken up singing as a hobby after immigrating to New Zealand, Wing gained an audience by entertaining patients at nursing homes and hospitals in and around Auckland. This prompted suggestions that she release a CD; the result was a debut titled Phantom of the Opera, featuring the title song from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, and a selection of other popular tunes to the accompaniment of a programmed electronic keyboard.

Despite her unconventional style the recording proved a success, leading to a number of subsequent releases of cover versions that eventually gained her an international audience.

She has appeared on such shows as SportsCafe and Rove Live. She guest starred on South Park in an episode named for her that was first broadcast in March 2005. On the DVD commentary for this episode, series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone explain that she had to approve her cartoon likeness before allowing her music to be used. Parker also says he received a letter of thanks from her for the sales boost she enjoyed as a result of the episode.


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  • ConwayCaptain


  • NoVictim

    She does the best rendition of “Like A Wirgin” I have ever heard!!

  • Rodger T

    This clown makes that yank sheila sound like Celine Dion.

  • Mitch82

    Cam, change your approach. Start singing her praises, we’ll join in and try make it a story, get it to go viral, so the Aussies ‘claim’ her.

    Problem solved.

  • Mediaan

    She’s a whole lot more fun to listen to than Frank Sinatra in hs latter thirty years.
    I think there’s a sincerity about it.
    Good for her, taking on an alien culture and confronting it head on. A lot of migrant women would feel depressed and go on pills or something. Anyone can be anything they want in NZ.