The Standard and Death Threats

The Standard’s attack by several authors against both John and Josie Pagani has reached new depths, and now involves death threats.

Take a look at this comment from regular contributor Colonial Viper:

“Time to put Zarak and Gaeta back in their place.” Sounds innocuous unless you are a sci0-fi fan and follow Battlestar Galactica

How is that not a death threat?

From Wikipedia:

“After regaining control of Galactica and defeating the mutiny, Adama has Zarek and Gaeta executed by firing squad.”

Ummm, too far? I think so. There really is no other way to read that. The only way that Zarek and Gaeta were put in their place was execution.

Colonial Viper seems unhinged. That individual has been making some foreboding comments in there:

Josie and John must be beside themselves. They have a young family and those are serious threats.

The authors of The Standard and Lynn Prentice as the ostensible “owner” of The Standard know a great deal about this commenter…for a start with all of Lynn’s self professed IT literacy he will certainly know the ip address from which those comments were posted.

The authors at The Standard like to call my blog and DPF’s blog – “The Sewer”. I think that title has been snatched beyond doubt now by The Standard.

Commenters who debate with logic against the authors are frequently banned and their comments deleted for far, far less. The fact that the comments stand after so many hours ahows tacit approavl by the authors. It is time they were held to account for their actions.

It is clear that they do not respect freedom of speech, or even freedom of association. They are fascists. Fascism in what ever form must be confronted and defeated.

If anyone knows anything about the identities of the commenters and/or authors then my anonymous tipline is available for you to confidentially share that information.

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  • Wally

    Go for it Cam. These people are scum.

  • That’s really awful – classic example of the egotistical keyboard warrior. And perhaps indicative of how so few people understand what freedom of speech and freedom of expression is. Sure you can say what you like. But the freedom is subject to limitations which follow the “harm” and “offense” principles. So that means anything that incites violence or vigilantism, especially on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender etc is seen as hate speech.

    I think the Paganis need to take this issue up with the police.

    • Travis Poulson

      I think the Paganis need to take this issue up with the police.”

      Nah, anonymous bravado from an online coward. Not worth the cowshit scraped off a gumboot.

      • Following my reply to your comment above…are they likely to take to them with an A-47? Probably not, but they might do other things such as send them hate mail etc.

        The Paganis have made themselves known to the public and like WO has said, given that they have young children they are wise to err on the side of caution.

        • Travis Poulson

          Fair point, re: kids, didn’t really think about that side of it. Having said that, I still think he’s all bluster, always have. Kind of sad though, I’ve never thought that someone “should be put back in their place” just for having an opinion (unless they are a complete idiot like kosh). I don’t always agree with the Pagani’s, but it’s a bit OTT.

          This emphasise’s everything I hate about the left.

          • I agree. And it shows the ugliest side of blogging. People are quick to assume that because it is “only the internet” they can say what they like.

            Robust/feisty debate with the odd smarmy comment/dig at someone is one thing, but absolute derogatory comments and hate speech – it’s completely another.

            Fair call re writing them off as bluster & bullshit since it came from the standard – as you know I get riled up about gay marriage, but I get way more so if I read left-wing sites. The stupidity on them seems to know no bounds!

          • Travis Poulson

            “but I get way more so if I read left-wing sites. The stupidity on them seems to know no bounds!”

            heh, sucker for punishment eh?

          • Operative word being “if” :-)

          • Colonial Viper might be all bluster Travis. But he might get a nasty surprise when Mr Plod knocks on his/her door, and politely suggests that CV pulls his/her head in.

  • Dean Gray

    I’m concerned about someone who’d take a fictional television show as seriously as CV does, but more concerned by the uber “sysop”‘s tacit approval of such delusions.

  • Travis Poulson

    I’d like to see the anonymous no-nuts cunt try. You know my real name Colonial Viper, come visit me instead. More than happy to receive visits from cunts like you. All the anonymous bravado of a teenage online gamer.

    • No I disagree. The fact that they hide behind an alias and make such threats CAN indicate that they are even more capable of carrying out their threats than if they used their real name.

      I wouldnt write them off as mere bluster & bullshit nor would I underestimate teenage gamers – after all, teens these days seem to have no qualms with taking to a policeman with a machete!

      • Travis Poulson

        Coming from The Standard, I immediately rule it out as bluster and bullshit by default.

