Stupid Headlines

The Daily Mail had this headline on their article of 16 August about Kim Kardashian:

She of course wasn’t holding a “huge rifle gun”, it was a simple over and under shotgun for skeet shooting…depsite the Mail repeating their error in the story:

In one snap Kim is pictured toting a large rifle as she describes a skeet shooting adventure with step-father Bruce Jenner, brother Rob and sister Kylie.

Uhmmm…no…that is a shotgun…idiots!



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  • Salacious T Crumb

    And we care about what those vacuous oxygen thieves do why?

  • baw

    Who is this Kim Kardashian?. Just another pop star?. I’m sorry I hear here name from time to time, but she is of little interest to me.

    • Travis Poulson

      Nope, not a pop star. She’s a person that is famous for being nothing, like that Hilton bitch. Just a rich daddy. You don’t need talent to make it rich and famous in the US, just a rich daddy.

      • baw

        ah, thanks, one thing with the pop stars is at least they did something to achieve fame.

  • Scanner

    If the dopey tart drops the hammer on that one holding the gun like that not only is she going to belt the living shit out her shoulder she’s going to cop the blackest cheek in town, also looking at the stance she would have been lucky to turn in 5 out of 25,nice legs though.

  • Rodger T

    “huge rifle gun” Maybe she drove to the range in her car thingy.
    LoL, but then again we `aint the target demographic.

  • NoVictim

    Ive seen the Video, Kim definately likes the “Huge Rifle Gun” thingys, especiallt the Black ones!

  • Rodger T
    • Airhead Churnalists

      Haha “Neil Young first man on the moon” who “stepped out of the space shuttle on to the surface of the moon!”
      More airhead Journalists, must be a worldwide phenomenon.

  • axeman

    Meh. Here she is holding a ‘big gun’