Protect Marriage’s morals don’t extend to copyright laws

the tipline


As you’re probably aware, ProtectMarriageNZ recently used a song from YouTube without permission from their owners.

I thought you might also like to know that the wedding ring in their logo is stolen.

To be specific, they have literally searched “wedding ring” in Google images and take the first suitable result. (It’s about 6 rows down when I search, it may move up or down a little due to the magic of Google). This is a quite blatant form of theft, which Google has recently tried to address by including a ‘royalty free’ image search, but apparently they decided to ignore this and take the image they wanted instead.

The image itself is here – On The Grooms List – I got in contact with the site owner on twitter, they sourced the image from Prestige Wedding Bands.

I can’t see the image on their site, so it may be that it’s actually a stock image, but if that’s the case, I highly doubt they actually paid for rights for it (especially since every time someone posts this information on their Facebook wall it gets deleted quite rapidly).

It may be considered petty to attack them over something like this, but if you’re going to build an organization based around a moral standpoint, you should at least follow those morals through….and not steal songs or images.


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  • Really Whale, this kind of crap just smacks of desperation.

    Maybe you’re finally waking up to the fact that the support you liberals claim to have for your attacks on the institution of marriage is not as wide spread as you think.

    • Neil

      I love that you use the term “institution of marriage” sounds so precious…..Dahling!!!

    • Marriage isn’t an institution…it’s a sentence…to death

  • Random66

    It may be that it is not a case of deliberate theft but rather ignorance which has lead to the current situation, if what your tipline says is true.  Not everyone appreciates or understands the ownership rights on the internet, however I’m sure now that your tipline person has gone to soooo much trouble as to even twitter site owners to clarify if there has even been a breach of copyright the situation will be rectified when ProtectMarriageNZ has been notified.

  • David

    Bottom of the barrel stuff.
    Must have run out of sensible arguments 

    • Good to know you have thought all the previous arguments were sensible then. I assume that means you would vote yes in the referendum that would come back with an emphatic yes then?

  • Redneck

    Colin Craig and these other organizations like ProtectMarriageNZ should be congratulated for making a stand against the left-wing PC juggernaut which the “marriage equality” issue has become. They understand that it’s not going to end well as our culture slips away into a chasm of nihilism.

    . . . and they have done it knowing all to well that they will be smeared and maligned by a bunch of yellow backed hyenas from behind their keyboards – whether my mainstream “journalists” or wannabe mainstream “journalists” (aka bloggers)

    • They havent made a stand for anything other than confirming the worst side of Christianity we all know exists: hypocritical small minded bigots so concerned with the lives of adults in consensual relationships that they conveniently ignore how far away from all things Godly they really are. 

      The only threat to humanity is people like Bob McCroskie & Colin Craig….oh and the anti gay brigade on here.

      You should all be ashamed of yourselves for marginalising a group of people who would never in a million years choose to suffer the grief you people put them through.

      • Agent BallSack

        Herod would be pleased….He taught the Christians well.

    • Gayguy

      Wrong as usual Red. They should be condemned for their disgraceful actions. They should be run out of NZ and sent to Texas. 

  • Gazzaw

    “It may be considered petty to attack them over something like this”.

    Never a truer word.

  • tarkwin

    The image probably originates from an old wedding invite and is unlikely to be copyright. A 5% alteration of the image would fix the problem anyway. If they wanted a top of the line image for about $20 istock photo is the place to look.

    • Neil

      Try telling Samsung or Apple that…..

  • grumpy

    If this sort of thing keeps going you should rename your blog to “The Standard MkII”

    • The Baron

       What, cos he cares about the rights of individuals to do as they please in the privacy of their own homes and relationships? That’s pure right wing libertarianism as far as I can tell.

      Oh but that’s right, all you f*cking stupid, scared-of-what-lurks-in-your-closet fundies can’t think beyond those personal freedoms that you can’t benefit from.

      So here’s a suggestion for you, Grumpy, Gaz, Redneck, David and Baiter – you all should f*ck right off to Tehran and see just how much you like a society that’s ruled by someone else’s sense of morality and religion, and then come back and tell us how all you freedom loving right wing thinkers feel about shoving your fears and prejudices all over someone else’s business.

      Looking forward to the photos, guys!

      • Neil

        Yay – welsome to the group The Baron – my thoughts exactly…..

