The Nasty Party, Ctd

Labour cannot help themselves.  Trevor Mallard is back seeing dead people again. John Banks wants Charter Schools so he can do what?

Seems everyone has their right to their own beliefs unless Labour MP’s disagree.

Trevor Mallard in his last term as a Labour MP before (in)voluntarily retiring in 2014 needs to take advice from Banks

Mr Banks says he’s too old, these days, to be ‘judgemental’.

What’s that sound? Quack. Quack.



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  • blokeintakapuna

    Did you know a duck’s quack doesn’t echo supposedly – so is that why no one repeats anything Mallard says?

  • LesleyNZ

    Of course Trevor Mallard doesn’t believe in the Bible’s account of creation. His behaviour reflects this.

  • Whafe

    Am not sure what flows through Mallard’s veins, but it ain’t blood that’s for sure. You low life disrespectful idiot….

  • Gazzaw

    Just what I was talking about yesterday. The freedom for people to hold personal religious beliefs without being pilloried in public for holding those views. I’m an atheist so have no axe to grind with Banksy but will totally defend his right to express his beliefs without being scoffed at by a bigot like Mallard.

  • Sarrs

    What a jerk. Politicians, even Labour and Green ones, are entitled to their beliefs. They could believe in aliens and unicorns and that mythical creature, the perfect man, and I wouldn’t care – as long as their policies were good. Maybe that’s the problem, Labour and Green policy is dictated by personal belief and not crazy things like economics and what the voting public actually want.

    • Pin

      well said sarrs…..there are even a few politicians that believe in the mythical taniwha!

  • Jocko

    …even Taniwhas…”as long as their policies are good” (Sarrs)..!

    • Sarrs

      They can believe in Taniwhas if they like, just keep the damned things out of policy. There is no such thing as a taniwha, therefore there is no such thing as a good policy that mentions, involves or acknowledges taniwha. Does that answer your question? Was it a question? I’m not even sure what you were getting at.

  • That, of course, would be the same Trevor Mallard who famously once referred to members of a religious group as “chinless scarf-wearers”…

  • Macca

    Isn’t it interesting the way Mallard leaves out a couple of the key points Banks made so he can completely twist what was originally said to mean virtually the exact opposite! It sort of ipitomises everything left to me. They seem incapable of re-telling a story without scewing it to suit their own agenda – and most of the media too!

    • AnonWgtn

      Mallard also leaves a couple of screws out of his brain. Perhaps Helen will put them back – on the other hand perhaps she will not.

  • b1gdaddynz

    I totally disagree with John Banks beliefs but I 100% support him having them. Trevor Mallard needs to pull his ignorant and intolerant head in.

  • I believe there are people involved in the state education system who believe in the irrational, disproved, harmful belief known as socialism. Furthermore, they are letting this superstition influence their work duties. Will Trevor Mallard get outraged about this?

    • 2ndAmendment

      By definition: everyone involved in state education – from preschool to university, not only “believes in” but actively depends on socialism for their daily bread. Same for state healthcare.

      And by their economic structure, indeed by their very existence, state healthcare and state education do nothing more than promote and inculcate socialism in NZ