Principal of the day

Good to see a Principal understanding that his school community (especially parents) should get more information how the school is doing as a whole.

Rhode Street School principal Shane Ngatai posted on the school’s Facebook page, and in a newsletter to parents, that 60 per cent of the school’s pupils were below, or well below, national standards in reading, writing and mathematics.

“We’re not ashamed of that. That’s better than what it has been and it’s getting better.” Many principals have strongly opposed the Government’s plan to release schools’ achievement data but Mr Ngatai said it was important to be “open and transparent” with parents and the community.

Great to see Principal Ngatai is focused on the value that he and his teachers add to the children within his school.


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  • BW_Lord

    Unfortunately it seems principals who are willing to give it a go, and actually believe in transparency seem to be in the minority.
    I can’t see this school being lambasted for these poor results, as much as the scorn that will be dumped on them for going along with this ‘devilish’ national standards. Well, hopefully this can create a base for them to work off.

  • Notrotsky

    He’s focussed on the one thing that matters . the kids … more power to him.

  • Barry

    Ngatai is the first teacher I am aware of who actually cares about his charges. What he is saying is what all schools should be saying. ie: This is the state of the children AND WE NEED HELP FROM THE PARENTS.

    I can only hope now that Rhode Street School drops all the side shows (school trips, teaching of touchy/feely subjects, etc) are dropped and the school concentrates on getting the kids to be able to read and write to their age.
    When they can do that, then bring back the cabbage activities.

  • Michael

    The good thing will be to see if the school publishes 50% next year, and 40% the year after. If he can achieve that then give that man (and his teachers) a pay rise. And a bloody good one too!

  • Arto Dostoyevsky

    He’s softening them up in case they get their expectations too high. Good strategy BTW.

    • stanman

      principal of the year goes to Palmy boys high -where have his ilk gone,my god that was an eye opener on Sunday night. Even my boys said they WISH they had some discipline at school like the good old days this guy has revived- if you missed ittry TVNZ on demand