Three more Kiwis lost in Afghanistan

Three more Kiwi soldiers have died in Afghanistan:

Three New Zealand soldiers serving with the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Bamyan have been killed in Afghanistan.

Their deaths come just two weeks after two other New Zealand soldiers, Lance Corporals Rory Malone and Pralli Durrer were killed in a fierce gun battle.

The Defence Force says the last vehicle in a convoy travelling north west of Do Abe on the road to Romero was hit by an improvised explosive device about 9.20am (Afghanistan time).

The remaining personnel in the patrol secured the location and awaited additional support.

The Defence Force says next of kin has been informed and the families are being supported.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement, AP reported.

Rest In Peace.

Meanwhile the Army needs to hunt down the Taliban and put some of them in the ground.


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  • Scanner

    Time to stop pissing around, and do what should have been done right at the start, if you are seen carrying a firearm you’re dead, no ifs buts or maybes, if you are in possession of bomb making equipment rope tree dangle.
    One of two things will happen, you will run out of sand niggers, or they wake up to the fact that either of the two above acts means a long walk down a very short path, problem solved, troops home.

    • Mark

      Oh, but we have done that for 11 years now and it didn’t have any effect!

    • le sphincter

      Shock and Awe 2 ?
      Just another keyboard chickenhawk who thinks sucess is to make them hate us even more and they turn to Pakistan and Iran as their saviours

      • Scanner

        Why the fuck are you such a loathsome piece of shit, you have absolutely no fucking idea as what anybody has done in their past life, but still feel it your god given right to pass judgement on everyone else, fuck off back to your sycophant “friends” at the Standard, you are an ankle, three feet lower than an arsehole.
        Five minutes with you would be long enough to readjust your attitude, and I am sure I would feel whole lot better as well.

    • tspoon

      um.. they do shoot pretty much anything that moves. which is part of the problem. No one tells us what our forces are doing there, but in both Iraq and Afghanistan US forces killed and continue to kill many unarmed civilians for reasons not known. The taliban aren’t my cup of tea, but they don’t go to foreign countries and unilaterally use snipers to target all males of ‘military age’ regardless of whether they are armed or not.
      They also don’t send their young men to foreign countries to aid said forces which kill unarmed civilians in such a fashion, merely to cement trade deals for dairy companies. Which arguably makes our society morally inferior to theirs. A sobering thought.
      In any case, democracy in Afghanistan would produce much the same results as in Egypt, Libya, and anywhere else people think it’s going to make a difference soon. Which is say, no difference ranging down to complete disaster, and 100% not what western supporters envisaged.

      • Three numbers: 9-11

        • ConwayCaptain

          None of the perpetrators of 9-11 were Afganis the majority were Saudi as was bin Laden.
          It is the Wahabbis of Saudi wg=ho are the problem

          • Polish Pride

            Don’t forget the Mossad agents that ‘pulled’ the twin towers and Building 7

          • insider

            How could we, when the spaceships that helped them escape are hovering over us as I type

          • pukakidon

            Harbouring in Afghanistan under the protection of the Taliban. Dont forget the Bali Bombers were attributed to the same group and that happened in our part of the world.

      • The Taliban and their allies committed massacres against Afghan civilians and denied UN food supplies to 160,000 starving civilians during their rule from 1996-2001, they also blew up some historic statues of another religion, so don’t kid yourself that they are tolerant of other cultures.
        All you have to say about this is “The taliban aren’t my cup of tea”. Yet, you have the audacity to say we are morally inferior because we are part of a international effort to help the Afgan people thru their struggles.
        What a crock. Like so many peaceniks, you scream if one country tries to help another, but if a country persecutes it’s own citizens, you dont say a word. Wheres the outcry about Zimbabwe for instance?

