Top Work with a Bat

Herald on Sunday

Now this is the sort of thing that should happen more often to sex offenders and paedos…top work that woman. Pity her friends intervened. Darlene Dalton is a name that Stewart Murray Wilson will never forget…it was bashed into him.

Darlene found herself living below Wilson and Lorraine in an Auckland block of flats. One night, after weeks of hearing screaming and violence from upstairs, there was a knock at the door. It was Lorraine.

“She was covered in blood,” said Darlene. “Blood was coming down the steps.”

Most people would ring the police, but Darlene reached for a softball bat and stormed upstairs.

Darlene tells Sunday how she confronted Wilson, who swore and told her to leave. Darlene’s reply was to swing the bat into his head.

Wilson went down in a heap as she repeatedly struck him.

“I broke his arm, got him on the dome [head],” she told Sunday. “He was bleeding … but I wanted more blood to tell the truth … I wanted to kill him.”

She probably would have if her flatmates hadn’t intervened. But they couldn’t stop her torching his car.

Darlene was never prosecuted for the attacks. “I think it was a retribution that everybody was quite happy about … except perhaps him,” observed former cop Mackay.

Darlene testified against Wilson at his trial in 1996 and said she was shocked to discover so many other women had been abused by him. But never again, she has vowed.

“If he gets out of jail, looks for Lorraine and hurts her I swear to you, I will kill him. I’m not scared of him.”


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  • Gazzaw

    If Darlene used similar retribution in this day and age she would be in the slammer, Wilson portrayed as a hapless victim & in receipt of ACC for the rest of his days,

  • Jimmie

    +1 for that – a pity she didn’t send a few swings at his balls – might of sorted things out.

  • nasska

    Every now & again a question is asked, something along the lines of why do women stay with arseholes like Wilson when the relationship consists of beatings, a history of beatings & a certain promise of more.

    The answer usually refers to kids’ welfare, resources or psychobabble which makes out that a woman is powerless to remove herself from the relationship. This despite womens’ refuges, the DPB & guaranteed Police intervention if this is sought.

    I contend that the reasons offered to date are crap…..survival is paramount in every species on earth so why are human women so different?

    What more can be done or are a proportion of the fair sex wired for masochism?

    • Lisa

      Um he drugged them. He only fed them drugged food. He beat the crap out of them. He had mirrors positioned around the house so he could catch any attempts at escape.

    • Lisa

      I read the story where he offred one woman who thought he was a friend a free all expenses paid holiday. When she turned up he beat and raped her then forced her to drink drugged wine. From there on in she was constantly drugged as she was only allowed to eat drugged food as was his defacto wife.

  • Callum

    I’m probably going to cop a lot of shit for this but she did the wrong thing. Call the cops and if he comes after you use the bat, but that wasn’t self defence it was retribution and once you start condoning that the limited level of civility we have in society goes out the window.

    • callum is a cock

      you sir are a cock

      • Callum

        Very brave of you to put your name to your opinion I see.

    • Sarrs

      I disagree. You don’t know how you’d react until a bloodied and beaten woman turns up on your doorstep. Maybe she’s called the cops in the past and it hasn’t come to anything. I saw a guy beating the crap out of his girlfriend across the road from home and rang the cops, while I waited 20mins for them to turn up he just kept on beating her…I wish I could have done something to stop him cos I think she copped the worst of it in the time I was waiting for the cops to get there. Darlene was braver than me to confront the guy, I couldn’t do it even though I wish I had. It still haunts me.

      • Callum

        She already had the victim safe though, and she had not done anything to help after weeks of hearing violence until Lorraine knocked on the door. If she had gone in with a bat to rescue Lorraine then I would fully support her but that isn’t the case. It was retribution pure and simple.

        • Bunswalla

          Callum I disagree. Sometimes, doing the right thing doesn’t mean going by the book. This scum needed to be taught a lesson. If you make Lorraine safe and call the cops, all that will happen is that they haul him off (again), put him through the system (again) and put him back on the streets (again). He won’t have learned any lessons and will go straight back to preying on women. In fact, Lorraine would probably be at an even greater risk. No woman had stood up to him over more than 2 decades.

          This one did, more power to her elbow, and she taught the bastard a lesson he’ll hopefully never forget.

          She’s publicly said if he comes near Lorraine again she’ll finish the job, and whether you call it retribution, self-defence, street justice or just a fucking good job, I salute Darlene and just wish there were a few more like her.

          • Callum

            Where would you draw the line? Only allow retribution like this for violent offences? How about car theft? If I beat the car thief with a bat I’m sure he won’t steal my car again. And that to me is the danger of this sort of action. If I was in this situation myself I may well be the one swinging the bat BUT I would expect consequences.

            The part I find most offensive though is this women being put up as some kind of hero who was clearly capable of intervening before Lorraine knocked on the door and never did. Just listened to the violence for weeks and ignored it.