      • Gazzaw

        Aren’t you the angry one Baron? In case you are not aware this is a right wing blog and  accordingly you can expect to encounter posters who do not necessarily agree with your lefty views. We aren’t fucking stupid, we aren’t fundies, we value personal freedoms far more than lefties and finally having alreadt visited Teheran have no intention of as you rather impolitely suggest ‘fucking right off there’.

        What photos by the way?

        And finally the word is spelt ‘fuck’ not ‘f*ck’ . Say it if you mean it.  

      • grumpy

        Wow……pretty sensitive there Baron, welcome to the blog where (until now) free speech isn’t ruthlessly crushed by the left……..

      • Agent BallSack

        I think Tehran freedom is an oxymoron of the highest order. That may be what Labour is aiming for in this country but it sure as fuck isn’t what National stands for. 

        You’ll quickly find stupid opinions get laughed at here and sensible ones praised.
        That said – Welcome =)

      • grumpy

        You do realise how stupid your comment about Tehran is don’t you Baron. The anti group would be very welcome there, unlike the poofter lobby who would be……

      • The Baron

         Slow clap for Ballsack and Grumpy for completely missing the Tehran point. Well done guys.

      • Polish_pride

        Grumpy yes White bigoted christians more than welcom in Muslim run Tehran. Hell the current govt there would be so pleased they’d stand aside and hand them the keys to the country>  Are you fricken serious!?! In fact before you answer let us know what planet your on!?!    

      • Polish_pride

        Agent Ball Sack – The sensible opinions are praised so long as they are bland, tinted blue and from well inside the box….. 

      • Polish_pride

        Baron – It sure is going to be a lot of fun having you on here…..

      • grumpy

        Hey, Polish Prick, you keep on harping about “white bigoted chrisstians”, well, for one thing I certainly am not christian and couldn’t give a flying fuck about religion….and two, I think you will find that non white peoples have a more conservative view of poofters than whites………………

      • Polish_pride

        Grumpy so your not a christian bigot – I apologise, your just a simple bigot. Who would have thought!?!  

      • Mediaan

        Jesus Aloysius Christ. So many irrelevant ideas in one post. And rounding it off with abusive insults, religious viciousness that is illegal, and racism.

        Marriage or not marriage, in name, plus shared adoption rights. That is the issue. Not freedom to do …. in your home. You already got that law passed.

        Keep up.

        Logic free zone, and an overlay of immature foot-stamping piqué. Please take that word as without the acute accent. This machine was designed by an idiot.

  • David

    Baron – It is about debating the case and not attacking people personally which we all point out is what the left tend to do when they run out of ideas.

    • J_j

      So debate the case.  Why is this idea a bad one?  I’ve STILL yet to hear a good reason.

    • Neil

      Like – “bunch of yellow backed hyenas” – is debating the case?

    • What absolute bollicks: none of you have debated the case. You have merely come on here slinging insults filled with hate & bigotry.

      And for every handful of BS opinions in amongst the hate you guys try & claim has substance, the pro gay have managed to successfully refute. Then, because you dont have an intelligent reply you start to throw insults.

    • Gayguy

      And yet the far right wing christian haters are willing to ignore all of Christs teachings and attack us, picket funerals, abuse us, condemn us to hell, spit on us, that is the level of debate from the haters. So please don’t expect me to spill a tear because you don’t like the names the left call you. 

  • MASH_4077th

    FFS..Really? I suggest your “reader” might find a more productive use of their time counting the number of hairs inside a mouses ear!

    • le sphincter

      So morality is not about stealing something that belongs to someone else ? 

      After all if they dont notice it  has been taken why worry- the shoplifters charter

      • MASH_4077th

        Utter bollocks! Some stupid gonad who thought up the logo grabbed an otherwise unknown image and stuck it in the logo..there is nothing more to it than a naive budding graphic designer using what is available to get the job done. It is not a moral issue so get over it!

      • tarkwin

        If what you are saying was true there would be very few graphic designers left. Plagiarism is alive and well, trust me I know.

      • Apolonia

        “….stealing something that belongs to someone else?”

        Like the word marriage for example!

      • MASH_4077th

        +1 Apolonia

  • Ronnie Chow

      Some are up there , and some are down there , but there’s always some .

    For that we should be thankful .

  • toby_toby

    Laughing at all these people trying to justify theft of an image.

  • “It may be considered petty to attack
    them over something like this”,


    “if you’re going to build an
    organization based around a moral standpoint, you should at least follow those
    morals through….and not steal songs or images.” Even more true. Funny that morality
    is something you people can pick & choose.


    Grumpy, Gazzw, Redneck, David,
    Redbaiter & Random: right wing ideology has nothing to do with being anti
    someone’s sexual orientation & their right to marriage, but to oppose it
    makes YOU the communist.