        • tspoon

          Well. I didn’t really have time to talk about Zimbabwe Bruce, and to be honest I’m not sure how it’s relevant. The phrase I used regarding the taliban was intended as shorthand for general disapproval without having to submit a full doctoral dissertion on the subject.
          My point was that even though they do lots of really shitty things, they don’t go to other countries and kill people, a certain amount of whom were just minding their own business, and whose only crime was to loiter outside their house, or on some occasions not even that much

          The US do. And we align ourselves with those actions. To get trade deals.

          • The article you linked to about a court case where it is alleged snipers were leaving ‘bait’ for insurgents & shooting whoever attempted to take off with them. There is no evidence this is official policy & it is quite possible that these actions were done by a rogue element in the US army. This is been dealt with thru the courts.
            This doesn’t invalidate the international effort been made to help the Afghan people.
            You seem to argue that we shouldn’t get involved, that they will leave us alone, if we leave them alone. That used to be US foreign policy (isolationism) up until the 1940’s. It didn’t work.

      • landly

        Evidence that all males of military age are targeted by snipers from the coalition side is …?

      • Tony

        simply not true. I have served there. you should not repeat dumb-arse stuff

        • tspoon

          “It is also because Mr. Obama embraced a disputed method for counting civilian casualties that did little to box him in. It in effect counts all military-age males in a strike zone as combatants, according to several administration officials, unless there is explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent. ”

          Although I will admit my wording was well out of date, as these days most killing is effected by drone strike. Please note I make no claim that NZ forces are involved in such, but reiterate that we should think seriously about aligning our country with or supporting such actions.

  • Mark

    The soviets couldn’t handle it in that place. We should get out while we can and concentrate on our home defenses instead.

  • Caleb

    Double the deployment.

    • tspoon

      Is it just me, or is New Zealand the knight holding the bridge in a monty python movie? When something doesn’t work, we double down and do it twice as much…

  • Jase

    Rest in peace brothers. My own brother is serving in Afghanistan and to withdraw now is not an option. It would be a great dishonour to those who fight there against the anti-human, anti-reason and anti-advancement sentiments of these Taliban savages.

    • Random66

      I hope your brother comes home safe and sound Jase and our thoughts are with all those who have lost a friend or family member at this time.

    • blazer

      its the ONLY option unfortunately.Now that the U.S has announced a time frame for pull out,all the ‘friendly’ Afghanis have to show their ‘contempt’ for the invaders or be killed when the occupation forces leave.Perhaps the yanks will now invade Saudi Arabia…terrible,repressive regime there of course.

      • Neil

        No Iran is their next target – but by drones and Israel not soldiers on the ground.

  • ConwayCaptain

    They should be withdrawn NOW. No army has ever entered Afghanistan and come out victorious and that is from Alexander the Great to thre present day.
    They have been fighting each other for millenia and they beleive that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and tehy HATE outsiders.
    Anyone who thinks thatb they can bring western style Govt to a bunch of warringb tribal warlords is a numb skull.
    You cannot even buy an Afghan off you can only rent his loyalty until someone comes in with a better deal.
    Leave the buggers and let them conntinue fighting each other. READ YOUR HISTORY and you will find that Britain sent an army in during one of the 19th Century Afghan Wars and ONE man came out.

  • Jase, thanks to your brother for his service in Afghanistan; for his assistance in the preservation of the principles of freedom and democracy. I hope you get to catch up with him soon. And to CC and others of the appeasement ilk: You need to grow some backbone in that thang between your legs.

    • Mrs Danvers

      Perhaps you could enlighten us as to when the ‘principles of freedom and democracy’ were flowering in Afghanistan.

      • Gazzaw

        Doesn’t matter Mrs Danvers, rightly or wrongly we made a commitment to be there. I believe wrongly but we are bound not to cut & run (Shearer’s words) and leave our mates to fill in for us and do our dirty work. That is what it is all about now now Kazai’s rotten regime. So we cut out the PC bullshit reconstruction work and go for the Taleban 100% with a full infantry battalion.

