Trevor the benny basher

Well, I suppose we can say that Trevor is on message.  This must be phase two of Shearer’s Rufus Paynter and benefit fraud campaign.

First, Trevor posts this to his facebook page.

Then the following feedback to Trevor ensues:

Danyl of course has it right.  Exactly how does posting these sorts of thought provoking statements help keep the party faithful and activist base happy that Labour is staying on message and true to its values?  The point is it doesn’t.  More proof that Shearer and his team want to move Labour to the centre ground away from the membership base.  Oh I am sure they’ll enjoy that.



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  • Agent BallSack

    Looks like the duck has been ghost slapped. Actually impressed with the line “…With the risk of being treated like Josie”

    • Grrrr

      Given that households earning under $50k pay no net tax at all, Mallard is simply being untruthful about there being “people on minimum wage paying more tax than millionaires.” It is a myth.Saying it enough times does not make it true

  • Sarrs

    Wow…not one of them acknowledges that there are people in this country who are committed to staying on benefits and not working. It’s like they think the problem doesn’t exist and that every beneficiary is a hard working, down on their luck worker who just wants a break.

    Approaching welfare is a two-fold issue. You have to deal with the people who do want to get off it, get a job and be productive but you also have to deal with the percentage who don’t. Pretending that percentage doesn’t exist is just going to make hard working tax payers angry. Hard working tax payers = voters. The rabid left may not like it, but at least some of their politicians can admit it.

  • Botti

    Kudos to Mallard, this is one of the first things I’ve seen from him that I agree with. Getting the working class (Proletariat) back on side, rather than pandering to the Lumpenproletariat.

  • Whafe

    An amazing read, reading the comments to his posting… Man alive, I am on a different planet to the vast majority of commenters…

    A number of these commenters truly believe there is no one rorting the system… Give me strength….

    As I said yesterday, I have blood running through my veins, am truly at a loss to know what runs through Trevor Mallards veins, because it is far from blood…

  • Sarrs

    Also, @Allan Papprill – please come here and engage me on my favourite topic – the left’s mysterious ‘tax cuts for the uber rich’ which don’t exist. I can simplify the legislative and accounting processes involved in our tax system for you, seeing as you clearly don’t understand anything about it. That offer stands to anyone who would like anything about tax explained.

  • Has Trevor finally lost the plot? Or is this part of a very carefully-crafted campaign by the ABC’s? Ah; so many questions…

    • MarkmplotM

      Trevor has never had the plot

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  • jaundiced

    Fascinating response. He talks about people ‘who are able to work but refuse to’. Yet he is accused of beneficary bashing, and the post unleashes an attack on wealthy people (who pay how much of the total tax again?).

  • WO I was about to ask how on earth you have managed to remain Trevor’s FB friend….then I realised these comments are on his own page.

    The fact that these postings now come from Trevor the politician FB page kind of makes them worse – he is deliberately saying them in his professional (ahem) capacity as a politician.

    Why? I’m with Inventory – ABC strategy of some kind, but the bigger question is do we care? Like wolf spiders Labour is bound to eat its own.

    As for the FB comments – what a yawn.

    Case and point re why it is best to avoid left wing anything….I got irritated by a mere 2 seconds of looking at such foolery….”it really pisses me off that people on not much more than the minimum wage sometimes pay more than the millionaires”….so he reckons some millionaires don’t pay more than $3934 in tax?

    • Pete George

      He should be taken to task for that paying more tax than millionaires claim. There’s a few hard lefties who claim that sort of thing, maybe he’s trying to balance his bullshit but that sounds like nonsense.

      • I agree. Yep we all know the 1% have been dragging their feet and/or rorting the system, but to imply scaling ones millions down to a level of minimum wage (or below) is a common/widespread practice is just typical BS propaganda that exemplifies why Labour should not ever get back into govt. Then there is the fact that those on the minimum wage often draw WFF which of cause throws his claims further away from reality.

    • Callum

      It is quite possible for millionaires to pay no direct income tax in some years, and in fact not that uncommon. Still a bullshit call without clarifying why they may have paid no tax.

  • Jimmie

    I think this is a salvo aimed at Culiffe in return for his ‘Ducks in a row’ jibe.

    The pre November leadership battle is hotting up. Cunliffe definitely knows he has to try to make the numbers before Shearer gets entrenched as leader.

    I dunno which way to go – I love having Shearer as Labour leader as he will keep them infighting left vs right however to see another leadership squabble is also going to help keep their polling low.

    Also by having Cunliffe as leader Labour will end up lurching to the left which will put them in competition with the Greens for the loony left votes which will also keep their polling low.

    However if nothing happens and this turmoil bubbles away under the surface unresolved then this wil ldiscourage the diehard Labour activists causing more discention and thus leader to keeping their polling low.

    Ah such choice! And such happy times – call it purgatory for all the sins of the Clark administration.

  • Exactly. And to answer your question: top 13% pay over 70% of all taxes collected and benefits paid out. Basically those earning over $120k bare the brunt of the tax burden in NZ