Oh Look The Left Has A New Website

Bernard Hickey has created his own sort of buzz for his new website www.journalism.org.nz

Hickey is taking his begging bowl out to the public to pay for his news. After one day he has wowed only 99 people in the public to  lift their fingers to a mouse.  It will be a long road to get them to part with their credit card details.

Here is where I stopped and had a moment of reflection. I always thought Hickey was at least the majority owners of interest.co.nz.  Apparently not. The company that trades as the website is wholly owned by businessman David Chaston.  The NBR claims it has “the whole story” but they’ve stopped short of saying the obvious that the Whale can.

Weasel words for – the sponsor is p*****, this will smooth it over.

So here we have Bernard Hickey slaving away as a serf for how many years building and fronting interest.co.nz past its inception as an interest rate site, writing about business, making prediction and comments about the suitability of others to run businesses and all the time since 2008 he never had an equity interest? What?

And now Hickey appears to us all to have chucked his toys out of the closet, what do we make of interest.co.nz?

I have had whispers around publishers that the alleged asking price is $2-3.5 million as a tyre-kicker expression of “interest”.  Based on what valuation model I do not know so I cannot for the life of me work that one out.  It looks from the outside like the company did not even have a restraint of trade on their front person.

Hickey said in his Red Radio uninterrupted advertisement interview that he has had “long chats” with Russell Brown (is there any other kind?) and Selwyn Pellett was providing  “logistical support around technology needed to produce this and legal issues”.  Which are weasel words for – Pellett is Bernard’s new boss.  Where Pellett goes we know Labour goes.  He even sits as a “critical friend” on their review committee and even called loudly for Goff’s head to be rolled when Labour could actually have done so. Pellett is not so much a major funder of Labour (yet) but a major mouthpiece pushing for policy direction to help himself primarily under the general guise of “exporting” and of course more corporate welfare.

Hickey and Pellett have teamed up for the Productive Economic Council and the secret handshake Fabian Society (the website had disappeared as I compiled this post). It is all a bit obvious really.

This new website is a vehicle for the left.  Perhaps terminally slow paying Scoop and Russell Brown are going to join forces for a one stop SuperBlog of whining high-pitched left-wing c*** calling for higher taxes and a left-wing government while “exposing” the evils of big business all the while link whoring off them.  Martyn Bradbury should be free to join in the fun too if real estate sales slow down due to this whole “housing affordability” crisis.

The wonderful thing about journalists, and what I actually enjoy about them is their bitchiness and vigour  in protecting their turf.  You have to handle them I have found rather niiii……cely and in a co-operative fashion.  Within hours of the announcement by Hickey, I had half a dozen tips about the new operation and what has happened at interest.co.nz.  In public they are all patting Hickey on the back.  True to her normal form, Fran O’Sullivan is one of the only old school journalists honest enough to front in discussion groups defending Hickey’s attack on journalism in a form of attack of her own.

Hickey thinks it will be all fun and games and “nice guys” but he may find that the NZ Herald is not too keen on his new venture.  Why give Hickey a high profile column and free-reign to build his profile when you are launching your own new tabloid format that Hickey has directly attacked and you have your own investigative reporters and business section?

We aim to gather a group of supporters able to fund, build and flesh out a community of journalists and the platform they need to report, analyse and publish the news that matters. That means investigative, probing, enterprising and explanatory journalism, rather than celebrity-driven churnalism and PR.

New Zealand needs a strong and vibrant fourth estate that challenges, probes, questions and holds to account those people, institutions and forces that affect the lives of all New Zealanders.

The Whale’s advice to anyone thinking of getting involved in writing for this new venture is pretty simple – do not make the same mistake Bernard has made since 2008.

Hickey is planning to promote both his and Pellett’s anti foreign-ownership, pro-corporate welfare, financial doomsday, pro-tax reform and pro-Labour/Union stories.

At least get paid properly.


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  • Sadface

    Sigh. See before reading this post I had only heard of your ignorance. Having read one of your articles those rumors were confirmed many times over. You have so many “facts” wrong. Stop being so angry and get a real life. A little health will go a long way.

    • Gazzaw

      Sigh……. & what specifically is your beef Sadface? Spell out the ‘facts’ that are wrong. You need to be specific here.

    • Whafe

      Are you le PooHole the 2nd?

    • Guest

      So you will be contributing to this citizen journo wankfest of Hickeydom?
      And the NBR got it wrong too?

    • pukakidon

      Your problem is, you are trying to sell a product to people who would rather spend their money on booze, ciggies and gambling. Good luck business buffoon.

  • Gazzaw

    I wonder if this development will now ensure that a rider is placed at the foot of Hickey’s Horrid column proclaiming his labour bias.

  • le sphincter

    Editor in Chief sounds good to me ..maybe he had a mortgage to serve so was happy to be a ‘serf’.
    Apparently John Key has a website too ! Rumour has it that it too has outside backers.!
    Quelle horreur.!
    Some rumours even say the tip line is well used by back room elves at the National Party research unit and ministers offices.
    Mon dieu !

  • cows4me

    Sounds a lot like the bs surrounding the Facebook float (sink). Do they honestly think people will pay to read lefty crap. The Left doesn’t pay, these clowns should know this, the left takes.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    I always thought a ‘hickey’ was a small pustular irritation. Seems I was not wrong.

  • Jman

    Since that poll didn’t have an option of $0 dollars per year I didn’t vote. Seems an odd thing to omit.