Unions and Labour Selective About Privacy & Confidentiality Matters

So MFAT staff have run to their Unions and called in lawyers at the investigation into leaks larger than the slosh at the urinal at a rugby match.

An inquiry to get to the bottom of the leaks, led by former Commerce Commission head Paula Rebstock, has demanded MFAT staff appear before it – raising concerns from unions and the Labour Party.

What? Concerns?

A spokeswoman for the State Service Commission told Fairfax the probe has power to summon any person “to give evidence, and to produce any papers, documents, records, or things in that person’s possession or under that person’s control that are relevant to the subject of the inquiry”, under the Commission of Inquiry Act.

Murray McCully’s Ministry which holds key information about the entire country, leaks like a sieve and the Opposition are having a cry that there is an inquiry that attempts to find the leaker?

Paula Bennett releases information about a beneficiary who was lying about her circumstances – Labour up in arms.

Judith Collins’ receives a threatening letter from Michelle Boag who has form in extorting her way around large organisations and the letter is released publicly – Labour up in arms.

Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little defame Judith Collins accusing her of leaking the letter and demand the Privacy Commission investigate – Labour up in arms.

Union member lies about how caring and  tolerant his employer has been, Whaleoil breaks the story – Labour and Unions go mental and demand action.

MFAT hands over information to their old mate Phil Goff which the Labour Party use to attempt to attack Murray McCully and the National government –

Nah, call in the Unions and their lawyers.


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  • Phar Lap

    Surely the answer is to save all the angst.Charge Goff with being an accessory to the crime.Or is that too hard ,why should he get immunity.

  • Brian Smaller

    How about ending the farce of a neutral public service. Their union is affiliated to the CTU which is part of the Labour party for fucks sake.

  • Gazzaw

    This issue strike right at the heart of the absolute necessity for the public service to be totally apolitical. Paula Rebstock needs 100% support from the government, the media & the public to get this sorted. Whether she gets it is of course from the media is questionable.

    A neutral public service is an absolute prerequisite for good government.

  • Peterkar

    Let’s hope that Paula Rebstock doesn’t find out who did it. Knowing how to stir the shit by the discreet leaking of information is part of the diplomacy skillset.