The End Is Nigh

Italians are banning the bikini from the Miss Italia competition.

Italian men might as well pack up their balls and allow the gypsies to invade.  It is over.  Laughing stock.

Pageant organiser Patrizia Mirigliani said: “With this type of costume we will be returning to the classical beauty of the 1950’s, the era of female legends who we still admire and respect even today,” the Daily Mail reported.

Whatever.  If beautiful women are to parade in bikinis who has the right to stop them?


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Heretics! Burn them at the stake – along with the bra’s…
    Bring back Buck, snifters, marmite and the string bikini… and summer too!

  • Ratesrevolt

    The end is nigh for Lenny fucking Brown…… water rates through from the council for the Northshore today….. if mine are representative of the rest of the shore they’ve gone up well over 200 percent.

  • tarkwin

    It’s all my fault. I sent them a photo of Sue Bradford in a bikini, I don’t think she shaved that year.

  • Good on the Italians!!!

    I’ve done a couple of posts on why wearing a bikini is bad for women, and it’s great to see I’m not the only one that thinks this way.

    Basically, when men look at women wearing bikinis, the area of the brain that works with tools gets activated, so a woman in a bikini is like a tool that needs to be acted upon. In other words, bikinis encourage men to objectify women, and the more you think a particular way, the more entrenched in general thinking it becomes.

    Men and bikinis and the moral order

    Unfortunately, as can be seen from my post above, I tend to really annoy some people when I start talking like this.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Yep – especially if the bikini wearer is really “HOT” – my tool gets activated alright along with my imagination / wishful thinking… and it’s about that time I fully believe manogomy is nothing but a man-made construct quite likely invented by the Church & State centruries ago to control the populace into “legitimising” unions & marriage between 2 people.
      The world would be a much better place if wanton, wild shagging was encouraged between consenting adults – instead of the hypocrisy and “hiding” of most anything sexual in our daily lives.

    • Neil

      Some of us are a bit more trad Lucia – I prefer leaving plenty to the imagination. But banning bikinis per se they at least have avoided the really skimpy ones becoming the competitive direction for some girls, how tiny can you go. A bit of the reverse of the rebellion of the Beach Volleyball girls at the Olympics this year.

    • Lion_ess


    • Neil

      This is one reason guys struggle to understand …..

    • Rodger T

      I didn`t know altar boys wore bikinis,but there you go you learn something new every day.