PR bludging off blogger readership

Regan from Throng has done an excellent post on the way PR companies bludge off us bloggers in an attempt to get through to our high readership – all without paying a cent.  If we were any other method of media then they’d expect to pay for the privilege.  It appears blogs have become the new free media.

Internationally, brands engage with bloggers and pay for the privilege of engaging with their audiences.  It becomes a win-win where content can afford to be produced and in many cases, audiences respect brands that help keep the communities they participate in alive.  On the flip side, those who expect bloggers to work for them for free while others reap the rewards for their labour should expect a growing disdain for their brand.  While it’s one thing to provide content that is a talking point, it’s a little useless if it can’t be monetised, and even worse if someone else is being paid in the process.

Yes, PR are doing their job in getting exposure for their clients but at some point the bloggers will stop being so helpful for free.


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  • John Drinnan

    You’re bludging off their brand and its commercial campaign to get hits – they bludge back . Hardly cruel and unjust treatment.
    Just write proper stories instead of buying into advertiser created pocket controversies

    • Guest

      To get hits? Oh please.

  • william

    Equivalent advertising rate measurement is now considered very outdated as it is not a quality measurement and is also irrelvant if the wrong targets for your market are touchpoints…. so the PR people are doing their client a disservice.
    What is more incideous is the sort of freebie trading that is now done with bloggers…. the likes of Penguins trip to the snow with the BMW people :-)….. by the way, I’m trying to sell a hous at the moment so feel free to plug it for me…

  • Petal

    Ironically, this is something a Bloggers Union could assist with.

    • Yes the Bloggers Union is about to issue an advisory.

  • notrotters

    …………talklng of bogging just when I thought blogging in NZ had reached its nadir.

    disgraceful pack of cnuts they are at that site.


    Good work Gurnard