American politics is robust…and nasty.

This ad running now against Mitt Romney is one of the more lethal:


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  • Michael

    That is a disgrace. Insinuating that Romney is responsible for the death of someone from cancer is unbelievable. Typical leftist politics though…

    • Robert

       Do a bit more research mick and you’ll realise what romney did.

  • kiwiinamerica

    It would be lethal if it were true. Here’s the facts:
    * Mitt Romney left Bain Capital to run the SLC Olympics in 1999 and handed over all management and day to day decision making to his partners
    * Bain shut the GST Steel plant down in 2001 – 2 years after Romney left so he was not responsible for the closure and even if he was – so what, not every investment Bain made was successful but the vast majority were and many more jobs were created by Bain than were lost
    * Contrary to the inference in the pro Obama ad, Mrs Soptic kept her health insurance AFTER her husband’s lay off through her employment at a local thrift store
    * Mrs Soptic leaves her job in 2002/2003 due to an injury and her insurance lapses – again not the fault of Romney or the
    * 2006 she is sadly diagnosed with cancer and dies shortly thereafter
    * Mr Soptic is a known Obama supporter and has appeared in previous campaign ads for Obama

    Romney is no more responsible for this woman’s tragic death than he was for the Christchurch earthquakes or the troubles in Dafur. That Obama’s surrogates would stoop this low tells us how desperate they are.

    Your latest schtick in whacking Romney is now  “see how aggresive American politics can get” except your reporting of this so far has been soley of Obama’s attack ads on Romney. Why dont you try linking to a Romney ad about a steel company investment that worked for a change http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PMkmxJ3P9Tw

    Your shilling for Obama is incongruous with your positioning as a centre right blogger. You accuse David Farrar of being a pinko and yet Farrar doesn’t take every opportunity to stick the boot into Romney like you do.

    • You mistake my pointing out attack ads as shilling for Obama, i no more support Obama than I support the Labour party…but the numbers are telling. You really need to pull your head out of your arse if you think I support Obama.

    • Romney is a dick, if he does dumb thing then he deserves a hit. But do not mistake my dislike for Romney for support for Obama…I am not so blind that I can see with my own eyes the state of the electoral college….you should open yours…or at least remove your blinkers

      • kiwiinamerica

        You cite Nate Silver’s analysis to back up your contention that Romney is toast in the electoral college and yet he relies on polls that are blatantly skewered to the Democrats as I pointed out the other day.

        You also seem to rely on American MSM coverage of Romney’s trip to Europe and Israel – why not balance that with reading how the prominent centre right bloggers saw it (Powerline, Hotair, Breitbart, Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin, Red State). Even Charles Krauthammer who criticised Romney’s comments on the London Olympics judged the Israel and Poland legs of the trip a triumph.

        Because you think he is a dick you link only to unflattering material ignoring material that is more balanced.

      • kiwiinamerica, the pollsters you are clinging to have nowhere near the accuracy of Nate Silver…who is a statistician.He has no axe to grind and isn;t political save to only comment on what the numbers say.

        Show me a pollster with the accuracy of Nate Silver and I might bother starting to report on that. Right now FiveThirtyEight is simply incomparable.

      • kiwiinamerica

        Nate Silver is an analyst and blogger and yes he’s done polling but I’m not aware of any polling that he (or any company he runs) is doing in this cycle. He is merely running other pollsters polls through his predictive modelling. Thus he is only as good as the polls he enters into the model. If you look at the side bar of his blog he lists the polls that go into his model and 3 of the ones he uses all have had recent major sampling issues that skewer the result in favour of the Democrats.

        Yes his predictions in 2008 were pretty accurate. I haven’t gone back and looked at what his modelling said in early August 2008 but I do know that his predictions 4 days out from the 2010 midterms for the House were off by 7 seats being a pretty sizable 11% error which tells me his modelling tilts in favour of Democrats and that will be because of the sampling error in the polls that go into his model.

