Shearer Admits Rufus Paynter Is Ergh..Maybe… Not Real

Oh no, if David Cunliffe was grinning yesterday it had nothing to do with voting for marriage equality.  It was the giant sword in his hand that he is deciding now what to do with.

The “man on the roof” Rufus Paynter does not actually exist.  We all know it so does non-VRWC blogger and tweeter Giovanni Tiso.  David Shearer has been cornered on the topic again this time by Radio One and admits to not actually caring if Rufus is real,it was just agh…..ergh…… how “New Zealanders feel about fairness”.

 it was just agh..ergh….

Transcripted on this blog.

ShearerYeah, yeah, I was going around the streets before the last election, knocked on a guy’s door, he walked out on the lawn with me and pointed over and said this guy supposedly – I think he said he had a bad back or a bad something or other – and the point was, I mean, wasn’t actually… whether this guy was right or not I don’t know, but the point is, what I was trying to make is the point about fairness and the way New Zealanders feel about fairness. They don’t want… this guy in particular said look I’m working hard, I pay my taxes, I’m doing all the right things and this guy – in his opinion, and that’s what I said in my thing – is ripping the system off. Now I don’t care if you’re a millionaire not paying his taxes or somebody on the benefit who shouldn’t be getting one. The way that New Zealanders see that is that it’s not fair when somebody is not doing the right thing. That’s the point of what I was saying. 

The interviewer kept at him

HawkinsSo you don’t know if it’s true, at no point did you go talk to the beneficiary in question? 

Shearer:No, the point was Aaron – the point was how people perceive others not playing by the rules, that’s all I was saying. So I mean that’s a story – the account of this guy, if what he was telling me is true, but I didn’t do a police investigation on somebody, but the point was how do people perceive others, and I think overwhelmingly in New Zealand we don’t like people who are not playing by the rules, in a sense not adhering to what I call the social contract.

And Shearer keeps digging, not a political platform? Hello.

Hawkins: I don’t think it’s the equivalent of a police enquiry to simply fact-check an anecdote that you are going to turn into a political platform.

Shearer:It’s not a political platform, the whole point of it as I keep saying to you is illustrating how people feel about others. That was all it was saying. It was somebody relating something to me and I was relating that on. It is about how people feel about others not playing by the rules. And we have a very highly developed sense for that in New Zealand, for good or for bad, and I actually think it’s good. But what does happen is that if people have that perception it means that everybody who legitimately receives a benefit – and overwhelmingly New Zealanders support that as well – they actually get tarred with the same brush. It’s really important that we make sure that the system works well and that people have confidence in it.

And the final hit

Hawkins: Isn’t that what Paula Bennett was doing, using a couple of examples of people not playing by the rules and not playing fairly within the welfare system to show up its flaws?

Labour caucus will be interesting.  So will The Standard Lynn Prentice’s hate blog if they have not been muzzled spoken to by Trevor Mallard.  A man who last week admitted to being a roofist.

I still have my doubts even about the neighbour.  Shearer thinks it is okay to pass on anecdotes about beneficiaries without fact checking them. Can we make up more anecdotes for Shearer to pass on to rile up audiences?  At least Paula Bennett fact checked the beneficiaries in question against the files in her case.  And Shearer accused Bennett of “dog whistling” with drug testing beneficiaries.

Wonder what the neighbour thought of drug testing Rufus Paynter?

He would have thought it was a great idea.

Perhaps that is an anecdote Paula Bennett can now use, you know, because it is all about “the way New Zealanders feel about fairness”. And they do not think it is fair to pay Rufus Paynter from their taxes to smoke weed while he is up there “a bad back or a bad something or other”, painting the roof.



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  • 2ndAmendment

    “the way New Zealanders feel about fairness”

    Nope – it’s how Kiwis feel about bludgers – dole bludgers, DPB bludgers, sicko bludgers, state hospital bludgers, state school bludgers. super-gold-card bludgers, ACC bludgers, EQC bludgers, WFF bludgers…

    The problem’s not the bad back or painting the roof. The problem’s the bludging in the first place.

    Bludgers don’t deserve it and NZ can’t afford it

    • Neil

      You missed out private company bludgers…..!!

      • Sarrs

        Private company bludgers who a. create jobs b. strengthen the economy and c. pay tax at a higher rate than most salary and wage earners?

        Damn those bludgers, damn them to hell.

        • Neil

          Missed my point by taking it as a generalisation – again oh dear….If some aren’t bludging on our hard earned tax dollars why is it the govenment books continue to expend the payments for private consultants advice. I always believed that’s why we used to have STATE servants – to provide professional and operational advice to the government of the day – someone’s lost track of that and now they’re known as public servants…..

          • Sarrs

            Because your point was a generalisation that you have only just narrowed down. Also, because very few public sector employees have worked in the corporate world, consultants are necessary as the government shifts towards operating like a business and not a charity.

  • johnbronkhorst

    shearer made up a story…..A LABOUR MP MADE UP a story, while electioneering… …what surprises me, isn’t that they did………it’s that many seem surprised that they did!!!..Remember the US bag man…the phantom money man supporting National…..that turned out to be a mallard creation?…Gee….now that I think about it….isn’t it coincidental that EVERY time there are these lies told…the duck is involved.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Q. How can you tell when a Labour Party politician is lying?
      A. Their lips are moving…

      • Neil

        Nah – it applies to all politicians…..some can even do it without their lips movin’

