Pyjamas in Public Laws’ Next Crusade?

Pyjamas in public is apparently coming into fashion.  Heaven help us New Zealanders have finally found something more stupid to wear in public than cycle pants, ugg boots and placing their pants below their waists exposing underwear.

In Christchurch according to “Depress”

Christchurch is seeing an increasing trend of people wearing pyjamas outside during the day.

Coco Chanel was a fan of wearing her PJs in public in the 1920s, and sleepwear has frequently graced the runway at fashion shows, but Cantabrians are taking it a step further – donning their nightwear at supermarkets, restaurants and shopping malls.

Hagley Day ‘n Night Foodstore manager Kerry Swaney said people often came into the store in their pyjamas during the day, sometimes as late as lunchtime.

“They don’t seem to care or feel self-conscious at all,” Swaney said.

But Gisborne is having none of it according to The Herald

The issue is a popular debate in the letters section of the Gisborne Herald, with the authors being split into two camps – those who sign off with “No more PJs” or “Love my PJs”.

“In my opinion it’s lazy and totally disgusting. Surely you ladies have pants or a dress to put on? I have even seen a lady in a nightgown at the shops!” said an anonymous comment on the newspaper’s website.

Gisborne mayor Meng Foon said as long as people were clean, he didn’t mind what they wore. Some people wore “hardly anything”, like bikinis, while shopping in the town.

Both have polls running.

There will be a very high correlation between pyjamas in public wearing and ferals.  Wait for Michael Laws to comment.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Its worked for Hugh Hefner for 50 years.

  • cows4me

    PJ’s at midday, fuck what’s wrong with people. Usually done 6 or 7 hours work before midday. I’ve never seen anyone wearing PJ’s in the city but I guess I’m never there at the right time, says to me they are simply lazy shits. But i guess PJ’s would have to better then my night wear, all skin.

  • Mark

    From observations it appears that 80% of the downtown PJ wearers are fat, brown and uglay. Just sayin’ …

  • ConwayCaptain

    Goes back to the days in the post war UK with women in curlers and a house coat doing the shopping.

  • Auto_immune

    It’s relatively common in Dunedin with students. You can generally tell the difference who are simply being lazy/don’t care and those who are making a point about wearing them though: Pyjamas and freshly applied make-up is a tell-tale sign.

  • NotLen

    I quite like the “hardly anything, even bikinis” bit.

  • Guest

    Not unusual where I live up North And they are usually either young, brown or old, drunk, no teeth and brown

  • Rodger T

    I`d get in the shit,cos` I don`t own a pair of PJs and haven`t since I was about 12yrs old.