Police pay sets the benchmark

The country is screwed financially at the moment and the government can’t afford to outrageous pay increases.  That’s why the police pay agreement overseen by Tolley of 0 %, 1% and 1% over the next three years is so important.

It serves as a message to other public servants, including the rabid teachers, that that is the new benchmark and it would be incredibly stupid to ask for more.

Kudos to the cops for being realistic, and for thinking about Joe Public out there getting bugger all wage increases. This will go down well with the public.

What’s the chance that that the scum teachers’ unions will realise it is bad PR to try and hold the country to ransom?


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  • Why is Faafoi jumping up and down, when Marshall said the agreement was ”fair and reasonable in the current economic climate.” and Police Association president Greg O’Connor said police were ”pragmatists.” ”It reflects the time we are in and what is happening in our industry.”
    Liebour are scrambling for any foot hold and missing the point once again.

    • Phar Lap

      Faafoi,just another TVNZ Lie-bour drop kick ,parachuted into the safe Porirua area seat.Lets hear what he is going to do with his own constitutents in that area.The way i hear it he is so usless as an MP ,he is running around trying to justify his own existence.At the moment on a scale of ten being the best.He is a Two only because i have never seen a One.He is out of his depth as an MP ,and should be replaced by say a real MP looking after the Porirua electors.

      • Gazzaw

        Faafoi is as out of his depth as his ex TVNZ dropkick colleague Mold.

        • Phar Lap

          Which proves the allegations.TVNZ is full of Lie-bour Party cocksuckers.Indicts the Six oclock political news is edited by Lie-bour Losers.Wonder how many of that lot of Psycho rats will jump ship and head for a cushy job in the Lie -bour ranks.Maybe it is not a good time to do so ,with all the schisms and heresies ,and malice going on between Shearer and his back stabbing lieutenants

  • le sphincter

    So I suppose performance pay has been put in the the too hard basket. Thanks to the Police Union.
    And I suppose any cops charged with crimes will still be put on leave with pay, thanks to the Police union.No trimming of constables on $100k per year, thanks to the police union

    Didnt you say performance pay was the sine qua non of public servants pay scales…I guess not this time.

    • Callum

      You do realise that innocent until proven guilty applies to the police as well as the rest of the country? It will never be possible to fire a police officer for committing a crime until you PROVE they are guilty. And since the employer is CHOOSING not to let them work (the right choice of course to maintain public confidence) they have to continue to pay them. It is an unfortunate fact of life but there is no reasonable or legal way around it.

      • 2ndAmendment

        Of course there is. Just legislate so all union members are guilty.

        Problem solved.

    • pukakdon

      Faafoi is another one of those do as I say not as I do Liabour arse wipes, so I would not take much notice of him. When people are homeless his parents take up a four bedroom state house just for themselves.

      If you are a Liabour supporter of course the Statehouse belongs to you for life, bloody hypocrites.

    • Tamati

      How do you gauge a cops performance? By how many tickets he hands out…by how many warnings he gives… by how many murderers he locks up???

      • 2ndAmendment

        By how many crims he (or she) kills. Simple.

  • cows4me

    I know in our local area things are very quite on the business front. Been a dairy farmer I have put away the cheque book and only spend on essentials now as the payout continues to fall. Many of my fallow farmers are taking the same approach. Now I’m not saying the dairy industry is the be all and end all but it will impact on the tax take. I think the whole civil service should take stock and realise the bank account is way in overdraft and they would do well to keep their heads down. I note the Queensland state government is to lay off 25,000 civil servants this week, so even the lucky countries luck looks like it’s turning .

  • rockyr

    I think the Police Union realised that any wage increase could only be at the expense of staff numbers or equipment. They made the right choice in everyones interest..

  • 2ndAmendment

    It may be a benchmark but it’s far to high for the teachers.

    How about: -30%, -30%, -30% for all unionized teachers at non-“partnership” schools.

    When they threaten to strike, pass the laws that should have been passed many years ago making teachers’ strikes illegal.

    When they strike, and then send in the STG with orders to make up for Urewera.

    • Teachersrock

      Wow you are a fool.

      I can see from your comment you have no idea what teachers do, or how much work is involved, let alone how amazing kiwi teachers are when compared around the world.

      You should be on your knees praising kiwi teachers as opposed to attacking them because of your one eyed politically driven dumbarse views.

      • Sarrs

        ‘You should be on your knees praising kiwi teachers…’
        Oh that is funny…I’m not even 10 years out of high school and I could name 80% of the staff from my old school who are still ‘phoning it in’ and haven’t motivated anything other than the desire for a nap in their whole teaching careers. What a wonderland you must live in.

        • Teachersrock

          Well it is clear by your post you can read and write. So make sure you say thankyou to a teacher for having those skills Sarrs.

          • nzd.gbp

            we did say thankyou. we paid them.

      • parorchestia

        I do know what teachers do. I was one and my first wife was a teacher. What a cushy number. Home at 4. Long holidays. Yet she received rapid promotion for her “conscientiousness”. And I know a number of teachers who thought they were overworked, so they took up jobs outside, and found the truth – teaching is a cushy number. They made a beeline back to the coddled profession.
        Tertiary teaching is different as they have to keep up-to-date in difficult subjects and to advance their calling by research.

  • RightOfGenghis

    Cheers le pleasure hole. My daughter polices the mean streets of South Auckland. At 22 she’s already seen more shit than you will in a lifetime of bludging. She will be pleased to hear her pay is almost twice what it appears to be. I’ll give her the good news!