    Politics has nothing to do with what
    2 consenting adults in a same sex relationship anymore than it has to do with 2
    consenting adults in a different sex relationship. Man made gay issues
    political because politics used to be predominantly controlled by the Church.


    Thankfully, the Church and State are
    separate in NZ however, if you want the Church to control our personal
    relationships again then you can also look forward to other things becoming
    illegal too: adultery, fornication, mixing fibres……God forbid you have sex
    before marriage or wear nylon & cotton together….


    There is simply no basis to anything
    you have said and none of you have managed to put forward an even remotely
    intelligent debate. You have made offensive, vile or just plain petty comments
    at best.


    Quite simply, all you guys have been
    doing is trying to impose your moral code & view on others; you are merely
    reacting in hate out of fear of something you cant understand – something only ignorant
    people do.


    Funnily enough, according to recent research,
    left wingers are apparently a whole lot smarter than right wingers and further,
    only people with low IQ’s grow up to be racist & anti gay…


    “Right-wingers tend to be less
    intelligent than left-wingers, and people with low childhood intelligence tend
    to grow up to have racist and anti-gay views…..[and] crucially, people’s
    educational level is not what determines whether they are racist or not – it’s
    innate intelligence…. social status also appears to play no part”.




    So make up your mind: are you naive holier than thou but actually very unholy evil ‘christians’ (so not really Christians), just plain dumb or is it in fact that it is really you guys who are the real left-wingers on here? After all, you are anti gay (Marxism [Das Kaptiol] & Stalinism) & trying to control the lives of other people….







    • MASH_4077th

      Um..yep I am entitled to my view and here it is in all it’s low IQ glory..

      • J_j

        And they give you the vote too I suppose?

      • Neil

        So you’ve got the rights to post this image?? LOL!!!

    • Random66

      As usual your comment is long winded, going off on so many tangents it just seems too much effort to respond to you, however I can’t resist it. You must be a delight to have a conversation with as I would think it would be near impossible to get a word in edgeways. I will say though with my very low IQ, I hope we, as in all New Zealanders, get to have our say on this issue in the form of a referendum and then let the cards fall as they may because the majority will have spoken.

      • MASH_4077th

        Well said 66. I chose the short answer but unlike JJ I did not resort to personal attacks I just put forward my opinion.

      • J_j

        I apologise, MASH_4077th.  It’s out of frustration for the lack of decent and reasonable reasons for your & others opposition to this issue.  What are you scared of?  Why don’t you want to put forward your reasons?

      • Aah so in order to get an intelligent debate with someone who has a low IQ (lets ignore the misnomer) I should avoid responding to your foolish comments by providing substantiated responses & instead simply try to pass of soundbites, petty comments & bigotry as facts?

        Hmm, let me help out your self-acknowIedged low IQ: “tangent” is most commonly defined as “a completely different line of thought or action”.

        So no sorry, you are incorrect. I merely refuted the usual bullshit you people try to pass off as fact.

        Btw, I am a delight – thank you…it goes with the territory of when you are someone that doesnt dictate my moral code onto others. 

        And you must be an absolute joy in your Christian circles – especially when you call people “cock suckers” and the like. I bet church must think you are so charming.

        Oh I meant to ask, have you told your gay nephew (whom you “love so dearly” ) that he doesn’t have right to get married because that would impinge on other people’s children and lead to bestiality & incest being legalised? Oh how he must be convinced of your unconditional love!

        Mash – I dont remember seeing your comments at all. Random et al tend to dominate these posts.

      • MASH_4077th

        Apology accepted…JJ. Values and principals are what people base their lives and lifestyles on. Please don’t try to change those of us who choose certain values in the same way I do not try to change gay people into being straight.  

      • MASH_4077th

        Unsolicitedious; I have been around here long enough for most to know I have no religious affiliation at all. Surely it should not come as a surprise to you that you may encounter stiff opposition to certain subjects on a right wing blog? 

      • Random66

        Unsolicited, I have NEVER called others ‘cock sucker’ and if this is any indication of your ability to report information accurately then it is a concern. My family, including my nephew is off limits to you. 

      • Mash – opposition is a healthy part of a democracy. But all I see is hateful comments based on myths, not facts. I have yet to see anyone come up with a well-thought out substantiated view based on facts & the law as to why marriage should not be extended to gay couples.

