Rodney Hide on the farce of the Treaty

Herald on Sunday

Rodney Hide is going to be public enemy number one again…after his column in the Herald on Sunday, where he dares to question the premise of “partnership” that many believe is mentioned int he Treaty of Waitangi.

Quite how the Maori elite get chosen is a mystery. But somehow it happens. And behind the scenes they wield considerable economic and political power.

Imagine it. Queen Victoria is recently enthroned in her brand new Palace of Buckingham. Her country is the most industrialised economy the world has ever seen. Her empire stretches around the globe. Maori number fewer than 100,000. They have very limited technology and resources. They have been warring among themselves for more than 30 years. They have killed 20,000 of their own. Another 40,000 Maori are enslaved or displaced. The Musket Wars have overturned traditional tribal territories.

I know, says the Queen, “I will partner up with Maori to govern that far-flung corner of my empire. The Maori and I shall share power. And I will bind my heirs and successors to the deal.”

Nope. Never happened. The clear Article 3 promise of “all the rights and privileges of British subjects” was very generous and compassionate. To this day, many peoples of the world wish and dream that they too could enjoy those self-same rights and privileges.

Hmmm…I wonder if Rodney wants to form a new party. He could make his final paragraphs part of the manifesto and insist on them as a bottom line:

But the priesthood have declared there is a partnership. And Parliament and the Government listen. And so a partnership of sorts there is. The Treaty claims are destined to be endless. There is no agreed list of demands that, once accepted, ends the gravy train.

But Parliament is still all-powerful.

Parliament could simply declare that the final say on what the Treaty means is the clear-cut English text – and that the words mean exactly what they say. That would end it. Overnight.



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  • Travis Poulson

    Ah there we go, glad you posted this one. Sir Bob Jones, Rodney, who else can we find for a new political party?

  • AnonWgtn

    Bloody good column Rodney. Am with every word you say.
    But it will be villified so me and you so far.

  • Rodney_Hide

    Oh Sir Bob and I would never agree! That’s the virtue of being apart from organised politics :)

    • Mr_Blobby

      Even so Mr Hyde you did a good job right up to the super city, when we were handed the maori statutory board. Epic fail on that.

    • Travis Poulson

      At least you agree on this one, and it’s a significant topic that needs to be addressed now, not swept under the carpet and rolling along with claims. Look forward to seeing more from you on this one.

  • Redbaiter

    We badly need some public push back on this racist and divisive treaty propaganda.

    • Gazzaw

      We’d better make it quick then RB. The chances are abysmal enough now under the current administration never mind if the coalition from hell should take over in 2014.

  • Michael

    The more people that call out this farce the better. Well done Bob and Rodney, who’s next?

  • cows4me

    Partnership my arse. Seems to me this partnership only applies to those of a privileged darker hue. The whole treaty deal has become a cart load of horseshit and our MP’s lack the balls to pull the reins in . It’s a fucking con and a continual benefit fund for fat, lazy, tit sucking parasites. Sweet fuck all of any benefits actually reach those that most need them. I can’t remember any individual on the Maori side of our family that has received one cent in these so called claims, despite several settlements that would apply to them.

  • thor42

    Excellent column, Rodney!
    Maori are the most **cosseted**, protected, pandered-to group in the world (and probably in the whole bloody universe).
    ***No other group*** in the world has the power to stop roading projects because of a stupid bloody MAKE-BELIEVE “taniwha” (that must, of course, be placated and appeased with taxpayer’s money).

    If Maori would like to know what it is REALLY like to be “hard done by”, they should read about the GENOCIDE of Hindus (by the invading Muslims) in India. Here are a couple of links on that –
    “Independent scholars estimate that his military campaigns caused the deaths of 17 million people, amounting to about 5% of the world population.[16] The historian of Islamic Asia John Joseph Saunders
    summarized that “Till the advent of Hitler, Timur stood forth in
    history as the supreme example of soulless and unproductive militarism”

    “Before the battle for Delhi, Timur executed 100,000 captives.”

    And Maori think they “have it hard”. BULLSHIT.

    • Lion_ess

      Taniwha is black-man’s mumbo-jumbo – white civilisations have way more mumbo-jumbo than that – you only need to have a glimpse into any of the churches to see the mindless mantras and brain-washing followed in those institutions.
      How do you compensate a race of people for theft of their land and their culture? When do you say enough is enough – and we’re all tax slaves now.

      • nasska

        Any real power held by the church is fairly fragmented in this day & age. A cross section of practising Christians would probably reveal a broad range of political opinions which would largely cancel each other out.

        The new religion is that holds us back is entitled the Resource Management Act 1991.