        If the majority of the pollsters he uses continue to over sample Demcrats and under sample Republicans based on the generic party indentification polls (that have been consistently accurate) then he is likely to be out in this cycle as much as he was for the House races in 2010.

    • Redneck

       Futhermore KIA, when the mill was closed, Bain was run by a man called Jonathan Lavine – and he is an Obama bundler.


      Leftists huh? Even willing to politicize the woman’s death.

    • Redneck

       Additionally, in the US, all of these left-wing smears and lies are being actively debunked the moment they appear by new media and bloggers.

      It is unfortunate that our homegrown new media and bloggers are incapable of doing the same.

    • Bunswalla

      You complain that WO has a bias towards Obama – which he clearly doesn’t, he just recognises Romney for the dickhead he is, and admires the cunning and execution of negative campaigning.

      But you have an even bigger bias towards Romney, such that you’re prepared to spread lies and misinformation about his Bain days. Remember Bain’s IRS filings for 2000 and 2001 that named Romney as CEO and President, and paid him a 6-figure salary?. Not to mention his “retroactively retiring” in 2004 after all this shit came out which didn’t look good when he ran for his one term as Governor. I wish I was able to build a time machine to go back and fix some of the fuck-ups I made, but then I haven’t got millions stashed in offshore tax-havens, made in part by selling jobs to cheap foreign labour.

      Tell you what, if you’ve got such a hard-on for Romney, why don’t you fuck off and start your own blog? Then you can put whatever shit you want on it, and we can decide not to read it. Don’t try and hijack someone else’s blog – WO can put whatever the fuck he likes on it. Got that, dickhead?

      • kiwiinamerica

        The usual vitriol and ad hominem attacks we’d expect from the left.

        Of course WO can put what he likes on his blog – and commentators can comment freely and openly about whatever he puts up and if he doesn’t like a comment he can delete it or ban the poster. Got that!

        There is no evidence that the Obama campaign has been able to produce that can prove that Romney still ran Bain after 1999 – unravelling his ownership at Bain took time and the SEC laws require that the majority shareholders be listed on their filings until those issues were all sorted. The non partisan factcheck.org agreed with this after checking the 6 page ‘proof’ that the Obama campaign submitted http://factcheck.org/2012/07/factcheck-to-obama-camp-your-complaint-is-all-wet/
        “We re-state our conclusion that “some of the claims in the [recent Obama] ads are untrue, and others are thinly supported.” And we suggest that should Obama campaign officials discover any actual evidence that Romney personally participated in any management decisions at Bain after February of 1999, they should produce it to a federal prosecutor”. Of course to date the Obama campaign have been unable to do any such thing.

        This post was about the Obama PAC’s despicable claim that Romney was responsible for the death of Mrs Soptic. When even CNN utterly refute the claim you know they are on very thin ice.

      • Bunswalla


        The usual labelling of anyone that disagrees with you as being from “the left”. I’ve never voted for a left-leaning party in my life, and can’t imagine a time when I ever would.

        But I have a pretty good bullshit meter, and Romney stinks to high heaven. To paraphrase someone speaking about a previous election: Obama is a poet; Romney is a word processor. The man’s never had an original thought in his life – I doubt he can even take credit for the idea of offshoring all those jobs, even though he did profit from them.

        My point is that all this duck-shovelling and retroactive retiring is pure bullshit. He should have the cojones to man up and say “Yes, we outsourced jobs, because we found a way and a place where they could be done cheaper and more effectively, delivering greater profits and taxes (no wait, that one’s never going to fly from Romney) to America. That’s the capitalist way – let the market decide and if your labour is too expensive we won’t buy it.”

        He had a golden opportunity to be the anti-Obama who spends trillions in a stimulus program and tries to save jobs. It’s pointless trying to save jobs if they’re inefficient, too expensive and produce things nobody wants to buy. He should be making THAT argument, and not trying to weasel out of what he really did do – which personally I have no problem with.