    • ConwayCaptain

      The invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were noting to do with Freedo or Democracy theye were a means of teh Neo Cons in the White House and their side kick Tony Blair to show that they were “leaders”.
      They wernt and never will be. All these two invasions have done is turn the majority of the ME against the West

  • Gazzaw

    Regardless of whether you think that our troops should or should not be in Afghanistan now is not the time for NZ to withdraw early and leave our allies to fill the gap. Since when did Kiwis leave their mates to do their dirty work? It would have looked great if after a week on the Gallipoli Heights to have told the Aussies ‘We’ve lost enough blokes here so we’re fucking off home tomorrow. See you later’.

    I’ll go along with pulling out our current detachment out but they need replacing with a full combat infantry battalion backed up by the SAS. Forget the reconstruction work, it’s now all about killing Taleban. Yes, still pull out but in 2013-14 as agreed with our allies.

  • johnbronkhorst

    How about this call from left field….instead of pulling out right away, as the taliban want, we send 10000 more to avenge the dead!! Then pull them ALL out when we said we would anyway!……Too reactionary…do you think?

    • Mr_Blobby

      Good Idea. Just one question where are the extra 10000 combat ready troops going to come from.

      • Neil

        How about those unemployed youth we have out there – ?

        • Euan.Rt

          Yeah right! They would spend their time patrolling the opium fields.

  • link hawk

    another 3 lives wasted for nothing, whos next

    • Gazzaw

      I’m sure that your words will be much appreciated by their next of kin.

    • pukakidon

      You are a low life

    • pukakidon

      Really what about all this, and then think what the hell have you ever done for anyone?

      Doju Dochak Basic Health Clinic Upgrade (Kahmard).

      Pasroyah School Extension (Yakawlang).

      Bamyan Teachers Training College Boys’ Dormitory (Bamyan).

      Projects completed during 2010 – 2011 and funded by NZAID included:

      School furniture and school bags for Ghandak Boys’ and Girls’ Schools (Shibar).

      Window repair at Nayak Girls’ School (Yakawlang).

      Solar power for Sare Dare Chaste School (Yakawlang), Doshahk BHC (Kahmard) and Yakawlang Education Dept.

      Tents for Paitoba Village and Ghandak BHC (Shibar).

      Roof repairs for Kahmard Girls’ School.

      Classroom heaters for Dashte Shahr(Yakawlang).

      School furniture for Bamyan University.

      New kitchen at the Samar Orphanage (Bamian).

      Development of six culverts in the Yakawlang and Kahmard districts.

      Panjab/Waras Erosion Protection, Panjab district.

      Repair and construction of seven footbridges in the Shibar district.

      Five flood protection walls in the Yakawlang, Shibar and Kahmard districts.

      Thirteen well, water pipe, spring containment and irrigation canal projects in the Bamian, Kahmard and Yakawlang districts.

      Road repairs in three areas in the Yakawlang and Kahmard districts.

      Nayak Hospital Emergency Room Cabinets, (Yakawlang).

      Nayak HA Warehouse Door Repairs, (Yakawlang).

      Dahane Mur Micro Hydro Plant (Panjab).

      Sarkoshak Fruit Tree Protectors (Shibar).

      Ghandak Village Fruit Storage Facility (Shibar).

      Provision of a generator to the Bamian Boys High School to enable lighting within classrooms

      Provision of text books to the Daste Safed Literacy Centre

      Installation of a Micro-Hydro plant and the wiring required to provide power to Nayak Bazaar

      Provision of pipe to provide water from a nearby spring to Sayghan residential area

      Provision of tools in order to enable villagers to make repairs to access road in Yakawlang

      Provision of a generator to the Do Abe Weigh station in order to allow continual weighing of coal trucks in Kahmard

      Repairs to broken windows, doors and electrical fittings within the Dahane Tangy School

      Provision of office furniture and equipment to the Bamian Youth Centre allowing improved administration and running of courses

      Strengthening of existing supports for village irrigation pipe allowing continual supply of water to fields in Peshen

      Repairs to culverts in various districts, to ensure roads are passable during winter The completion of a project for 20 new village wells.
      The repair of five bridges.
      The completion and opening of five police stations.
      The construction of five flood protection walls.
      Provision of generators to Bamyan Hospital and University.
      The completion of Bamyan Boys High School.
      The provision of defibrillators to Bamyan Hospital.

