Shearer on Lobbying

David Shearer was interviewed on BFM this morning.

Full interview:

Full interview

The whole interview is amusing and starts off with him being asked about his invisibility, while he’s in thick fog.

However, at the end he was asked why Labour wants unions exempted from the scrutiny of the lobbyists’ bill.

The reply was articulate David Shearer at his very best and really just delivered more thick fog on the issue:


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  • Markm

    Seriously , how did this guy ever become a negotiator.
    He can’t even articulate a basic sentence , let alone coherently .

    • toby_toby

       Easy – he simply bores the parties into submission.

  • BJ

    Its because he doesn’t believe a word he is saying himself.

  • Euan Rt

    And he says that he doesn’t look to have any material gains from the unions lobbying him? yeah right…Lier-bore at its best!

  • johnbronkhorst

    SSSOO…david……..when unions DEMAND things from MP’s…they aren’t lobyists….thay are um…well ah um…..unions! Where as businessmen are scum…… that ah…….what you are um saying….I think???

  • Mr_Blobby

    You lot really are a bunch of lightweights, you just don’t get it.
    If you are spending your Money (business) you are a scum lobbyist.
    If you are spending someone else’s Money (Union) you are a scum trougher.
    Next question.

  • BOB

    That guy is AWFUL to listen to.

    What a stuttering, spluttering, rambling interview. 

    • johnbronkhorst

      So you are saying…it’s not just mallard with altzheimers???

  • Carlos

    This has great comedic value. The left are never going to get anywhere with this clown at the helm.

  • GregM

    So according to Shearer, if a corporate gives $50,000 to the National party, that is evil, but the unions can, and do give $100,000 + to the Labour party, that’s ok, and nothing to see here.
    Fuck off Shearer, your voters might be stupid but the rest of NZ isn’t.

  • Whafe

    The guy is a pthetic individual, what woman would be into this guy, has the spine of a jellyfish… Grow some balls Mr Invisable…

  • Owl

    Four unions by their own admission are affiliated to the Labour Party. The donated $100k plus man power to all and I mean all LABOUR MPs. Mr Shearer please do not tell me that MPs can’t be brought.

    Give $100k for employment law changes – unions
    give $100k for fishing law changes – business

    What is the difference? FFS Shearer

    The Owl is pissed off! And when I am annoyed I do research!

    • GregM

       He’s starting to piss me off as well, he is starting to come across as an arrogant and patronizing cock.
      I look forward to your observations Mr Owl.

  • Goldie

    “Well, ummm, ahhh, you see, sort of, ummm ahhh sort of, you know…”
    Well, at least he hasn’t discovered the word “like”.

  • AnonWgtn

    Sad really as I am sure that he is a nice family orientated guy – not at all suited to the Labour Party. Not queer, not maori and a trade unionist – but was a Teacher.
    Cannot appear to even lie straight so ums and errs.
    Playing into the unionists laps really – keep going