Kaitaia’s Kiddie fiddler: ERO and the Police letter

Radio NZ reports:

ERO chief review officer Graham Stoop told Morning Report that the office would expect a school to bring a matter such as this to its attention, but there is no evidence that Pamapuria School’s board of trustees did so.

Stoop might want to re-check with those who did reviews of Pamapuria school.  Is it true that ERO knew about the Police letter and had copies of in-committee/in-confidence minutes from when the matter with Parker was originally brought up?  And despite all that, why did ERO reviewers then give positive reviews of the school, and of the Deputy Principal – Parker?

The text of the letter from the Police to the Board of Trustees (in 2009) includes:

“in my view, it is clearly inappropriate for a school teacher to invite school children to their residence outside of school hours and having them sleeping over and I would suggest that this practice must stop immediately and protocols be initiated to stop this from occurring in the future.  Given that Mr Parker holds the position of Deputy Principal I believe that this is highly unprofessional and has obviously called Mr Parker’s reputation into question in this instance.  “

And while we are at it.  What is Parker’s lawyer thinking suggesting that Parker’s offending was “no suggestion of violence”.  It was repeat sexual abuse.  Sexual abuse is violence.  End of story.


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  • There you go Whale, not only Catholic hierachy and priests into it, it seems.

    • Ronnie Chow

      Your point ? You can only climb one mountain at a time , Bob . Unlike most Catholic abusers , this guy will be tried in court . Let’s see if he get’s a longer sentence than the tax accountants defrauding the IRD . ( 8 and 8.5 years)

      • Gazzaw

        Correction Ronnie, he won’t get to have a public trial. He’s pleaded guilty so it’s all over & as a result will no doubt get a lighter sentence from whatever liberal judge sentences him. God forbid, if Parker made people laugh he might get off with HD!

        Whafe is right, there is a lot of buckpassing to go and our bureaucrats are absolute masters of the art. No one will take the blame for this. The greens will probably get their way though & secure a public enquiry.

      • Ronnie I seem to recall that there have been some Catholic priests and brothers that have tried and jail for sexual abuse. The Church now has a protocol for dealing with accusations of abuse and as far as I know it is being adhered to. Can the teachers’ unions say the same thing?

    • Bob

      Agreed BM. I’m no Catholic but I’m sick of Whale banging on about pedo priests. Kiddy fiddlers are in all walks of life and we need to be constantly vigilant for the safety of our children.

  • LesterPK

    As a recent BoT member who had an ERO review about 2yrs ago, the reviewers would definitely have read the minutes and any in-comittee minutes. They did at our school.

  • Whafe

    And the cover ups and bullshitting start, and will snowball and get worse… If the police say hey people, it is un professional to have students satying over night at this kiddie fiddlers house…. Was it actioned? if not why?
    Kaitaia is an initeresting place, some great people up there, if I was this kiddie fiddler, best he doesn’t show is face in Kaitaia again.
    Hey Bob, since when has Cam stated that only catholic priests are kiddie fiddlers, never hey, yeah thats right never……

  • insider

    ERO are just auditors not mind readers. If there is nothing on record they can’t be expected to imagine and then find it.
    I suspect the story behind this is that this is a decile 2 school in a professionally unattractive part of the country. This guy probably had a bit of ‘charisma’ and the school desperately wanted to keep him because it would be hard to attract a quality teacher, so blinded itself to anything that suggested he wasn’t kosher.

  • G-Nana

    If only we could have “special” sentencing for these “special” crimes. Torture, little skin peeling while been draged at the back of a truck through the town centre. 1000 razor blade cuts and make him bleed to death slowly….mm.

  • The board and teachers were a bunch of daft wankers who closed rank to protect one of their own. They didn’t disclose the letter and that is complicit behaviour. The downside of organisations is that the protection of the collective trumps common sense. And this is why unions suck balls.

  • Rodger T

    Maybe we can send Parker to do his time in Tonga,they`ll kill you for having a beer there, fuck knows what they would do to a paedophile.

  • Callum

    Looks like the Teachers Council will need to do some serious arse covering –