  • reitama

    Well my maori trust chairman, sir ngatata love has justr stood down due to a dodgy payment of 1.5 million into his and his partners bank accounting…..,why am i not surprised. Partnership is a one way street in NZ at the moment

    • Baz

      Oh, Reitama, 1.5mil is only the tip of the Iceberg. You wait until the public finds out about the other several million your friend Sir Ngatata has stolen off his own people. Shit is going to hit the fan. And it wont be pretty. The Maori elite and the bloodsucking lawyers that hang off them like Kathy Ertel have been ripping off Maori and the taxpayer for years. I tell you doesn’t ever benefit! 99.999% of Maori!

  • Scanner

    What and derail the. gravy train, there is a greater chance of Labour or Winston paying back the money they stole.

  • Hagues

    The thing is we already have a partnership between the British and Maori, its called the NZ parliament. Over time others have joined the partnership, Asians, Africans, Pacific Islanders etc. All those who call NZ home are in partnership to run NZ. Its stupid for the Maori to expect to be both a part of the “Crown” (the NZ parliament) and a partner to it. You can’t have two bites at the cherry.

  • alex

    Another reason to dislike Winston Peters: back in the day when his party won all the Maori seats, he was running an anti-Treaty settlement line. The amazing thing was it resonated with ordinary Maori. If only WP had actually delivered back then, the Treaty gravy train would have been derailed.

    We need someone to mount an attack on the Treaty, but NOT to attack the ordinary average Maori person. This is the inherent problem: all critiques of the Treaty seem to be accompanied (or perceived to be accompanied) by racial slurs. As a result, it becomes very easy for the media and the Maori elite to undermine the Treaty opposition by pointing out any racist overtones..

    I feel sorry for your average Maori voter, whose choices can be summarized as follows: Labour = welfare serfdom; National = ignored; Greens = patronised as victims; Maori Party = tribal elite enrichment; Mana = grievance mode.

    • Travis Poulson

      We need someone to mount an attack on the Treaty, but NOT to attack the ordinary average Maori person.”

      And therein lies the problem. The likes of Tariana and Pita cannot define the difference. That became blindingly obvious when Key came out and make his remarks the nobody owns water. All of a sudden it was deemed to be racist and insulting towards maori. I’d love to know what maori really think, not what Turia and Sharples say they think.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Any Treaty settlement costs wll just be added to the power bill.

    If you are and ordinary Maori joker struggling to keep the family feed and pay the power bill are you better off if the Treaty claim succeeds?

  • Mr_Blobby

    Given that DonKey and his troupe of clapping surrender MonKeys don’t have the balls to address the problem. Labour and the Greens have been effectively imprisoned by Maori and Maori and Mana want separatism.
    The only other option is a binding referendum where the people can finally have a say.
    Is the treaty of Waitangi and raced based maori seats appropriate for a modern demographic society.
    Can’t wait for our new Maori dominated constitution. NOT. Do you think we the people will get a say in that.
    So why would you not have a binding referendum reflecting the views of the Majority. Is it because the Majority could not be trusted to come up with the right answer. Regardless of whether that is the case or not is that democracy.

  • A-random-reader

    Rodney has been writing some ripping columns lately.

    I’m a bit disappointed that he never communicated these ideas so effectively when he was in parliament.

    • Travis Poulson

      Sadly I’d have to agree with you. Seeing the best of Rodney when he’s no longer in the best position to voice his concerns. Maybe the fear of being the lightening rod for minority attacks was holding him back, maybe not. I’m hoping he’s not done with politics yet, as I felt he was one of the better ones.

      • fozzie

        Rodney – all talk no trousers I’d say ….

  • (4)The Crown acknowledges that its detention of some Ngai Tāmanuhiri in harsh conditions on the Chatham Islands for more than two years without laying formal charges or bringing them to trial—

    (a)meant that they were detained for an unreasonably lengthy period, which assumed the character of indefinite detention without trial; and

    (b)inflicted unwarranted hardships on them and their whānau and hapū; and

    (c)was prevented from being challenged in the courts by several indemnity acts; and

    (d)was wrongful, a breach of natural justice, and deprived those Ngai Tāmanuhiri of basic human rights

    This is what MAORI want, to be redressed by rewritting the history books to reflect the TRUTH of injustices. I dont want a cent of YOUR money, I want want the history books to reflect that NEW ZEALANDS deepest shame is that we still teach New Zealanders how to lie about our own history.

    The only way to prove these are through the Treaty of Waitangi. Through the treaty settlement process.

    FYI only 0.5% of all the value of the land confiscated and stolen is what is settled on, the payments normally come in the form of lands the government already has set aside for these settlements, they are paid for at current market rates out of the redress, not at the time they were taken. These areas of land can be as little as a residence or as significant as a small farm.

    For those who want Maori to get off the dole, where are the jobs? For those that want maori to stop breeding, NZs population only rose by 27,000 people last year, take away Maori and Pacific birth rates and we died by 20,000 people, they will also be the next sweepers, cleaners and unskilled workers as they live in near abject poverty, causing health, social and justice issues.

    We create the next dependencies, drug addicts, jail bait and underclass and we force them to stay there. Everyone want a better life, not all get the chance.