  • blokeintakapuna

    “the way New Zealanders feel about fairness” …and there lies the reasons why Labour will not get another term for another 4 or hopefully 5 terms.
    New Zealanders have a fairly balanced view of what is right and what is wrong in the vast majority of cases – and over-taxing those in society who have motivated themselves into high paying (& high stress) employment are sick to death of whinging socialists over-taxing us to pay for their socialist engineering “programmes” using funds from hard working tax payers!
    I’m tired of Labour promising all manner of election bribes with my money to fund their wharped sense of how the world should work.
    Fairness would not be the sitting government deliberately “misappropriating” $840,000 or so of tax payer funds to slant / rig an election.
    Fairness Mr Shearer would be telling the entire truth – not like in your “fact sheets” where the lies and deceit only highlight Labour’s nastiness and my unwillingness to ever return Labour to Parliament.
    Fairness is not having corrupt MP’s selling citizenships to an Interpol fugitive who no one really knows his real name – and for only $15K. Fairness is not trying to cover up this dirty corruption.
    Fairness Mr. Shearer would be for Labour to denounce Unite Union and McCarten for rorting the tax payer to the tune of over $152K for not paying taxes for years and years.
    These greedy, slimey renta-thugs need a good talking to Mr. Shearer – they re rorting NZ and costing you and your union comrades any hope of ever returning to Parliament as a serious contender. Mind you – so are the Greens, Mana, NZ1st, the Conservatives, ACT, United Future, McGillicuddy Serious Party, NORML.. and your own corrupt, rorting MP’s who can’t keep their stickey fingers out of the government coffers. Seems Jones isn’t the only complete wanker in the Labour Party!
    Is that fair Mr. Shearer?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Not forgeting the Electoral Finance Act…restricting the freedom of speech of groups that disagreed (exclusive bretheren, sensible sentancing etc) with the govt. and enhancing the power of those who agreed (unions) with them!!

  • Dr Wang

    Shearer’s not sure what he’s talking about – why do we have to play this silly guessing game about what he means? Isn’t it just easier to ignore him?

  • Patrick

    Shearer – It is about how people feel about others not playing by the rules.
    And we have a very highly developed sense for that in New Zealand, for
    good or for bad. and I actually think it’s good.

    That being the case then Mr Shearer can you please tell NZ when you will apologise for hijacking the electoral laws to suit Labour after the 2005 election & when you will pay back the $800k you owe the hardworking taxpayers of NZ.

    After all it is only fair – right?

    That could be Shearers legacy before he gets knifed by Cunliffe

  • Pete George

    I’ve been suspicious of other made up stories, and this one from parliament last night seems be in the same category:

    Dr DAVID CLARK (Labour—Dunedin North): I move, That the Minimum Wage
    Amendment Bill be now read a first time.

    I want to start by telling the story of a woman I met recently. We will call her Wendy. Wendy is up at 4 a.m. and off to her first cleaning job. She works two jobs. She is home at 6 p.m. and tuckered out. Wendy does not smoke and she does not drink. Wendy cannot afford luxuries, and for her that now includes heating her house. She
    recently suffered a broken leg on the job, and receiving 80 percent of her wage whilst off work meant she could not meet her rent.

    This proud woman, who has successfully raised six kids, mostly on her own, had to
    rely on assistance from a family member for help. The story does not stop there. Wendy still has one kid at home—a teenager with hollow legs. Feeding her family comes first, but, as a diabetic, her health is suffering in the long term. Her doctor tells her she should eat a more balanced diet. She knows what that is, but can no longer afford the ingredients. White bread is cheaper than brown bread.

    Wendy is on the minimum wage and has worked all her life. Restrictions on adult and community training mean she cannot afford to retrain. She fears she will one day have to reside in a boarding house. A minimum wage of $15 an hour will mean $60 a week for our lowest-paid workers over a 40-hour

    Yeah, right.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Q. How can you tell when Labour Party politicians are lying?
      A. Their lips are moving…

    • johnbronkhorst

      Ok…maths time….$13.75/hr…..4am up…6pm home 1/2 hour travel each way, 1/2 hr travel to 2nd job, 1/2 hour break per job… 11.5hrs paid…[email protected]$13.75 ie $790 per week $672 in the hand. WWF will mean she gets more than her tax back so she is actually on about $800 per week in the hand. rent say $300, travel to work $100 food/groceries for 2 …$ $550 MAX per week leaving $250 for phone power etc…this woman running a rock band out of her home or something….of course it’s bull shit.

      • Neil

        Hang on – who’s lookin’ after the kids she’s getting the WFF for?? They doin’ it for free?

        • Pete George

          She supposedly only has one teenager left at home (presumably to minimise the tax credit angle) so childcare may not apply.

    • johnbronkhorst

      besides…4am till 6pm…must be running her own business as thiis pretty standard…except…..she is getting paid more!

    • Hagues

      “White bread is cheaper than brown bread”

      Haha what? Talking out the arse, typical Labour polly.

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  • parorchestia

    If Shearer gets into power will we be shorn? Will it be deja David vue all over again? Will all our little sheep be forced to have the same length of wool in the name of fairness?

  • Granger

    We need jobs so that people can get off benefits and into work. It’s not going to change anything by having drug testing, if they aren’t a lot of jobs out there to go to. And I mean proper jobs: permanent employment, with a decent wage and reasonable working conditions.

    • Sarrs

      I’ve got clients who run dairy farms and would LOVE to employ Kiwis. They pay good salaries – usually around $44k, provide houses for staff to live in and the work isn’t seasonal, it’s permanent full time. They employ Irish, English, Scottish, Filipino, Brazillian and others because they CAN’T get staff from NZ who a. can pass a drug test b. are willing to work the early mornings and c. are willing to live in the countryside. People from around the world are queuing up to come and work in the NZ dairy industry because it’s lucrative, they get treated well and the work is secure. Don’t complain that there are no jobs because there are no jobs in cities.

  • Neil

    Most of the examples I’ve seen (witnessed) Paula use at “private” functions she’s said were made up …. what’s new in this? Nothing….