        That proves that Romney’s stupid and is getting bad advice. He should hire Redbaiter immediately.

      • kiwiinamerica

        For someone who sides with Redbaiter and would never vote for someone on the left you do your fair share of sticking up for Obama.

        This is a big question for the libertarian or hard right, are you prepared to accept 4 more years of Obama who, unconstrained by elections, will lurch further to the left and fight Romney from the right. Romney is not the perfect candidate, there never is one ever anywhere, but he’s streets ahead of Obama.

        I happen to know people who worked with Romney – at Bain and at the Olympics and they say he’s the real deal. He can be at times inauthentic on the campiagn trail. Numerous of his surrogates have made the point that outsourcing jobs is capitalism in action and others have said venture capital firms all occasionally back losers – Bain under Romney mostly backed winners.

        Romney can’t spend his big war chest until after the convention in 2 weeks and so he is mostly weathering the Obama storm – to be neck and neck with an incumbent with his own big war chest who out spent you 3:1 in the battleground states is historically a pretty powerful position for a challenger to be in.

        I believe his campaign will make the kinds of distinctions you are suggesting.

    • le sphincter

      Left Bain Capital ? Except he remained as  CEO, Chairman and sole stockholder.

       And he signed off financial statements testifying he was ‘in charge’His claim that he handed over control ‘retrospective’ is just a load of bull.

      Then again he can  tell all about his time as Governor of Massachusetts….or not

      Or  tell about his time in France , and learning French …or not

      or maybe his big involvement  as a member of a non Christian church…or not

  • Steve Wrathall

    And I suppose the bloated wage and entitlement packets of unproductive whiners had nothing to do with this plant being uneconomic?

  • Phronesis

    Even if it was all true I would still vote for the guy who has actually had a job outside of politics.

    • Bunswalla

      That’s a very narrow criterion, Phornesis, but it doesn’t put Romney over Obama. In 1993, Obama joined Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, a 13-attorney law firm specializing in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development, where he was an associate for three years from 1993 to 1996, then a counsel from 1996 to 2004.

      I guess 11 years in the workforce has to count for something.

      • kiwiinamerica

        Yeah but what did Obama actually RUN (ie was in charge of) – the Harvard Law Review (staff of 3).

        Romney ran Bain Capital (staff of 400+), was the Governor of Massachusetts an Executive position – ie the boss of the entire state government (staff of 100,000) and ran the SLC Olympics (700 paid staff and 26,000 volunteers)!

        No comparison.

      • Bunswalla

        Are you a professional “miss-the-pointer”? Phronesis said “a job outside politics” and Obama has had a number of those.

      • Phronesis

        You do realise that civil rights law is fundamentally political by its very nature.

      • Beans

         Phronesis: it’s always fun watching Bumswailer make excuses for The One, though.

  • Chris

    Ron Paul was everything many American conservatives would say they want in an ideal President: A veteran, anti war, anti big government, christian, family man, no criminal record or dodgy past, a doctor who has delivered over 3000 babies, has never voted for something that is unconstitutional, predicted (along with many others) word for word the economic collapse and recession and is a supporter of the free market, has stood on the same principles for his whole career, does not flip flop, wants to drop the President’s salary to $39,000 US per year and doesn’t take handfulls of cash from lobby groups, he is principled and consistant and even openly says that his movement isn’t about him but about liberty and the constitution….you can’t get more poster boy for president than that.

    Yet they all shun him and instead support proven liers who all cheat on their wives, flip flop on issues, play partisan politics and claim to be opposed to Obama when in reality they stand for the same things….men who would destroy the American dream just to guarentee money in their own pockets from special interest groups. Much the same could be said for Democrat voters.

    This of course leads me to believe that American Voters are like teen/20s girls….they say what they want and then shun the man who has those qualities and choose the scum bag instead….then cry and mope around 4years later that he wasn’t what they wanted and didn’t do what they said they would do.