Something for the Greens to Read

Foreign Policy

Clare Curran follows Lakoff so Labour will probably understand frames, even if they are way to useless to frame anything while the main framer is Trev, who is an egomanic who can’t stay out of the media and let Labour talk about things that matter.

The Greens can take quite a lot from Lakoff makes a telling point.

Interestingly, I have yet to run across a liberal castigating low-information voters who happen to vote Democrat on the basis of information from liberal media, friends, or family. It’s a term that goes one way: left to right.

The left and especially hard left think that if only people would listen they could be educated to understand that climate change is the most compelling moral issue of our time, or Lying Len needs his dopey railway, or wearing sandals and eating mung beans is actually pretty cool, especially if you dance the morris as well. Unfortunately for the Greens the Low Information Voters don’t respond to any of this kind of message because the LIVs frame the greens as a bunch of smelly hippies who are probably looney as well, so don’t listen.

The big challenge for the Greens is to break out of the smelly, looney hippy frame. They have done quite well with Russell Norman who doesn’t look like a hippy, and is known to take a bath far more regularly than other greens. This may be to help break the smelly hippy frame, or he may just have a hot wife is playful in the bath, but regardless he breaks the frame.

The frame is reinforced by most of the women in the greens have a bad case of crazy bitch syndrome. The LIVs wont listen to them because they think they are looneys.


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  • nasska

    While you’re gently introducing the soap dodgers to the concept of monthly bathing Whale, could you get Catherine Delahunty to have a shave or at least wax the ends of her mustache?  Ta.

  • Phar Lap

     Sacre Bleu what a motely lot of pretenders.Wonder how many liars in that lot.Just imagine in the unlikely event of such a shower of ugly bugs getting the treasury benches in 2014.Would be nice to know how many wet backs there as well .To think maybe some day ,they could rule NZ.

  • GW

    I don’t know, Cameron.

    As a GP supporter, I’ve castigated plenty of LIV Labour supporters for wasting their vote on the premise that they’re essentially the same as the Nats (i.e. stuffed-shirt party hacks and  jobsworths without an ounce of vision between them).

    Admittedly, that was on Red Alert so I was probably on a hiding to nothing.

  • Mully

    This LARPing doesn’t help, of course, but in my IMHO, part of the Green’s issue is that their loudest cheerleaders in the community are all unwashed smelly morons.

    The Greens have some policy that is good, (and some that is batshit crazy), but they need to quiet down the unwashed hairy militant vegan lesbian fringe (you know the one – a Green Party bumber sticker on their heap of shit car, etc etc)