The Freak Olympics? Ctd

The Atlantic

Forget performance enhancing drugs, how about genetically modified athletes? Forget the pretence…let’s have the Freak Olympics with no restrictions at all…it would be freakin’ awesome:

After Ye Shiwen shocked the Olympics with her performance in the 400 meter individual medley, swimming the last 50 meters faster than Ryan Lochte, the men’s champion in the event, a long-time American coach ominously hinted that perhaps a new kind of performance enhancement had arrived on the athletic scene.

“If there is something unusual going on in terms of genetic manipulation or something else, I would suspect over eight years science will move fast enough to catch it,” John Leonard, the American executive director of the World Swimming Coaches Association, said.

It’s important to note that there is no evidence that Ye engaged in any doping practice, let alone something as new and high-tech as genetic manipulation.

But, the fact that genetic manipulation was even on the table or in the ether as the example Leonard gave in his accusation is remarkable. So I set out to find out how scientifically plausible it might be for Ye — or any athlete — to enhance his or her performance with current gene doping technology.


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  • Jason

    The issue I have with your freak Olympics Whale is that most athletes start in their chosen sport very young and their decisions/training regimes are made for them. So what you are purposing is full scale doping on children/young adults for your entertainment. I much prefer knowing that they try to keep the sports clean and the focus is on training than using young athletes as human guinia pigs for your enjoyment.

    There is also a freak Olympics currently available in the worlds strongest man no proper drug testing there.

  • Neil

    Don’t agree it’s anything to do with genetically modifying yet – its children being chosen or picked out when already in their loved sport for physical traits that will see them more easily excel at elete level. Even in New Zealand we find this ocurring now – there’s just not that many to choose from.


    I for one will accept our genetic overlords when they rule the world.

    • Mediaan

      With an honorific like Dr and a surname like Hill, I would have supposed you were aiming to be one of them.

  • Harry

    I have long thought that the drugged Olympics would be popular.
    In every athletes bio, and on the screens before the start, there’d be a list stating which drugs they are on/have been on. Anything goes. It could then be handicapped of course as someone snorting coke at every drinks station is going to run the marathon a lot faster than someone on a different, less immediate concoction or enhancement.