Shearer Blows Yet Another Speech

David Shearer cannot buy a vowel at the moment.  He is confusing everyone.

After stuttering and stumbling through name-dropping New Zealand’s Olympic medal winners Shearer joked about turning up late to meetings this past fortnight.  Mighty fine when you are trying to lead and inspire others in your Party and cannot be bothered getting to a meeting on time because you slept in.  Can anyone imagine Helen Clark saying this in the time the knives were out to get her?

Shearer then bum fluffed acknowledging David Holman/Hoffman/Howard (it’s David Howman who is married to former TV3 reporter Jane Young) Director of the World anti-doping agency WADA.

Looks like Ian Fraser will be churning out a few more hours teaching Shearer how to speak publicly and not stuff his lines up while trying to score cheap political points.


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  • Sthn.Jeff

    Love the inspired looks on the faces of Fenton Hipkins and Robertson. Clearly enjoying some of their leaders best work.

  • A negative (“I’m not connecting”) is self-evident.

    A double negative (I’m not not connecting) becomes a positive.

    But Shearer has delved into the murky world of the triple negative, and if it’s an odd number of negatives, then he’s not connecting!

    • Patriot

      It says ” Dont Vote Labour ” — if the best the Labour Party can do , is choose such an ineffective , bumbling, pathetic figure as its Leader .
      Winston Peters would consider himself as the legitimate Leader of The Opposition .
      John Key must be laughing at the lack lustre , idiotic efforts of , out of his depth,- David Shearer — and The Labour Party voted Shearer as their Leader . Turkeys.

  • Craig Cottam

    It is inconceivable how a country could be led by such an incompetent speaker and leader. His caucus is too busy throwing shit at itself to take aim at the government with any effect. No one can figure out what he’s actually saying with out rewinding and replaying what he says several times over, and then you only have the barest idea.

    The scariest part though is that with the new Labour Leader selection process and the lack of coalition partners for National David Shearer has a reasonable chance of being the next PM. He can’t get his own caucus to focus how the fuck is he going to direct a multi-party coalition govt?

    Fucking scary prospect!

  • Joe Bloggs

    it wasn’t so long ago that the leftards were making fun of John Key’s diction and pronunciation – ironic that that goes around has come back around to bite them hard on their own bums

  • CJA

    Fuck Fenton’s ugly. Just saying that’s all.

  • cows4me

    Maybe the Liarbore caucus should try a bit of doping on DS, whatever he’s on now ain’t working.