        I can understand people being opposed to homosexuality, but as I have said before that is actually irrelevant. This is a legal issue not a moral issue. The law say gay is OK so the law should not then contradict itself by continuing to treat gays like second rate citizens.

        ProtectMarriage has made this a moral & faith issue (hence the validity I think of the reader’s point) espousing the virtues of marriage as being ordained only by God. 

        Yet anyone prepared to look at this issue knows that marriage predated Christianity and further, faith – just like morality, is irrelevant. Marriage is between a couple & the State so if the State says gay couples are legal & there is no law that states one must procreate if one gets married then the State should allow gay couples to marry just the same as it allow infertile couples to marry.

      • Polish_pride

        I understood her reply with no problem at all.
        If you don’t have an attention span greater than about 10 seconds long how is that Unsolicetedious’ problem all it means is that it will possibly rule you out of intelligent debates as they generally take more than one or two lines to communicate. I do encourage you to keep trying though.

        If you do decide to keep trying you will also come to the realisation that where you say ‘long winded and going off on so many tangents’ She was in fact  covering off all of the BS arguements you guys have put forward on the Gay Marriage issue. They were all related to the same issue and provided possible reasons for your archaic views. In short they were all related to the topic and as such there were no real tangents.  At least you have cleared up which category you feel you fall into (just plain dumb). Personally I’m going to put you and the others in the category of raving communist purporting to be a right winger because ……. well its just far more hilarious to do so.        

      • Polish_pride

        Besides I just put it down to Unsol showing off being a touch typist while everyone else on here bangs away with two fingers.

      • Neil

        Didn’t we already have a referendum – the election?

      • J_j

        Mash, don’t you see your contradiction?  “Please don’t try to change those of us with certain values”.  It’s you who’s doing just that.  Allowing gay people to marry will have NO EFFECT on your life.  Yet your moral standpoint might have an effect on theirs.  Surely you can see that?

    • Mediaan

      Wow, someone who gets info from The Daily Mail, and believes the anti-gay movement represents the thinking of Marx, Stalin and Mao. And is so familiar with Marx’ writings, she misquotes the title of a major work.

      All wrapped up in a belief that her ideas represent greater intelligence.


      • Unsolicitedious

        Oh dear Mediaan. Your attempt to insult me & assert some kind of intellectual superiority failed on epic proportions: it was a typo not a misquote. Wow.

        But I suppose given how you are apparently more right wing than me, I guess it is too much to expect you to know the difference.

  • Blam

    c’mon Whale, clutching at straws here, and quite ironic given that your videos are just a TVNZ/TV3/Someone elses video Repeat with your logo splattered all over it and the illusion that it is all your own original work.

    Certainly not for the first, and most definitely not for the last time..stones…glasshouse

  • DJ

    So copyright infringement is taking a logo off google search?

    “Whale I’ll Be Fucked”

  • Bunswalla

    This just in from the Bleeding Obvious Department:

    After months and months of somewhat provocative posts from the cheeky Whale Oil, thousands of comments have been spewed over hundreds of web pages. Exhaustive analysis has shown there are but two points of view. These can be summarised thus:

    1. Some people support the rights of gays to marry. They will vote for the law to change if they get an opportunity, and/or will support and vote for the political parties and candidates that advocate the law changing to bring this into effect. In a thousand years they will never change their mind.

    2. Some people don’t support the rights of gays to marry. They will vote against a law change if they get an opportunity, and/or will support and vote for the political parties and candidates that oppose the law changing etc etc. In a thousand years they will never change their mind.

    So…..enough already?

    • MASH_4077th

      Here here!!

      • grumpy

        …but….the tactic from the poofter lobby is to single out any opposing voice and attempt to silence them.

        Unfortunately, Whale, for all his pronouncements about freedom of speech has now become one of the attack dogs of the left.

        We don’t expect any better from the lefties but we DID from Whale……

      • The Baron

        No, the tactic of this member of the “poofter” lobby is to point out that your fucking hilariously outdated opinions would be even more funny if they didn’t reveal what an insecure, stupid and hatefilled coward you were?

        I frankly love your right to free speech. It allows me to enjoy my right to laugh in your face.

      • Bunswalla

        Grumpy – you won’t change The Baron’s mind.

        The Baron – Grumpy will not alter his view.

        Were you two not paying attention?

      • Polish_pride

        Buns – I’m sure they were, but its just so much more fun to try!

      • grumpy

        Coward???? Baron??? Now what makes you say that???  Looks like you are being insecure having to endure oposing views not being heavily censored like on other sites.
        It’s you heterophobic leftie haters who like chucking around the insults.

