People are Stupid, Ctd

The Telegraph

I really struggle to understand why people feel compelled to tweet all sorts of the things that they do. I love it that politicians do though, it gives me great mirth.

But people who presumably are smart do really dumb things:

Dr Lucy Dawson, accused of swindling £30,000 in sick pay from the NHS, was exposed by her former lover after she boasted on Twitter about earning “megabucks” by moonlighting, a court hears.

Dr Lucy Dawson, 45, allegedly tweeted that she was getting “a stupid amount of dosh” and earning “megabucks” by working elsewhere while on sick leave from her hospital. She was reported to the NHS fraud hotline by her boss, Dr Nick Jenkins, after their 13-year affair ended “acrimoniously”, a court heard.

It is alleged that Dr Dawson was working at other hospitals while on sick leave from an accident and emergency unit of Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport, South Wales, where she worked with Dr Jenkins, 56. In one of Dr Dawson’s tweets she allegedly wrote that her way of life was “night shift Monday, debauchery Tuesday” after getting her extra pay.

But the wife of her former lover, Marianne Jenkins, 43, spotted the tweets and “flagged them” up to her husband.


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  • le sphincter

    I was thinking about the reluctance of Lockie to release the names of outsiders who have parliament swipe cards. When he did give a list out  of about a dozen,  Farrar immediately said there are heaps more , presumably  including his good self.

    Then I thought, some Mps are notorious philanders and their current partners would see certain names as  having amorous reasons for  being in Parliament buildings.

    So it seems the real reasons for keeping the full list of  names secret is that paramours  want to work in secret.

    • Mediaan

      People who are in and out of the Parliament building a lot. Why would a responsible person feel the need to publicise their names? Maybe some would have security connections. Cleaners? Police? Emergency responders? Fire chiefs? Who knows.

      Idiot idea, trying to get a list.

      Constitutes, in itself, a security breach. Invites thugs and troublemakers and damned nuisances to try to use the cards or acquire their own. One Mayor on the list and every tinpot Mayor would be outraged he/she didn’t get one.

      Sphincter, get a sex life and you won’t feel the need to fantasise like this.

  • thor42

    Agreed, WO. I’m not on any of the social networks – Twitter, Facebook or anything else. Good old email and phone calls are more than good enough for me.