Smart Campaigning

Barack Obama has endured endless sledges, conspiracy stories and campaigns about his heritage from the “Birthers“.

Now he has turned that into a plus. It really is smart campaigning…turning your opponents sledge into a marketing ploy:

There’s really no way to make the conspiracy about President Obama’s birth certificate completely go away, so we might as well laugh at it — and make sure as many people as possible are in on the joke. Get your Obama birth certificate Made in the USA mug today


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  • Kiwikea

    Most Birth Certificates only name where you were born. Must be quite detailed to include “made” as well.

  • Big Bruv

    How can I order one for Redbaiter?

  • Fergus

    If americans vote this idiot in for 4 more years, they will be 3rd world country.

    • Meg

      I suggest you look at some information on how much the US has progressed under Obama. 

  • Alext

    It is just the cup made there.

  • carpentaro

    That “birth certificate” doesn’t pass the smell test. O can be one of our “best” exports [soon, I hope], any takers?