    • Gayguy

      And in less than a few decades people will look back at those who opposed marriage equality and mock them. 

  • Mickrodge

    As a neutral I tend to think the petty name calling corrodes the arguments & opinions of both sides of the “debate”.

    I can almost visualise  the bulging neck veins & sweaty brows of the posters desperately trying to instill their way of thinking onto the other.

    Have a cup of tea & a lie down.

    • grumpy

      Ye, I just wish all these heterophobic haters would just fuck off…..

      • J_j

        I’m as hetero as can be.  I’m also not homophobic.  I’m not scared of two gay people marrying.  Why should I be?  As Key said, it won’t affect my life one iota.  Guess what – it won’t affect yours either.

      • Gayguy

        I love how those opposed to marriage equality, those who want to deny some kiwis the same rights as they have have the nerve to call gays heterophobic. 

        In case you hadn’t noticed Grumpy, no one wants to limit or remove ANY of your rights, unlike you who want to keep others down because of your hate. 

      • Travis Poulson

        I love how those opposed to marriage equality, those who want to deny some kiwis the same rights as they have have the nerve to call gays heterophobic. ”

        Shoe. Other foot. 

      • Gayguy

        Well I was wondering how long it would take before Travis the hater appeared. 

        No Travis the shoe is not on the other foot, for that to be correct homosexuals would have to be demanding that heterosexuals be made second class citizens and denied rights that others have based on their sexuality. 

        But homosexuals do not want to deny anyone their rights, just obtain equality. Unlike people like you who want to deny human beings rights that YOU have but do not want them to have. 

        That makes you homophobic and hateful. That is why it is pathetic to attempt to label queers who will not take your garbage heterophobic. 

    • Polish_pride

      Mickrodge – you forgot the bit about angrily bashing away at their keyboards with 2 fingers.

      • Bunswalla

        With flecks of spittle and froth all over their monitors

  • George

    I don’t know or care who WO is influenced by in this matter.  All I see is confusion when two blokes want to marry each other.  Shrill propaganda by a shrill few can never be successful, other means are needed; The amount of noise put up by the proponents does not reflect what the general public think and so the denial of any referendum is essential.

    A bemused and bored citizenry get on with their lives without realising that they are gradually losing any landmarks and are essentially adrift.  They think because they get to vote occasionally that their democratic freedoms are safe, but they are subjecting themselves to the PC tyranny of taniwhas, water owners, sovereignty partners, dirty buggers who want to marry and the like.  It’s enough to make you puke.

    • grumpy

      George…..I quite like that comment.

    • Polish_pride

      Well maybe when Gay Marriage is passed into Law you’ll be so incensed at (perceived????) failing of democracy that you will stand up and demand true democracy and no matter which side of the debate your on that would be a wonderful thing!  

    • George I am not sure you understand what the general public thinks:

      TVNZ poll showed majority support for a legal change to allow gay marriage (Colmar Brunton/One Network News poll, 61 percent of New Zealanders stated that they backed gay marriage). Another poll conducted in June by Herald-Digipoll, of 750 people, saw over 50 per cent of respondents in support of legalising gay marriage, Stuff had support of over 66% (see

      Also found an amusing study that claims Catholics support gay rights – its validity is questionable, but still funny nonetheless (see

      In terms of MPs – a Herald survey of MPs received 76 responses out of 122. Of those who responded, a clear majority of 43 supported the bill or were leaning.

      Gay marriage proponets are not scared of a referendum, it’s just that the right wing portion of this group especially, fail to see the justification for spending $11million on something almost certain to come back with a result we already know – most NZers agree with gay marriage.

  • It seems a lot of you don’t seem to understand the law surrounding an action like this.

    If you take an image off of google, and post it on a blog, that can be considered ‘fair use’ (which while it doesn’t really exist in NZ, is more or less accepted in the web community, see pretty much any image meme).

    However, if you took an image and stuck it in a business logo and used it for marketing, that is theft. Just because it’s a photo from a random (easily locatable) website, doesn’t mean it’s not theft, it is no different to sticking daffy duck or batman in you logo without the rights.

    It may be considered a low attack by some, but the term ‘lead by example’ comes to mind.

    • Bat Crazy

      Eddy, you obviously do not understand the law on theft.  Copyright infringement is not theft.

      • Lazy wording is lazy, you know what I mean, getting pedantic over my wording rather than my point is in itself pointless.

  • Agent BallSack

    Rumour has it the blog has a name change coming…Whale Oil Beef Hooked Indias.