    • 2ndAmendment

      All the more reason to do what Colin Craig says: give police the arms they need to do the job and the laws to let them do it!

      Police in South Auckland are more likely to be injured than the SAS in Afghanistan.

      The SAS get machine pistols and grenades: why not the cops?

      • Teachersrock

        Only an idiot sees guns as the answer.

        • Karlos

          Only an idiot thinks that all teachers in NZ are world class and don’t need to be measured to weed out the incompetent ones

          • Teachersrock

            I never said that we don’t have a few bum ones. However nothing like the lies the right tells. And teachers are already measured and assessed. I see you are another fool who has swallowed Nationals lies.

          • pukakdon

            NO you are wrong you have got a few good ones the majority are useless.

          • Teachersrock

            What an out right lie Pukakdon. 100% bullshit lie. We have one of the best education systems in the world when compared with others. We have some of the hardest/longest working teachers in the world when compared with other countries.

            It is grade A fools like you who try to destroy the future of kids by your bullshit ideological non evidenced based nonsense. But no doubt, despite alllll the PROOF to the contrary, you and your kind will lie lie lie.

          • 2ndAmendment

            You don’t get it. State schools inculcate socialism. The #1 lesson Kiwi kids learn at school is that other peoples’ taxes give you stuff for free and the #2 lesson kids learn is that unions are good. And kids learn this whether or not any teacher ever explicitly “teaches” them anything – they learn by looking and seeing.

            Same with GP visits. Same with hospitals. Same with libraries. Same with Pools. Same with school busses and vaccinations and all the rest of the “free” stuff NZ gives kids.

            And that’s what needs to stop – and that’s why unions and state schools need to be wiped out of NZ.

          • Teachersrock

            Good lord you are an idiot. You would see NZ in ruins all so you could save a buck for yourself.

            You understand that YOU YOURSELF get shit loads of stuff through taxes. YOU YOURSELF get access to hospitals, roads, police to protect you etc…

            More over public schools educate children, who then grow up, get jobs and pay taxes, thus paying back to the system that gave them an education. So in reality, no one gets a free education, just a delay in the payments.

            What you are spouting is just plain claptrap. Hell even the private schools get tax payer money. You sir are an A Grade nutter.

          • parorchestia

            Much of this is due to our early starting age. The most quoted comparison is of 8 year olds with 3 years schooling in NZ, but only 1 in other countries. No wonder we come out well. In other comparisons of older children in maths and science we don’t do
            so well. The other countries have had a chance to catch up.
            And we have a very large tail of under-achievers who leave school functionally illiterate. Maoris, in particular, have been badly served by the present system. Partnership schools may give them a chance to offer a better system for their children. Bring it on. The new system can’t be any worse for Maori than the present one. (And I’m not Maori in case you are wondering.)

          • Get a Grip

            Can you provide a link (PROOF) to some research that show that please. Wouldn’t like to think that apples & pears are being compared as the same fruit

          • pukakidon

            A polished turd is still a turd, just shiny on top. Just because the rest of the western world is heading down the same shit creek as we are just at a faster rate, does not make what is happening here good.

            You can gloss up the stats as much as you like but the proof is in the dickheads that are coming out of the schools. They are worse than ever.

          • RightOfGenghis

            Agreed. While TeachersRock appears to have a healthy command on condescension and abuse, what he/she forgets is that a parent will have interacted directly with perhaps 50 or more teachers over the course of his kids’ education and this experience has molded his view of them. My view, they are a very mixed bag. Bloggers are also parents. Go figure…

        • guest

          hmmm, sounds like you went through tcol when labour was in power…
          suppose you think bullies need to be talked to sternly in order to sort them out?

    • GregM

      @bea8eca9485014ad25da49641a555276:disqus , I’m with 2nd amendment on this one . Your daughter should have every tool available to her to allow her to do the job. Good on her for choosing such a worthwhile career, and thank you Miss R.O.G for keeping an eye on us and our property.
      Cheers, G.

      • TheRightOfGenghis

        Let me paint a picture with words. She’s first on the scene. While her partner waits in the lone patrol car, she takes a lonely walk down a right of way in the dark looking for the ‘alleged’ offender at a location well known to police. Her training, baton, taser and panic button are all she’s got. Seems a little one-sided to me

  • Guest

    The cops were fools to accept that. Given what they do they should have gone for 5-7%. We have money to burn when it comes to sports, roads we do not need, advisers for the PM, providing tax breaks for the rich… yet no money for the people who keep us safe?

    I encourage teachers, nurses, and anyone else working for the Government to demand 5-7% increase and to tell the Government to look to themselves for waste before denying others amazingly well deserved pay increases.

    • GregM

      Hello PSA person.
      Have the downtrodden workers increased productivity, performance or improved service and reduced costs?
      No? I thought not. Try again next year

    • parorchestia

      Sigh, the Government is trying to reassign expenditure into activities that offer a better return to society than the current pattern set by Labour’s of “see votes: buy votes.” This redistribution is very, very necessary. We are 46th in the GDP pc stakes in the general measures (26th in the OECD). Yeh Gods. We are sinking slowly in the West yet are too small to be noticed. It is panic time, you silly socialists who landed us in this mess.
      Private schools do not get anything like their taxes (GST) back in the per capita grant. Yet they easily out perform state schools in almost any measure you care to use. Surely these is a lesson there.
      We might argue whether or not the government is doing enough, but they have to work within the awful limits posed by our ridiculous voting and parliamentary systems.