PPTA apologises to Hekia

I can’t say I have ever seen this but it appears the PPTA has apologised to Hekia for suggesting the Minister got information about teachers through unauthorised access of databases.  Turns out, the Minister (nor her staff) didn’t.

“PPTA apologises unreservedly to the minister and her staff for any distress caused in this case.”


See the PPTA can’t help but find some other angle to have a go at the Minister.  So much for “apologise unreservedly”.  The silly PPTA think that the Minister responding to letters back to the schools where the teachers work (and identified those schools in their letters) is somehow bullying.  A bit of a stretch… all because their ‘Gotcha’ ended up being completely untrue. However the information was accessed though, it did not give the minister the right to respond to the boards of trustees of teachers who had written as individual citizens, Duff said.

“The minister repeatedly claims that the teachers wrote on behalf of their schools but this is blatantly untrue.”

Some teachers did mention their school in their letters to give context to their concerns about class size increases, but this does not constitute as writing on behalf of the institution.

“Teachers are simply not authorised to write on behalf of their schools like that. If they were to do so it would have to be on school letterhead and authorised by the principal.


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  • Dr Wang

    Why did the PPTA assume that Hekia Parata had acquired information from unauthorised access of databases….because that’s what PPTA do all the time?

    Why should we take any notice of any hysterical claim that the PPTA muppets make – they can’t win any argument on its merits; once again they have been caught out resorting to lies and faked evidence in a feeble attempt to hoodwink the public, parents of their pupils, and the taxpayers of NZ.

  • Chippie Hipkins will have egg on his face then, won’t he, having tried to beat this story up. It looks as though the PPTA sold him a pup…

  • busman007

    another Liarbor Flip Flop !!!!

  • ben

    is that the faint sound of hell freezing over?

  • Random66

    I agree that the government was probably out of line writing to the employer (BoT) of any teacher who wrote as an individual citizen. What was the purpose of that? Perhaps hoping that the BoT would knock them back into line – not sure. If I wrote a letter to my MP or a government department in complaint I wouldn’t expect them to reply to me via someone who they believed had some sort of power over me e,g, my parents or husband (like that would work).

  • 2ndAmendment

    Who resigned in disgrace? No-one?

    well it’s not an apology then is it!

    Parata should just refuse all communication from the union forthwith, and require all schools & principles & bots to do the same.

    • Teachersrock

      Well following your little stamp of the foot, I guess the Minister will never be speaking with a VAST majority of teachers and principals ever again.

      You are a fool.

      And the Minister had no right to respond directly to teachers schools if they were writing from a home address. None at all.

      • pukakidon

        I would have thought you would have changed your name by now. It is pretty evident by the news of some of these kiddie diddling teachers that they do not all rock. How is your mate James Parker, ex-Deputy Principal of Pamapuria School. Does he rock?

  • Well Hekia stood in front of a room full of PPTA members today, gloating over the fact PPTA apologised to her, berating people for misquoting her… she just doesn’t get it ..