          • This is why Simon power should never have removed provocation. There was clearly a line, and in this instance she ad ad enough of the gutless little coward beating her friend

          • Mr_Blobby

            Yes Power was a political lightweight, in a position to do so much and achieved so little. The sad thing is he probably has absolutely no idea what w waste of space he was.

          • Callum

            Yet she had previously done nothing to help her friend and unless her friend knocked on the door that night would have continued to do nothing.

          • Random66

            I think the difference this time Callum is that the friend actually came and asked for help. I know you will find this difficult to understand but the friend prior to this would not have thanked Darlene for interfering and Darlene I’m sure would have told her what a no good bastard he was but ultimately she would have respected her friends decision and not get involved. This past week at approx 3.20 in the afternoon I happened to see a women being held against her will in a vehicle and her face showed real terror as she was fighting to get out. I stopped my vehicle not sure at all what was going on but figured I needed to do something. Long story short another male stopped and gave me that much needed braun needed to interfere in the situation as the male holding this woman was an intimidating mid twenties maori male. Once we got the woman to safety and phoned the police etc it turned out to be a domestic. She was genuinely scared and crying but she did not want the police involved and wanted to just be on her way. The crazy thing is she saw the police as the enemy rather than the scary dangerous bastard she no doubt would go home to again that night. I offered to help but she didn’t want it because ultimately I suppose she thought I couldn’t.

          • Sarrs

            It’s that feeling of powerlessness that I think lead to the ‘baseball bat’ reaction. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want it even though you’re itching to do something. And it’s different for blokes – there isn’t much I can do other than call the police and wait. A bloke would just go in and punch the bully bastard, as a female I’d be too scared so I can understand why Darlene took a weapon.

          • Bunswalla

            I’m not moralising or pontificating on where the line should be drawn, although clearly the police, by deciding not to pursue a prosecution against Darlene, didn’t see her actions as crossing an imaginary line.
            In this case a very nasty piece of work got shown that not all women are punchbags, and in my opinion that’s a bloody good thing.

  • cows4me

    Darlene needs a 12 gauge with a couple of solid rounds, that will sort the A hole.

  • toby_toby

    Good stuff.
    As for Wilson… I’m beginning to think the hysteria surrounding the conditions of his release is getting a bit much. Don’t get me wrong – he is a sub-human and if we can’t just put a bullet through his head then I’d at least want him locked up forever and his bones buried in a prison cesspool. That, it seems, cannot happen and he has to be released. He has the strictest parole conditions ever and he will be a pariah in Wanganui (which is saying something) and it may not be long before the gangs get him. Everybody will know his face and will either cross the road when they see it or they’ll abuse him.
    But the SPCA still isn’t happy. They’re upset because he’s not prevented from owning a pet. Come on. Who the fuck is going to sell the Beast of Blenheim an animal?

    • toby_toby

      Speaking of hysteria…

      Tempers flare over ‘Beast’ release date

      “Resident Kathy Vervoek said she had lived near the prison her whole life
      and had a 17-year-old daughter, one of five girls, still living at home
      with her.

      Her daughter was a sporty, outgoing girl who regularly ran past the prison and collected pinecones from the forest.

      She would no longer be doing either of those things.

      “She’s already a victim because she’s already frightened,” Ms Vervoek said.”
      Hysterical. If she’s a victim, it’s because her mother has made her feel like one. What does she realistically think might happen? Wilson is not a cheetah ready to pounce on its prey – he’s a pathetic old man. Everyone will know what Wilson looks like and as long as Kathy Vervoek makes sure that her daughter recognises him, he’ll never catch up to her. Why turn your outgoing daughter into a scared animal through FUD when you don’t need to? Be the dominant one.

  • Lion_ess

    Good on Darlene and pity there aren’t more like her – we’d have more heroes than victims

  • I don’t know what I would do if I was Darlene – if a friend was being attacked I would probably ring the police then rally up support to face him, but my child I would probably do the same. When you’re a parent it’s a difficult balance as your child deserves you to still be alive at the end of each day.

    However, I have been faced with a similar situation to Random66’s below where I had just picked up our daughter from Kindy & saw this guy pull over his car on the other side of the road & start abusing his passenger (and partner I assume). Kids were in the back with no seatbelts. I rang the police, got out of our car, locked it then waved down another car as I walked across the road. He was too busy being abusive to his spouse to notice us but then when he did he made moves to get out of the car. By that stage there was 3 of us and he stayed put then the police arrived. Like your story, the woman fobbed the police off – which wasnt a surprise as I saw this time & time again in my voluntary work, but it is really upsetting and demoralising, especially when children are involved. The police assured me they would follow it up with CFYs and when I checked a couple of weeks later they had so that was at least something.

    The idealist in me always hopes justice prevails, but we all know that where the victim/s are concerned it rarely ever does and there is no way anyone should ever judge Darlene for doing what she thought was right in a mere split second.