Pagani on Welfare Reform

I’m starting to get the picture that Josie Pagani is somewhat to the right of Nikki Kaye and could happily co-exist in the National party with other wets. The hard left of Labour though will likely be calling for her continued persecution for speaking sensibly on things like welfare reform.

Someone on the internet says I’m a “post-modernist twit”. How would you text that insult? “U po mo”? I’ve also become an “ism”; Pagani-ism. I’d rather be a “nomics”. Do I have to destroy an economy to be known for Pagani-nomics? Those insults appeared on left-wing blogs after I defended Labour leader David Shearer when he said, and I paraphrase: “Someone who shouldn’t be on the dole shouldn’t be on the dole.” The political left needs to argue a principled case for welfare reform. People have a right to be looked after when they can’t provide for themselves, yet today if you are on a benefit, you live in poverty. You get stuck.

I’ve lived in a family where joining a gang was a way to make something of yourself. But by equating any reform with beneficiary bashing, the left has allowed the expression “welfare reform” to be owned by people who neither believe in welfare nor want to see it last another century. Postmodern Pagani-nomics stresses respect for responsibilities as well as rights.

I can hear the tumbrils rolling down the streets at The Standard Lynn Prentice’s Hate Blog now.

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  • 2ndAmendment

    the expression “welfare reform” to be owned by people who neither believe in welfare nor want to see it last another century.

    Hell yeah. In fact we don’t want to see it last another decade, another year, another month, another week, or another day!

    Welfare; health; education = communism.

    Communism was supposed to end in the 1990s – and it did in most of the world! But in so-called “Western” Europe, it’s still here.

    • Realist

      ***Welfare; health; education = communism. ***
      Welfare is appropriate to avoid the kind of homelessness and squalor you get in third world countries. However, as its UK architect Sir William Beveridge noted, those who were dependent on it should not be having children.
      Until it is linked to contraception it will expand and eventually be unsustainable.

      • Engineer

        Well said. Perhaps it should be fully linked to not taking illegal drugs as well.

    • Alex

      Your habit of intoning “communism” every post is tiresome. Reminds me of someone I shan’t name who used to scream “Marxism!” at everything he disagreed with.

      I’ve no problem a welfare system — looking after those who can’t work through no fault of their own is right, and giving short term relief for those who lose their jobs is desirable. However, a social welfare system will only work in a society where self-responsibility and independence is expected to be shown by everyone.

      That expectation has been eroded by election bribes by both National and Labour, and by this pseudo-market talk taken up by government departments — ie, that people are “clients”, that are being offered “products and services” that will enable them to access “their entitlements”.

      Welfare is charity — it is paid by someone else, it is not a “right” and it is the government’s role to determine who is sufficiently deserving to receive it.

      But to return to the post topic: Shearer’s problems are good news for National. Whatever the veracity of Rufus Paynter, Shearer was saying the very message Labour needs to convey in order to win back the west Auckland seats. The howling from the Left is going to reinforce the public’s view that Labour cares only for the beneficiaries.

      What I can’t understand is why Labour, which makes a song and dance about the welfare state being its creation, aren’t more agile in government in promoting welfare reform. If they were to do this, then they would take away much of National’s election year steam.

  • cows4me

    The political left would cease to exist without welfare.Why the hell would they want reform? The left need the needy, they sell their votes for bargain basement prices..

    • blazer

      it seems to have escaped you that big business/the banks have been on welfare support since 2008.

  • Johnboy

    When Lynn(ette) gets older and his/her dreams come to pass will he/she sit in the Place De La Aotearoa with his/her knitting and cheer each capitalist head that falls into the basket?