  • Mully

    Typical leftie. Can’t argue their position without slurs and threats.

    And typical cowardice to do it under an assumed name (and before the pinko idiots start, yes, I’m using an assumed name – but I’m not threatening anyone).

  • Steve

    “They have a young family and those are serious threats.”

    Bit of concern trolling here on your part methinks Cameron. The comments are clearly idiotic sure, but beyond the normal hyperbole of the net? nah.

  • NZ Groover

    I indeed have been banned by The Standard. I wear it as a badge of honour. There really is no point in posting there, they regulars appear to be only interested in sychophancy and abuse of those who disagree. As an aside, I also got a personal email from Lynn Prentice calling me an idiot (among other things) after being banned……want a copy Whale?

  • Disgraceful; that’s all that can be said. FFS; at the end of the day, it’s only politics; getting to this level of threat goes way beyond anything that can reasonably be argued.

    And yes; this kind of thing should be reported to the Police; all it takes is one fruitloop to act on a not-so-subtle suggestion like this, and one can only imagine what might happen. It also strengthens the argument for protection against cyber-bullying.

  • Scanner

    I too have been banned from the Strandard, and also wear it as a badge of honour, my banning came about after getting involved in a discussion that when the riff raff that run the site worked out they were being proven wrong chose to become abusive, so the gloves came off and and I found out “they don’t like it up em” wankers one and all.

    As for Colonial Viper who in real life is actually a short fat balding prick who still lives with his mummy and sits for hours at a time in his urine stained y fronts at his computer wishing he could actually be a man instead of a big dollop of rectal mucus.

    • Travis Poulson

      I think the last time I visited there was during the Ports dispute, I asked lprent a curly one that never got answered. I asked it again several hours later but it received another stone wall so I never bothered about it again. Maybe I should go back and troll a bit, a ban on me will last all of 3 seconds.

    • axeman

      Ahh the Colonic Arsewiper. The top sock puppet of the ultimate circle jerk SUB-standard which has succeeded in being a collective joke. It is far too late to try winding those frothing union fundamentalist wingnuts in.

      So now these self described tolerant Socialists have become the intolerant Fascists they profess to abhor. Kind of typifies the whole leftard problem really doesn’t it?

    • Cadwallader

      I have been banned intermittently but it won’t happen again as I doubt I have sufficient soap to cleanse myself after a visit to that vile swamp.

  • RightOfGenghis

    Nothing to worry about over there. Just read the ’22 comments on “Drug testing beneficiaries’. No less than 20 seemed to be anti-testing. So there you go, they’re all stoned!

  • Doug

    to think labour quotes the Standard on occasion, LWNJ Left wing Nut Jobs

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  • MrV

    All I know is CV used to comment heaps on red alert. Haven’t read that blog lately so don’t know if he still does.

    • Travis Poulson

      Um, what would the main topic of this post suggest?

      • MrV

        Sorry, the only reason I mentioned red alert blog was because of those multitude of IT security breaches the Labour party was having. Perhaps CV has donated to the Labour party … then again probably all hui, no doi.

        • MrV

          In which case the Paganis can probably get his IP address via internal LP channels (unless he is bouncing off proxy servers).
          ie. ask Duck for the address.

        • Travis Poulson

          Disregard my comment, I mistook Red Alert for The Standard, an honest mistake ;)

  • I guess I can take my long time life time ban from The Standard(ess) with some satisfaction.

  • Agent BallSack

    Standard bullshit from CV…still masturbating to pics of Stalin and Martyn Bummer Bradbury

  • queenstfarmer

    “Commenters who debate with logic against the authors are frequently banned and their comments deleted for far, far less”

    Yep. Lynn and the other authors must be so thin skinned and insecure in their own purported views that they cannot tolerate divergent views. Sad.

  • LesterPK

    I followed some posts on him a while ago. Sounds like me married into big money, lives comfortably etc. Some of the others were calling him rich prick etc.

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  • TheContrarian

    The Standard is populated by weird freaks who need a place to rule. Disagreement, even if polite and considered, leads to ad homs.

    This was my first introduction and since then I have been much less polite.

  • Balanced View

    Oh please! Death threat? Pathetic Whale.
    In fact – I bet a 20min search on this site would find worse comments by yourself – let alone someone else’s comments.