      Bamyan Boys School – school opened in December, 2006.

      Purchase of vehicles for Afghan National Police

      Radios (Comms) for new Police vehicles

      Construction of five Police Stations including the Police District Headquarters in Bamyan

      Bridges, the repair/building/maintenance of various key bridges in order to maintain mobility in the area

      Bamyan Hospital, new ward and additional surgical equipment

      Support to local government, office equipment and furniture for govt offices in the Bamyan Province

      Water reticulation

  • ConwayCaptain

    All we are doing is supporting one corrupt evil regime, Karzai and his plundering mates and cronies, against another corrupt and evil regime, the Taleban.
    Plus a few corrup and evil war lords. This is how Afghanistan and that region has been run from time immemorial. The Brits tried to subdue the tribes of the NW Frontier and didnt succeed and they are still the same in the TRibal regions of Pakistan (NW Frontier)

    • Mr_Blobby

      Don’t know Conway, History does seem to favor the winners and powerful. You might not like there politics, religious beliefs and there justice system. But does that make them evil. Opium production did reduce under the Taliban under the US backed regime it is hitting new highs despite the massive military presence.
      “One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter”
      Defining what an Evil regime is, is problematic. The age old battle of Good v Evil. How often have we seen Evil thing done in the Name of the greater Good.

  • AnonWgtn

    The Taliban do not care who they kill, military or civilians, it is to continue to create fear.
    Sad condolencies to the families of those killed and injured.

  • whatever way you spin it, it is pure cowardice and disrespectful and dishonorable to talk about withdrawal on the day of their deaths: More proof that both Goff and Shearer are cocks.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Always been a bit confused about why we are there. Was it to help the local population with a problem or was it to look good for our so called allies.
    If it is genuinely to help the local population 2 questions 1. Do they want our help and 2. What have we actually achieved, seriously I hear a lot about reconstruction projects. Given the number of personnel and the time they have been there. How much actual reconstruction has happened and at what cost.
    Surely that many staff for so many years we would have built a small city by now.
    If we are not welcome why are we still there? Sorry but if I had some unwelcome guests, I to would use whatever force was required to remove them.
    If it is to support our allies, get a mandate from the voters and either mind your own business and get the fuck out of there or tool up the military industrial complex put the country on a war footing introduce the draft go over there and do whatever has to be done. The only problem with the plan is that we are actually too small to make a real difference.
    Just don’t half arse it.

  • Dumrse

    It puzzles me that we are still driving around in inferrior humvees (the Yanks dont rent out the newer heavy models) yet we are still overstocked with LAV’s back here in NZ. Thats also not say a LAV would have survived that particular IED however I know what I would rather be in…………………

    • thor42

      I agree, Dumrse. Our gear SUCKS.
      We shouldn’t have gone there in the first place if we didn’t have top-rate kit.

  • thor42

    I say we should withdraw as soon as bloody possible.
    This is an Islamic country and as such, it is a country filled with savages. They don’t give a shit about anyone else – even when said people build roads / schools / hospitals for them.
    Muslims are the most ungrateful, savage people in the world.

    There is only ONE reason why we have not already started to withdraw. John Key’s ***galaxy-sized EGO.***
    The prick just CAN’T admit when he has got it wrong.

    It’s not as if we have 50,000 troops over there. Every single one of them could EASILY be home by bloody Christmas if Key got his finger out of his arse.

    How much work does it take to say to the ANA “here, this base is yours. See ya.” ???? Fuck-all, that’s how much.

    • Travis Poulson