The Isolation of Politicians

We are very lucky in New Zealand with our access to politicians. Even with the DPS it is still possible to meet and greet the prime Minister without too much bother. Not so in the US.

Everywhere that Obama goes the airspace is shut down for the time he is in the location and they even shut down and screen access to venues. This costs businesses money.

One of my regular correspondents told me that just the other day he visited Las Vegas and all the tourist helicopter operators running people out to the Grand Canyon had to shut down, even those running out of Boulder City 40 miles away. To top it all off it hosed down with rain and dumped 6 inches into the city when they normally only get about 4 inches per annum.

Now his trips are shutting down businesses in Iowa.

The owner of a famous beer stand at the Iowa State Fair says President Obama’s visit last night cost him as much as $25,000.

The Bud Tent, which has been serving fairgoers for 65 years, had to be shut down to the public during the presidential drop-in; patrons had to be screened and scanned before being allowed entry.

“I was in a position to make a campaign donation against my will,” said third-generation owner Mike Cunningham II to the Des Moines Register.

Cunningham, it should be noted, is a Republican.

“I wouldn’t have voted for (Obama) before,” Cunningham said. “I won’t again.”

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, stoked the flap with a Tweet today: “How does PresO justify havin secret service shut down the bud tent @ the state fair nd the owner told me he loses 50,000 n 1 nite.”

Cunningham told the Register the loss was closer to $25,000.

I hope we never get to the situation where this happens in New Zealand. Hell if John Key visited any place takings would probably increase.

Politicians need to be accessible, otherwise they become captured and aloof from the ordinary citizen.


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  • Kiwidon

    God preserve us!
    (OMG – what if Hone became PM!)

    • Get a grip

      He would have the same effect as Obama!!!! All Hones mates would come to the beer tent and expect free booze. Tent owner would be out of pocket $25k :-))

  • blokeintakapuna

    Labour have that same effect on business too. Labour signed NZ up to a FTA with China – and now just look at our manufacturing base? Hillside rail yards anyone?

    • Gazzaw

      Now BiT you know that I detest labour and everything that they stand for but I can’t let you get away with a claim that the FTA with China has not gone a long way towards saving this country’s arse. I also recall our days of having a manufacturing base as the days that I paid two months salary to buy a crap obsolete TV, rusty Thames-assembled Toyotas & tolerated all sorts of second rate goods in the name of protectionism.

  • Will

    I agree, but you’ve got to remember America has a history of their President’s being assasinated – Lincoln and Kennedy. There was also an attempt on Reagan’s life, Bobby Kennedy was shot dead, and just recently Gabriellle Giffords was shot as well. Additionally, Obama’s obviously the first black POTUS and you never know what nut jobs are out there. That being said it is great NZ doesn’t present the same level of danger, although the DPS are a bit of joke after they let Key get roughed by those Maori thugs at Waitangi. If that was the States they might be six feet under by now.

  • GPT

    Another point of note is the article mentioned the political affiliation of the subject. SST, HOS and TV amongst others would do well to take note.