This was never going to end well

Augusta Chronicle

With Silly First Name Syndrome and deciding to rob a gunshop, the plan had win written all over it.   Not.

Note the armed shop owner is still breathing…I wonder if he would have been if he had to wait for the police to arrive?

One man is dead and two are recovering after being shot by a gun store owner during a burglary of his business Thursday morning.

Stephen Bayazes Jr., 57, told officers that he and his wife were asleep in an apartment at the back of the business, Guns & Ammo Gunsmith, 522 Edgefield Road, shortly before 4 a.m. when he awoke after hearing a loud crash and the activation of a silent alarm.

Bayazes grabbed an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and found three men loading guns into a van that had crashed through the side wall of the store.

After hearing the men yell to kill him, Bayazes shot one 30-round magazine of .223-caliber bullets before retreating to his bedroom to reload, he later told officers.

As he left the room, Bayazes saw two men drive away in the van.

K’Raven Aude Goodwin, 20, of Eastover, S.C., was wounded and left behind at the gun

Aiken County Coroner Tim Carlton said Goodwin died of gunshot wounds shortly after arriving at Medical College of Georgia Hospital.

The two other suspects were found at Waffle House on Martintown Road, about three miles away. Investigators said the men, who had both been shot, stopped at the restaurant to seek help.


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  • Grant Stantiall

    No sympathy for the robbers. I’ve fired an M16 but those AR-15’s are supposed to be pretty good. Top work Mr Bayazes.

  • Mark

    But but no one needs a military style rifle or more than a 10 round mag…

    • Really, thIs store owner did.

      • Adolf Fiinkensein

        Well no, actually he didn’t. He needed some firearms training.

        The fool loosed off thirty rounds and only knocked over one person. What collateral damage did he do with the other twenty-five or so rounds. Hell he must have been waving that weapon around like a Maori with a taieha.

        He should have kept cool and put three rounds into the chest cavity of each of the perps. Game over. Call Cops. “Please come and pick up your stiffs.”

    • Rightoverlabour

      Define “no one”. SAS? Police? Delta Teams? Gun Shop Owners?? What happens if there are 11 crims? Toss a coin? Hope you can reload faster than they can shoot? Go back to Disney World….

      • Rodger T

        I think you will find Mark was being facetious. : )

        • Mark

          Sarcasm fail,overestimated target audience,ah well.

          • rightoverlabour

            touché – guilty as charged

  • Brian Smaller

    K’Raven? Craven?

    Goes to show that there is such a thing as self-defence is you have the means of defence.

  • Scanner

    This guy needs some serious help, 30 rounds od .223 Rem and only 1 dead, sould have had all three of the fuckers on a slab, the society wins.

    • Mark

      At 0400,just woken up,dark,barefoot?He hit all three,do you think you could do better?

      • Scanner

        Damm straight, and they would have all left the building in a black zip up bag, hell of a lot easier on the courts system that way.
        A friend of mine who was a cop, told me use the first round to remove the top of their head and fire the second through the roof, then lie your arse off over the order they were fired in.

  • Mr_Blobby

    I give 8.5 out of 10, would have been 10/10 if he had finished all 3. Very well done A.