Too Much Effort Already

Why waste time even investigating this?

Samurai-sword killer Antonie Dixon had been throwing his body at cell walls and trying to choke himself in the days before his death, however, the guards in charge of him had no idea, an inquest has heard.

Earlier the inquest heard that Dixon died after strangling himself with a piece of cloth torn from an “anti-suicide” blanket in an at-risk prison cell, and had traces of methamphetamine in his blood at the time.

Who cares?





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  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep – who really cares? Shame he cost the tax payer so much money before he topped himself. Shame he couldn’t have done it sooner – taking a few other scum with him!
    Public lynching / hangings would have saved us tax payers hundreds of thousands – and then that money could have been given to the police / fire / emergency services peoples as a small pay rise.
    Yep – public hangings would also be a great deterant too for the tweenie wanna-be gansta’s.
    Buying a ticket similar to a Lotto draw could determine who gets the benefit of pulling the rope/pushing the button with these scum.
    It would make great TV – and hopefully Coro St would be moved on to make way for the public lynchings – or would it be better to air straight after the Lotto draw?

    • jaundiced

      Jeez whale, Bloke. Who cares? Obviously you do.
      Yes he’s a ‘bad man’. He was a disturbed and damaged individual. But you bloke in tackers fellow, with your slavering fantasies of public lynchings, what’s your excuse?

      • Razorlips81

        I think that the Blokeintakkers should be Minister of Justice and I am serious! Just look at all the comotion and tax payer costs wasted over the Beast, guess that he is not being released on your backdoor step jaundiced?

      • blokeintakapuna

        Over-taxed tax payer forking out over $200K p.a in various taxes – and scum like this get far better treatment from the NZ government than I ever did – go figure? I never even received a single meal from the tax payer – scum like him get 3 free meals a day, heated flooring, secure roof each night… all at no cost to him and his comrades…
        In fact, the previus Labour government treated me and my business like some kind of social lepper because it was a commercial enterprise – against their socialist ideologies.The fuckers! (At least Labour get what they deserve each election!)
        I guess the world would be a much better and safer place if there were real deterants for those that elected to break the cardinal rules of society – such as rape and murder. Some people are truly “ill” and will never be rehabilitated – so why try at a cost of over $200K per prisoner? And why try at the huge expense of lost prison officer lives when these scum try to hurt or kill prison staff?
        They deserve no pity – only swift euthanasia / culling – so we can pay our police more money with the money saved. A win-win I believe it’s called.
        Some people in life simply don’t deserve to walk the planet because of their deliberate actions inflicted upon society. The leftie’s seem to want to wrap these people in cotton wool and have them treated better than their victims – well I say to hell with them… and send them there quickly, before they cost the tax payer or society anything more!
        Cull them swiftly – in a humane ceremony with all religious faith’s offering safe passage for their souls on the way to meet the maker – and then cull them from society – like Darwin and the laws of nature intended.
        Ironic how being in a “civilised society” we keep murderers and rapists alive in prisons with under-floor heating, 3 meals a day etc – when pensoners have a far more difficult time than prisoners – and pensioners have more often than not, paid HUGE amounts of taxes throughout their working life – but a rapist will receive better tax-payer funded treatment?…
        We all have a right to live our lives free and as we choose. However, those freedoms also have responsibilities to the society we all live in – so for deliberately and viciously breaking of these laws – expect to forfit your life, so the tax payer will not be burdoned with your incarceration and all the costs associated with your inhumane actions.
        But I was never one for wet bus ticket wrist slapping… I prefer the victim has more rights than the agressor..
        Besides, a “sending-off” party with a rapist / murderer as the “guest of dishonour” could be a really cheerful event – perhaps not so much so for the offender – but for society as a whole, think of the cathartic benefits this would have. It would be like a Nation-wide “Spring cleaning” with the country eliminating all the filth and scum from our streets – helping to keep NZ safe again for all the vulnerable individuals out there.
        Hope that answers it for you?…

        • chump

          Jesus Blokeintaka, don’t think in my three or so years of reading on this blog I’ve EVER come across such a lynch-mob-foam-at-the-mouth rant!
          Never received a single meal from the tax payer? Poor you. Run your business at a loss to avoid paying tax?
          Carry a few of those losses forward did you?
          Had a business for a while? Perhaps for longer than JUST under a labour govt’s term?
          I just hope for your sake that no-one close to you ends up on the wrong side of the law. Will you still be at the head of that lynch mob then?

        • info


  • Richard McGrath

    Says a lot for security at Paremoremo prison that he could access methamphetamine. FFS, prisons should be designed so that all direct contact between prisoners and prison officers and families is minimised and eliminated respectively.

  • johnopkb

    Send the “Beast” a dozen of those blankets

  • Granger

    I feel sad for the family, especially for his brother, because the “powers that be” seem to feel that they can usurp the normal channels of justice and make this guy into a political agenda of some sort.


    He’s dead – shame the others like him have not followed his lead – we are all better for it

  • Jman

    Why go to all the trouble of trying to keep these losers alive? I’d go the opposite way and let them know there are cyanide tablets freely available to them should they ever wish to partake. Anti-suicide blanket my ass.

    • blokeintakapuna

      AND allow some of the gangs axe handles and hand held weapons every 3 or 4 weeks or so – and allow the gangs to control the gangs… and the surviving gangs could be controlled with a high velocity lead solution…
      No media coverage or media attention at all – nothing.
      There – just saved the tax payer millions that could be re-invested into more pay rises for nurses, police, fire…

  • baw

    Good record keeping requires we investigate these deaths. By recording the cause and circumstance of each death we are not only keeping good records but we are also ensuring that suspicious deaths are detected and investigated. Stopping this process would make life far easier for your local murderer.

    Furthermore this guy was in jail. If a guy dies in jail then we need to know why, was it natural causes or was their bad behavior involved, or was it suicide, or was it murder. We don’t want staff killing prisoners.

    Remember you get what you measure. If you don’t check each death in jail for murder then you make it far easier for staff in prisons who might harm a prisoner to actually do that.

    My point – if you don’t check each death for murder, you will encourage more murders and violence.

  • Kiwidon

    Is the State Prison going to be fined for allowing drugs into what Is supposed to be NZ’s maximum security prison? Serco got whacked for poor performance!

    • El Jorge

      *Random QuotePrisoners with alcohol and drug addictions have to deal with it. We don’t offer alcohol to prisoners with alcohol addictions or P to prisoners with methamphetamine addictions. This is a prison, it’s not a home. — Judith Collins,

  • steve and monique

    Taxpayer – 1 Murdering Scumbag – 0.

  • John A

    The man was ill. It is not his fault, but obviously society needs to be protected from him while he was in that state.

    What gets me is the Coroner criticising the prison service because they waited to have 4 staff before entering the cell. The service has a duty to protect its staff, and this prisoner was an obvious risk. The rules stated that there must be 4 officers present, this is to protect the staff who are doing their best in a difficult situation. A bit more realism from the Coroner would go a long way.

    What happens next time when a prisoner fakes a collapse and then jumps up and stabs the prison officer when he enters the cell.

    Let’s be sympathetic, but not stupid.

    • Lion_ess

      Whose fault was it then John? Dixon took the P, Dixon attacked and maimed two women with a sword and then shot another with a home-made Sub-machine gun. I don’t care whether he necked himself or had a little inside help, he’s better off not breathing.

  • Lion_ess

    Dixon says to Renee Gunbie’s mother, after being found guilty “It won’t get you the hand back”. A seriously, damaged individual – now in a better place.