Pity C&R are too useless to adopt this policy

Ever since the big launch of the new gay branding of C7R they have disappeared without trace. They would certainly never consider adopting policies like these though:

THE Liberal Party has pledged to cut City of Sydney council rates by 10 per cent as candidates for the job of Sydney’s lord mayor step up their appeals to voters ahead of the September 8 local government elections.

The federal Member for Wentworth, Malcolm Turnbull, yesterday joined the lord mayoral candidate Edward Mandla for the announcement – a centrepiece of the party’s pitch to wrest control of Sydney from the independent Clover Moore, who is running for her third term in the top job.

”It will appeal to every ratepayer, every resident, every business in the City of Sydney,” Mr Turnbull said.

”The city is building up an enormous cash hoard, it’s gigantic. It can well afford to cut the rates by 10 per cent.”

Another group campaigning to topple Cr Moore – Living Sydney, led by Angela Vithoulkas – wants to make bicycle registration compulsory for all cyclists aged over 13.

It also wants to set up a system of compulsory third party personal injury insurance, similar to green slip insurance for cars, to apply to all cyclists on the city’s roads.

Ms Vithoulkas said she would use a ”citizens’ jury” of randomly selected residents and ratepayers to determine whether the cycleways should be pulled out.

Mr Mandla has pledged to immediately freeze plans to extend the cycleways pending a cost-benefit study.

He said yesterday that by cutting back on ”nutty capital expenditure” council would ”end up with more cash in the bank at the end of four years than we have now”.

If elected, a Liberal council would reduce council operating costs by a net of 5 per cent and cut capital spending by $250 million following an immediate audit of council spending.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/liberals-would-cut-sydney-rates-by-10-says-turnbull-20120817-24dxg.html#ixzz23r25MnXN


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  • Rebecca

    O give me a Mayor who promises to cut waste and stop the half-witted cycle boxes! Many of us watched as a cycle box was put in blocking a driveway in Remuera that was also diverted to make traffic lights easier but without the notified consent that is required by law because the driveway is right on a major intersection. The initial cycle box position made it impossible for residents to exit legally to go to work so rather than sacrificing the cycle box the apparatchiks started moving it. Change after change then occurred trying to make a silk purse of a sow’s ear. Must have cost a fortune. At the end it was still illegal for residents to exit, but council doesn’t mind because nobody can criticize them for a badly positioned cycle box now. The irony is that on the rare occasion when a cyclist actually come down the street in question, they ignore the cycle box and move forward in the keep clear area! So why was all this done? Apparently it was all for a cycle box because all the other claimed justifications turned out to be false and the justification given when it was presented for approval, safety, was completely without substance. Or perhaps it was done to support the new bus lanes… that no longer exist. Affected residents did try to get C&R people involved but that was a waste of time too. Ask Rodney Hide, he was the local MP who got involved as well. When he was campaigning Rodney used to stand across the road with his signs and supporters looking at this masterpiece, shaking his head to see dopey change after change as Council tried to shore up its misconceived illegal boondoggle. Would be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that these people are custodians of our rates and keep increasing them.

  • cows4me

    What a 10% rate cut.? Not possible unless they have obtained a small tactical nuclear device and the full council is having their annual piss up.

  • A-random-reader

    What on earth is compulsory bicycle registration meant to achieve? Creating extra layers of bureaucracy is never a good idea.

    • Marc Williams

      What it will achieve is accountability for the percentage of cyclists who apparently think they are immune from complying with the road laws which apply to others. At the moment, when apprehended, a false name and arrogant attitude guarantees there are no consequences. By the way, I have no problem with cyclists refusing to wear a helmet – as long as they sign a waiver agreeing that any medical costs as a result of any resulting head injury is not borne by the long suffering ACC funders or health system taxpayers.
      With modern IT practices, it would be easy to provide a registration system for cyclists for less than $20.00 per year, so I don’t think cost should come into it.