Quote of the Day

NZ Herald

John Clarke on rhythmic gymnastics:

There’s a thing called rhythmic gymnastics, which involves young women leaping through hoops and waving ribbons while rolling on a big mat in attractively coloured shrinkwrap. A friend of mine refers to these as “the cat toy events” and while they’d go well at the Eurovision Song Contest, they’re far too sensible for the Olympics.


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  • Andrei

    The greatest, a member of the Duma these days – we don’t have an MP to compare


  • thor42

    I agree.
    While we’re at it – can someone tell the IOC to drop synchronised swimming? What a joke *that* is.
    Why the heck are they bringing in things like kite-surfing and yet they still keep synchronised swimming? Bizarre, if you ask me.

    • Andrei

      LOL – it is all to to with the all important “medals table”.

      Sychronised swimming came in at the Los Angeles games because …….

      …. Because it was an American thing that the Americans could clean up in same with Beach volleyball which surprise surprise got the nod for Atlanta.

      The big players in the IOC push for sports their countries are really good at.

      Ever hear of the Somalian dressage team?

      Or BMXers from Chad.

      Of course all our Kiwi medals come in sports which most of the world cannot afford to play – Equestrian, Yachting etc. Whereas in the 100 meters men, say, well you can do that anywhere without lots of coin and someone from the third world can blow the competition away!!!!!