Poor Martyn Feels Left Right Out

Martyn Bradbury makes this stunning revelation:

Before Shearer became leader, I and a few others would catch up with him every 2 months for a lunch and a chat and he was getting a far greater range of opinions, but that has stopped since he became leader. The last time I talked to Shearer was at the iPredict after party where his leadership was anointed.

On reflection, I should never have left that party early with him sitting next to Pagani and Hooton.

By two independent eye witness accounts at Matthew Hooton’s place that day David Shearer left “that party” very shortly after Martyn did.  Shearer appeared to be staggering sideways from opinionated wanker overload from  the ear bashing he was receiving from surely the lowest rating long-term TV & Radio host in New Zealand history who exists primarily from NZ on Air funding, and others.  Martyn is completely irrelevant because he has had more than a decade in mainstream media and cannot pull the ratings with either a youth or adult audience.

Shearer has not spoken to Martyn since. This does not surprise me at all since the best  advice Martyn can come up with is this:

Thankfully Labour have already put out feelers at the beginning of this week to left strategists so my hope is that they start listening now.

The solutions are bleedingly obvious, stop wasting precious time in the provinces and start creating the momentum online that feeds the mainstream media.

I will blog more on this later.



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  • Mully

    Should we run a sweep on who was paying for Martyn’s lunch with Captain Invisable?
    He wouldn’t have time for sitting about having lunch now anyway, would he? What with his thriving media career (*ahem*) and his real estate business taking off.

  • Gazzaw

    Must be one of the few positive moves initiated by Shearer since taking over as leader.
    Memo to PA: Remove that tosser Bradbury from my thinktank list. It’s not a good look.

  • Morgy


  • Pete George

    Bradbury seems to think his ravings online feeds the mainstream media. Some at The Standard hope the same – part of the reason for their level of angst this week is becasue their relevance has been severely questioned.

    John Pagani even said he prefers Farrar and Kiwiblog over the foaming and infighting at the Standard. It’s not hard to see why.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    There is nothing quite like the sight of a deranged, raving, frothing pinko discovering his irrelevancy.

  • Pete George

    This has been brought up again at The Standard:

    ” The Standard have hundreds of thousands of hits per month and have a
    far better idea of the pulse of the nation than the average back bench
    Labour MP. ”


    Maybe that’s correct, but they have no idea about the pulse of the nation. They are far to inward looking for that, and far too encased in a bubble of bitterness.